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Welcome to the New Ground Life & Leadership podcast bringing you inspiring conversation with Christian leaders and thinkers from around the world, designed to help you thrive as a follower of Jesus wherever you are and in whatever you're going through.

Welcome to the New Ground Life & Leadership podcast bringing you inspiring conversation with Christian leaders and thinkers from around the world, designed to help you thrive as a follower of Jesus wherever you are and in whatever you're going through.


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Welcome to the New Ground Life & Leadership podcast bringing you inspiring conversation with Christian leaders and thinkers from around the world, designed to help you thrive as a follower of Jesus wherever you are and in whatever you're going through.






Abortion - Dr Lizzie Ling

Season 2 // Episode 19 In the introduction to today's episode Jez promoted an upcoming conference, information about which is available here: In the episode Jez speaks to Dr Lizzie Ling about abortion. Dr Ling worked as a medical practitioner for many years and is now Associate Minister of Women at St. Ebbe's church in Oxford. In 2020 as part of the 'Talking Points' series Dr Ling is the author of the book 'Abortion' available here: In...


Leadership, Mission & the Spirit - Peter Anderson

Season 2 // Episode 18 In this episode Jez speaks to Peter Anderson, planter and pastor of City on a Hill church in Edinburgh as well as leading the Go Global family of churches. He’s married to Angie, dad to Becky & Michael. As part of the introduction to this episode Jez also mentioned the conference The Dead Preacher's Society taking place this July in Eastbourne. More information about the conference can be found here:


Politics & Christianity - Jonathan Le Toq

Season 2 // Episode 17 In this episode Jez speaks to Jonathan Le Toq, the former Chief Minister of Guernsey. Jonathan has been been in ministry since 1989 and is currently the External Affairs minister for Guernsey as well as serving our New Ground churches in France. He is married to Judith and has two adult children. In the introduction Jez mentions a conference taking place in July from 5th-6th in Eastbourne, East Sussex. More information about the podcast is available here:...


Jesus Saved My Life - Suzie Kennedy

Season 2 // Episode 16 Suzie Kennedy is an English actress and comedian who is best known for her work as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike. She has impersonated MM in TV commercials and played her in several films including: Me and Marilyn (the 2009), The Theory of Everything, and Blade Runner 2049. She has also appeared as herself on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, The Weakest Link, come Dine with Me, The Chase and Britain’s Got Talent. Podcast: Being Marilyn...


Russia, Ukraine & Conflict - Meic Pearse

Season 2 // Episode 15 For today's podcast Jez spoke to Meic Pearse a church historian originally from Britain who now lives in Croatia and the United States, where he is emeritus professor of history at Houghton College in Houghton, New York. He lectures widely in Britain, the Balkans, Russia and America where he has addressed the US Congressional leadership. Years before he taught at London School of Theology and was academic moderator for a New Frontiers training programme. He is the...


The Power of Music - Martin Cooper

Season 2 // Episode 14 This week’s episode features a conversation Jez had with Martin Cooper. Martin is the Principle Lecturer of Songwriting & head of Music Theory at BIMM (the British & Irish Modern Music Institute). He’s also an elder at Kings Church Eastbourne and has over 20yrs experience in Christian music and worship leading.


Slavery & the God of Justice - Alianore Smith

Season 2 // Episode 13 In this episode Jez speaks to Alianore Smith about God's passion for justice, the power of the cross and the work of IJM. Alianore Smith is Church and Theology Executive for IJM UK, a guest writer and speaker for the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC), and author of Musings of a Clergy Child: Growing into a faith of my own. She lives in South London with her husband, who is a civil servant.


Pastoring People to Die Well - Steve Cornford

Season 2 // Episode 12 In this episode Jez speaks to Steve Cornford, a pastor based at The King’s Church in Burgess Hill who has over 20 years of experience serving in different settings. Books recommended in the episode were:- 'Dying Well' by John Wyatt available here: 'The Last Enemy' by...


Christian Heritage London - Ben Virgo

Season 2 // Episode 11 In this episode Jez speaks to Ben Virgo, Director of Christian Heritage London. They discuss the many inspiring stories from Christian history around the streets of London as well as the wonders and beauties of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can find more information about Ben and his work, along with links to sign up for a guided walk and his very own podcast here: In this conversation Ben recommends reading: Charity & its...


A Prisoner for Christ - Mojtaba Hosseini

Season 2 // Episode 10 In this episode Jez speaks to Mojtaba Hosseini an Iranian Christian who converted to Christ in his late teens and afterwards faced isolation and imprisonment for his decision to do so. Now living and working in the UK and a speaker for Open Doors a charity seeking to bring relief and support to the persecuted church:


Buddhism, Yoga & Mindfulness - Ellis Potter

- Season 2 - Episode 8 I this episode Jez speaks to former Zen-Buddhist monk, Ellis Potter. Ellis is a pastor, speaker and author of several books. Links to his books can be found below: They discuss his book '3 Theories of Everything' and explore the difference between Monism and Christianity, as well as consider together whether yoga is 'safe' for Christians to practice.


End of Life Care - Kemi Koleoso



Teletubbies, TV & Grief - Phil Mash

Season 2 // Episode 7 In this episode Jez spoke to Phil Mash a freelance camera operator and member of Community Church Putney. They discuss Phil's experience of the TV industry, his Teletubby claim to fame and his experience of baby loss following the stillbirth of his daughter in 2011. The link to the photo mentioned in the episode can be found here:


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Kris Defriend

- Season 2 // Episode 6 In this episode Jez speaks to Kris Defriend, inpatient consultant for children and young people's mental health and psychiatry and member of Jubilee church Sussex.


Life On Tour - Alex Johnson

- Series 2 - Episode 5 In this episode Jez speaks to Alex Johnson, part of Jubilee Church East Grinstead and professional drummer about how he got into the work and how he's learning to stay faithful to Christ in the unusual world of rock music.


Don‘t Waste Your Retirement - Chris Ashurst

- Season 2 - // Episode 4 // In this episode Jez speaks to Chris Ashurst about hearing God's voice, following God's lead and making an impact as a blessing in the world. Chris, together with his wife Jill are part of New ground church, Kings Church Edinburgh and have been active serving in leadership and church life for over 40 years.


French Mission

Season 2 // Episode 3 In this episode Jez interviews three women who've each moved from England to France with the intention of helping to establish and support new churches. Rachel Mumford, Georgina Eaton & Beki Lambert.


Honesty & Vulnerability - GuvnaB

- Season 2: Episode 2 - In this episode Jez speaks to double MOBO award winning rapper, author, activist, and broadcaster Isaac BorQwuaye, better known as GuvnaB. Find out more about GuvnaB here: His book ‘Unspoken’ Toxic Masculinity and how I faced the man within the man was out earlier this year and tells the story of he coped with the loss of his dad two years ago. You can order a copy here:...


Jesus Speaks a Better Word - Natalie Williams

- Episode 25 - Welcome to Season 2 of the New Ground Life & Leadership podcast. In this episode Jez speaks to Natalie Williams the new CEO of Jubilee+ a national charity that aims to equip churches to engage in social action within their communities. Natalie is a former journalist who grew up one of the most deprived areas in England and is now a CEO and author of three books: The Myth of the Undeserving Poor: A...


5 Standout MomentsFrom Season 1

- Episode 25 - In this Episode Jez shares his 5 standout comments and moments from season 1. Featuring clips from conversations with Kate Middleton, David Bennett, Kemi Koleoso, Andrew Bunt and Jonny Mellor.