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My hope is to encourage others one word and day at a time. Our challenges aren’t the same yet when we’re encouraged, anything is possible.

My hope is to encourage others one word and day at a time. Our challenges aren’t the same yet when we’re encouraged, anything is possible.


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My hope is to encourage others one word and day at a time. Our challenges aren’t the same yet when we’re encouraged, anything is possible.




Let’s Talk Time: Part 1 of 3

This weeks podcast is going to focus on time and talking about time. We all have the same amount of time, and each day, each year. It is what we do with that time, that matters. We need to learn to appreciate living in the moment, without over planning for the future. --- Send in a voice message:


Flowers: Part 3 of 3

Today’s podcast takes a crazy turn in various directions. It is not in the original message that I thought I would be sharing it is not the message I had originally planned to share recording it out lining up with these verses but, when the Holy Spirit speaks, I have learned to listen. If this message is for you, I hope you find it encouraging and it helps give you direction. --- Send in a voice message:


Flowers: Part 2 of 3

Today we focus on not worrying and looking at the beauty, colors, aroma, and vibrance of the flowers we see instead of the darkness and gloom of the mud and after effects of a long winter. Just like the flowers, God doesn’t want us to worry. If he loves the flowers this much, imagine how much more he loves you, as his child. --- Send in a voice message:


Flowers: Part 1 of 3

During this season of spring, the flowers remind me that we are just like them. We are strong and delicate all at the same time, learn to embrace your strength and embrace your fragility. You are important, loved, and precious! --- Send in a voice message:


Rebirth & Spring: Part 3 of 3

Today’s podcast is a little shorter than normal so that you will have time to reflect, respond, and pray. May God speak to your heart and draw you closer to him. You are a new creation through your relationship with Jesus. --- Send in a voice message:


Rebirth & Spring: Part 2 of 3

Today’s podcast is the continuation in our series on rebirth and spring, and today if you remember nothing else, remember that God’s giving you a new life and your reborn to experience a living, energetic hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1 Peter 1:3. --- Send in a voice message:


Rebirth & Spring: Part 1 of 3

Today’s podcast as a reminder that there is nothing that you have done, sad, or thought, that God will not forgive. God loves you and is ready to wrap his arms around you and make you into the man or woman he’s designed and called you to be. This spring, focus on the renewal of you, and let God inspire you through the process. --- Send in a voice message:


Hold on to Hope:Part 3 of 3

As we wrap up this weeks series on holding onto hope, I hope that there were a nugget or two each day that spoke to you and reminded you that regardless of what you’re going through, good, bad, or somewhere in the middle, but you know that through your relationship with Jesus, you always have hope. When you trip up and fall on your face, God will be there to hold your hand. --- Send in a voice message:


Hold on to Hope: Part 2 of 3

Today we delve into her second part of holding on to hope and the reminder of why Jesus died on the cross and we close with a verse reminding us to be strong and brave and not to fear, because God is with us and God will never let us down. Never give up, always hope! --- Send in a voice message:


Hold on to Hope: Part 1 of 3

As we journey through holy week, let us remember to hope and with this hope you will be able to sleep and rest safely knowing who is there with you, working through you, and loving on you. --- Send in a voice message:


Forward-minded Thinking: Part 2 of 3

Today we wrap up and revisit your year at a glance that you created this past Wednesday. If you haven’t done that yet, go back and re-listen to Wednesday’s podcast, and then take five minutes and create your plan. You have potential and are going to do great things, I know you can, now you only need to believe in yourself! --- Send in a voice message:


Forward-Minded Thinking:Part 2 of 3

Today I challenge you to ask yourself a couple questions and then give you a plan of action to put them into practice. You might be able to listen to this while walking, at the gym, or driving but you will need to carve out 10 minutes of time for a little follow through exercise that will take you far and help you be, who God called you to be! --- Send in a voice message:


Forward-Minded Thinking: Part 1 of 3

This week we are going to look at having a forward thinking mindset. The road will not always be smooth and sometimes it might be bumpy, but is your bumpy road because you need to learn and become stronger or is God asking you to change course? Join me today and later this week to learn how to focus on a forward minded thinking. --- Send in a voice message:


Choose Joy and Sunshine: Part 3 of 3

Today we not only wrap up the series on choosing joy and sunshine but we kind of wrap up the last few weeks of podcast and roll them all together. May you have a wonderful weekend and remember you are worth it! --- Send in a voice message:


Choose joy and sunshine: part two of three

Today’s Bible verses Remind us to find joy and not to run from the test in the hardships but no matter how difficult or challenging they might be we are to find joy in them. Sometimes people will know we’re going through a hard time and other times no one but God knows, get when you focus on your faith in God instead of your fear in the world, you will have a joy that fills your spirit and allows you to share’s sunshine with all that you meet. --- Send in a voice message:...


Choose joy and sunshine: part one of three

We start the week with a couple verses from lamentations, reminding us that God’s love for us is new every morning. Regardless of what you’re going through, God loves you unconditionally, without fail, and in a way that we may never truly understand and comprehend. --- Send in a voice message:


What motivates you part three of three

We wrap up this weeks podcast on motivation with a challenge to consider what impact do you wanna have on the world. You do have a purpose! You do have the ability, strength, and endurance to be a positive influence and catalyst in this world. What is holding you back? What motivates you to be this positive influence? --- Send in a voice message:


What motivates you part two of the three

Today we continue in our journey of talking about what motivates you. Sometimes you might have to fake it until you make it, as the old saying goes, but when you are motivated to do what God called you to do, anything is possible. I share that I was often motivated by fear and anger, we don’t want those to be our constant motivator, yet it’s a place to begin. --- Send in a voice message:


What motivates you? Part one of three

This week we are going to take a journey into what motivates you, and what are you doing to fuel, encourage, and to fill those desires. Today’s podcast starts with talking about what motivates you with a few different verses and as recording the podcast, I actually worked through something, that I couldn’t figure out on my own at home. I appreciate you listening and sharing this podcast with your friends, if you were enjoying what you hear, hit the favorite button. When you share this on...


Focus on Jesus, not the mass: part three of three

This Friday’s podcast wraps up the series I am focusing on Jesus instead of the mess. It is important to remember that God gives us what we need, not what we want. In life you are going to face different challenges, trials, and troubles. Don’t focus on them, focus on Jesus! I encourage you to remember that God loves you so much that he will give you what you need, not what you want. --- Send in a voice message: