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Preaching Today exists to encourage and equip preachers to faithfully and creatively proclaim God's Word so that the church grows up into the fullness of Christ. Monday Morning Preacher is for preachers by preachers. Each episode focuses on one unique aspect of preaching and explores how preachers can grow in their craft.

Preaching Today exists to encourage and equip preachers to faithfully and creatively proclaim God's Word so that the church grows up into the fullness of Christ. Monday Morning Preacher is for preachers by preachers. Each episode focuses on one unique aspect of preaching and explores how preachers can grow in their craft.


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Preaching Today exists to encourage and equip preachers to faithfully and creatively proclaim God's Word so that the church grows up into the fullness of Christ. Monday Morning Preacher is for preachers by preachers. Each episode focuses on one unique aspect of preaching and explores how preachers can grow in their craft.






Is The Big Idea More Helpful or Hurtful? It's Complicated.

Is the big idea more helpful or hurtful to listeners? Matt Woodley explores this question with Abe Kuruvilla, Senior Research Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary. Abe said "The big idea is ultimately a creation of the preacher. It's not in the text. It's something the preacher creates." He argues that the text isn't a plain glass window to look through; but a stained glass window to look at. Check out what was referenced on the podcast: -Abraham...


Preaching to People on the Margins

How can you preach to people on the margins? What does this look like on a practical level? Matt Woodley explores these questions with Patricia Batten, Associate Director of the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. She drew attention to how a preacher can overlook certain people groups, without realizing it. Pat said she often preaches to the middle, but recently felt convicted that she should expand her audience. She also shares a story about her...


Called To Faithful, Not Successful Preaching

What does it mean to achieve success as a preacher? What makes a successful sermon? Matt Woodley explores these questions with Wes Oden, who has served as Senior Pastor at Houghton Wesleyan Church in New York for 24 years. When he first accepted the role, he was nervous to serve an intellectual congregation. But his wife reminded him that they were called to love people. Wes said "one of the things that scares me the most is becoming stagnant." Check out what was referenced on the podcast:...


Bringing Listeners into the Bible Scene

What are people seeing in their mind's eye as you preach? Ideally, you want them to see Jesus, or how God is at work among his people. In this episode, Matt Woodley and Kevin Miller outline three ways to bring listeners into the Bible scene: point people to the picture, not to the page; bring people into the present moment; and help them hear the actors, not the author. You'll also get a backstage pass to "stump the hosts," where they put preaching methods to the test.


Preaching Principles from the Book of Hebrews

You’re called to be a faithful and effective communicator of God’s Word. But what exactly are the core principles of a “biblical sermon”? In this episode, Matt Woodley talks to Jeremy McKeen, author of "The Model Sermon: Principles of Preaching from the Book of Hebrews." It turns out that God did include a blueprint to guide us within the canon of Scripture—the Book of Hebrews. The Model Sermon will not only help you master the major preaching principles found in Hebrews—itself a sermon—but...


A Dialogue on Racism and Justice

How do you address racial issues at the pulpit? Maybe this question is weighing on you heavily, in light of current events. In this episode, Matt Woodley interviews Lawrence Aker III, Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York and George E. Hurtt, Pastor of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California. Based on their own life experience, George and Lawrence assess what change might look like on a practical level. They talk about the Civil Rights movement, the Great...


Spiritual Warfare in Preaching

Spiritual warfare is no stranger to preachers. In this episode, Matt Woodley and Kevin Miller explore how spiritual attack manifests itself, and how you can overcome it. They share stories of spiritual attacks in their own pastoral ministry, and how God overpowered the darkness with light. One tell tale sign of an attack is feeling crippling anxiety, or self-doubt. Kevin said "spiritual warfare is the battle between what Satan wants for my life, and what God wants." Check out what was...


Say What You Need to Say

Have you ever felt like you said too much, or too little in your sermon? In this episode, Matt Woodley and Kevin Miller will help you “say what you need to say,” nothing more and nothing less. Every part of your sermon counts, especially introductions and conclusions. Matt shares the challenge of balancing humor, while pointing people to Christ. For a sermon to be a home run, you need to trust your hearers – that they are really listening to you.


Is the Big Idea Dead? Former Navy Chaplain Decides

Is big idea preaching a good idea? Maybe this question is plaguing you, or your colleagues in ministry. In this episode, Matt Woodley asks Russell St. John, senior pastor at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church in Missouri to weigh in. Haddon Robinson popularized the big idea, as he aided in the revival of expository preaching in the late twentieth century. Russell emphasized the importance of knowing your own inadequacy as a preacher, and relying on the Holy Spirit. He defined the big idea as “a...


Preaching Powered by Prayer: The Key to Spiritual Revival

In this episode, Matt Woodley is joined by Jon Tyson, Lead Pastor at Church of the City in New York. Jon said he's dealing with “trauma at a personal and regional scale,” as a result of COVD-19. Part of the pastoring challenge is helping people navigate disorientation with Biblical hope. He’s shifted to a more pastoral tone in his preaching. “It’s basically the art of rejoicing with those who are rejoicing, and weeping with those are weeping, sometimes not even in the same sermon, but in the...


Preaching In The Eye Of The Storm

Matt Woodley talks to Lawrence Aker, III, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. He talks about preaching and caring for his congregation during the COVID-19 storm that has hit New York City hard with around 4,000 deaths as of April 8, according to the (CSSE)at Johns Hopkins University. Lawrence talks about Brookdale Hospital which has been a spotlight in the news, due to the high volume of COVID-19 patients. He said that employees have to go to Home Depot before...


Preaching on Faith During a Pandemic

Matt Woodley talks to Josh Moody, senior pastor at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois. Josh pointed out how his church had to rethink how they do church in three days. He speaks honestly about how secularism has no answer for the fear and anxiety produced by the coronavirus crisis. Last Sunday he preached a sermon "How Faith Can Free Us From Fear" which streamed on YouTube. Part of that message emphasized how fear of death is what drives all of our fears. He said this crisis is an...


Preaching on the Resurrection: Why Easter Changes Everything

Have you ever felt afraid of preaching on Easter? Find out how Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor at Grace Chapel in Boston confronts this fear, after preaching for 35 years. He says Easter preaching is scary, because "it's about sin and death." It's not a sentimental story, like Christmas. The stakes are high, because many church goers are bringing first time visitors. Get the full story from Matt Woodley and Bryan, as they discuss how to deliver the good news of Easter. Here are a few Easter...


Preaching On The Resurrection

Preaching On The Resurrection by Preaching Today


Preaching Through Personal Pain

Matt Woodley and Kevin Miller discuss their own experience with “Preaching Through Personal Pain.” Consequences often include physical exhaustion, and a false belief that personal pain disqualifies you from preaching. In this episode, you’ll find that it’s not uncommon for pastors to wrestle with pain, and there are ways to sort through it. Matt reflects on preaching the most difficult sermon of his life, at his dad’s funeral. Kevin talks about his experience pastoring, while wrestling with...


Stick the Landing: How to Write Strong Conclusions

Matt Woodley and co-host Kevin Miller will walk you through how to "stick the landing" of your sermon. After hearing your sermon conclusion, listeners should walk away knowing: what the sermon was about, what to do next, with a sense of finality — that the sermon is really over. Check out the show notes here: Daryl Johnson, the Glory of Preaching: Sticking the Landing: “The McKayla Maroney Vault London...


Preaching on Sexuality: a Theological Framework

How do we give a theological framework for thinking about specific sexual issues? Matt Woodley talks to Matt Erickson, Senior Pastor at Eastbrook Church about his experience with preaching on sexuality. His church took the concept of the four chapter gospel: creation (the original goodness of sexuality), fall (how sin, evil and brokenness impact our love), redemption (Jesus redeeming work is significant for love, and our life in our bodies) and restoration (points to the new heaven and the...


Leading Through Sermon Illustrations

Sermon illustrations are a point of tension for some pastors. In this episode Matthew Woodley and Kevin Miller discuss a new angle for sermon illustrations, to help cast a vision for your church and how Christians should live. Kevin also talks about the importance of using positive illustrations, examples of people getting it right. You'll find that illustrations are opportunity to include people on the margins in your sermon, not in a political way -- to display the beauty of the gospel,...


When Bad Pressures Happen to Good Preachers

Season Three has officially begun. In episode one, Matthew Woodley and Kevin Miller talk about four "Bad Pressures" that preachers often face and how to deal with them. They’ll discuss how pressure manifests itself in preaching, and practical ways to address it, through personal prayer and confession. Part of that means being aware, of sensitive topics, of our own weakness and need for God’s annointing. Good pressure gives you a sense of "gravitas" to the message you're about to share. Bad...


Grab Your Hearers Attention with Tension

For our fifth and final episode of Season 2 we sit down with Yancey Arrington, pastor in Houston, TX. Yancey is the master of creating tension in his sermons. That way he never loses the attention of his hearers. To illustrate this more practically we walk through Yancey’s sermon prep for his sermon “Hope in the Present” from Psalm 46. Yancey is very passionate about this topic and it completely comes through in this episode. We hope you can take some of the ideas he talks about and apply...