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Make your life magical. Learn the true history behind supernatural stories, the science of paranormal abilities, and how to use the tools of divination to discover your best self.

Make your life magical. Learn the true history behind supernatural stories, the science of paranormal abilities, and how to use the tools of divination to discover your best self.


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Make your life magical. Learn the true history behind supernatural stories, the science of paranormal abilities, and how to use the tools of divination to discover your best self.




Hone Your Intuition

We know it’s important to trust our gut and follow our intuition, but in a time of uncertainty, that small inner voice is hard to hear. By explaining the physiology of intuition and guiding you through easy and effective exercises, Rachel teaches you how to hone your sixth sense. You’ll find clarity on your personal truths so you can guide yourself toward a brighter future. You’ll also learn how to make and use a DIY pendulum, discover the phenomenon known as blindsight, and hear the story...


Magic for the Resistance with Michael M. Hughes

Do you feel powerless to create political change? The resistance is growing, and it needs your help! Michael M. Hughes, author, activist, and creator of the largest mass magical working in history, joins Lifemancy to talk about his Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him and the importance of magical activism. His book, Magic for the Resistance, teaches us how to use magic to make the world a better place. He shares his personal experiences, successes in activism, and offers...


New Orleans Voodoo with Doc Absolem

Have a taste of New Orleans just in time for Mardis Gras. Imagine the swampy bayou, musicians performing in the streets, great Cajun cuisine, and of course, Voodoo. Learn about Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and her teacher the Voodoo King, Doctor John Bayou. Rachel sits down with Houston’s own Doc Absolem of Absolem’s Midtown Mojo Manufacturers to learn more about a spiritual path that is all too often misunderstood. Sign up for the Lifemancy Scryer, a bi-weekly newsletter, at


Love & Heartbreak Magick

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, this episode explores how to find love, keep love, and leave love. It includes spells and rituals to find a partner, strengthen a relationship, and get over a breakup. Spells that will also teach you one of the basic principles of witchcraft— magickal correspondence. Plus, Rachel talks about the Ancient Greek ideals of love and what love looks like on a brain scan. Sign up for the Lifemancy Scryer, a bi-weekly newsletter, at


The Real Age of Aquarius (Bonus Episode)

As we enter the true Age of Aquarius, we learn that 2020 is not a year of mere superficial change. Politics may dominate the news, but something more fundamental is at work in America. A seismic revolution is underway which will drastically alter our perceptions, and realign our values as a society. In this bonus episode, Rachel sits down with Gandhari Bouligny for a real Astrological “nuts and bolts” chat about the Year of the Rat, the way Uranus will change our thinking, the natal chart of...


Astrology for 2020 with Tiffany Harelik, MA

It has been 500 years since Saturn and Pluto crossed paths in Capricorn, and if it’s anything like what happened last time, we might be in for some major world changes. Rachel talks with Tiffany Harelik, co-founder of Wise Skies Advice and Spellbound Publishers, who shares the fundamentals of planetary movements and lets us know what might be in store for 2020. Sample Chapter of the 2020 Astrology Workbook:...


Numerology for 2020 with Amanda Rieger Green, MPH

Find out your attitude number while delving into the history of numerology! Learn about its father, Pythagoras, and find out why Nikola Tesla thought the numbers 3, 6, and 9, were keys to unlocking the universe. This episode, Amanda Rieger Green, author, numerologist, and soul pathologist, shares her personal story with Rachel and helps you prepare for 2020. Australian Wildfire...


Introducing Season 2

Lifemancy reveals the true history behind supernatural stories, the science of paranormal abilities, and how to use the tools of divination to discover your best self. Join host, Rachel Wilkinson, as she shares a laugh about her own dumpster fire life, and why she’s turned to witchcraft to make it better. Candid, quirky, and sometimes marvelously strange, this educational podcast welcomes all first-timers translating mystical esoterica into relatable content. From charting your horoscope to...


Jól: Viking Yule

The holidays are always a magical time, though far more so than you might imagine. Explore the festival of Jól, the myths of the Poetic Edda, Roman Saturnalia, and how paganism and Christianity intermingled to produce the holidays we celebrate today. Discover why some of us stick evergreen trees in our home once a year, and why drinking four gallons of mead will prove you’re having a good time. Plus, find out about that one time America outlawed Christmas. Sign up for the Lifemancy Scryer,...


Your Future in Dreams with Eric Wargo

Discover a new way to look at your own life through precognitive dreams, time loops, and Block Universe Theory. Eric Wargo, science writer and blogger, talks about his experience with precognitive dream work and shares how you can do it, too. With a PhD in anthropology from Emory University, Eric has worked with government institutes conducting archaeology, psychology, and neuroscience research. He wrote the book, Time Loops, which dives into ESP and is currently working on a new project he...


Connect to Spirit Guides

Dip your toe in the spirit communication waters. You’ll learn half a dozen ways to reach out to your spirit guides while Rachel shares the story of how she met her own. She talks about one of her most difficult personal challenges, how she overcame it, and why she credits an otherworldly entity for helping her. Plus you’ll learn what to check for before you should wonder if your house is haunted. Sign up for the Lifemancy Scryer, a bi-weekly newsletter, at or join the...


Conscious Holiday Shopping

This How-to on Conscious Holiday Shopping will introduce you to two psychic mediums and divinely inspired entrepreneurs, Kisha K of Bitcraft Works and Anielle Reid of Magick and Mediums. Get to know them and their spiritual journeys while getting gift ideas for your “kind of witchy” friends, family, and coworkers. Learn ways to be climate and sustainably conscious while you shop and about the cultural appropriation of white sage smudging. This episode also touches on oracle cards,...


Retrograde Rescue 3 featuring David Chavez

Tune in to this 25-minute sound healing meditation played by David Chavez. David has incorporated some new instruments to help keep the Mercury Retrograde blues away. This Mercury Retrograde ends November 20th. Sign up for the Lifemancy Scryer, a bi-weekly newsletter, at or join the community on Patreon to be signed up automatically. SUPPORT THE SHOW: THE SHOW: www.lifemancypodcast.comINSTAGRAM: @lifemancymagick...


Sleep Paralysis or Demons?

Dive into the nightmares of sleep paralysis also known as Old Hag Syndrome. Cultures across the world have created similar folklore surrounding this physiological phenomenon despite being separated by space and time. Suffering from sleep paralysis is more common than you think. And more people have seen the horrors of the hag than likely want to admit it. It makes you wonder if there isn’t something more to the story. Something real. Is the Old Hag a witch? A demon? Something...


Near Death Experiences with Dr. Jeffrey J. Kripal

When lightning struck Elizabeth Krohn outside a Houston Synagogue, she left her body and traveled to a lush garden where she had a spiritual experience which proved that there is life after death. After she returned to her earthly body, she brought certain “superpowers” with her like precognition and an ability to see the dead. She wrote about her story with Jeffrey J. Kripal, Associate Dean of the School of Humanities at Rice University in the book, Changed in a Flash. Together they have...


The Baseball Episode

Esoteric Societies, rituals, superstitions, and supernatural fetishes, no it isn’t witchcraft. It’s baseball. Discover the occult history of baseball as Rachel dives into the mysticism of America's pastime. You’ll hear about the rituals of baseball players like Houston Astro’s Justin Verlander. And, if you ever wanted to know his Numerological code, Rachel calculated it. You’ll also get a chance to hear scenes from some of the best baseball movies and a particularly soused lesson from...


Feri Tradition with Christopher Angelo

Learn about how Friday the 13th got such a bad wrap. Then, get an inside peek at Feri Magick, an ecstatic mystery tradition developed by Victor and Cora Anderson. Rachel shares her conversation with Christopher Angelo who is an Initiate of Feri and teacher within the tradition. You’ll hear about his challenging and sometimes tumultuous experiences with Feri as well as learn some core beliefs and mythical stories. You’ll also get advice on how best to feel the magick within you. Sign up for...


Predicting the Future

Since the very first humans walked the earth, we have wanted to know our futures. Whether driven by curiosity or fear, we have a persistent need to know what will happen next. And anytime we reach the limits of our understanding, we turn to divination. Love, career, money, existential doom, there’s no question too big or too trivial when it comes to our happiness, security, and survival. Rachel explores science-fiction futures, ancient divination systems, and cognitive thin-slicing to show...


Hopepunk & Feral Yoga with Nick Dickinson

Magickal Activism galvanized the witch community to fight for truth and justice and the American way in the wake of the 2016 election. The Bind Trump Movement is a coven of 4,000 witches who hex Donald Trump every month. Learn about this, Hopepunk in the face of an often grim and uncertain future, and the un-domestication of yoga. Rachel talks with Nick Dickinson, a hedgewitch who spent 10 years as a Tibetan Monk, about using Feral Yoga to find your inner wildness and his own magickal...


How to Spot a Scammer

Just say no to scammers. In this jam-packed episode, Rachel tells the story of her recent run-in with a psychic con artist and about a psychic tipster in Texas who gained the attention of state police, FBI, and the national news with allegations of a mass grave. Specials guests from Occult Confessions join in on the dramatic retelling. And while elephants are in no way psychic frauds, August 12th is World Elephant Day, so Rachel is raising money for Listen to the...