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Raising a glass with C.S. Lewis every Tuesday morning and discussing a chapter of his work. Bonus episodes with experts occasionally on Thursdays.

Raising a glass with C.S. Lewis every Tuesday morning and discussing a chapter of his work. Bonus episodes with experts occasionally on Thursdays.


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Raising a glass with C.S. Lewis every Tuesday morning and discussing a chapter of his work. Bonus episodes with experts occasionally on Thursdays.






PWJ: S4E55 – AH – “After Hours” with Dr. Robert Koons

Dr. Robert Koons takes us on a tour of Middle Earth with J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield and Plato!


PWJ: S4E54 – TSL 27 – “Say a little prayer for you”

Fr. Michael O'Loughlin from "What God is Not" returns to the podcast to discuss today's letter, which Screwtape devotes to the subject of prayer.


PWJ: S4E53 – AH – “After Hours” with Jake Grefenstette

Today we continue "Barfield Month" by talking to Jake Grefensette about the literature and poetry of Owen Barfield.


PWJ: S4E52 – TSL 26 – “What have you done for me lately?”

Andrew and Matt discuss Screwtape's plan to sow future disharmony in the patient's romantic relationship.


PWJ: Easter 2021

All the co-hosts recorded a quick listener message to celebrate Easter 2021!


PWJ: S4E51 – AH – “After Hours” with Owen A. Barfield

Today we begin "Barfield Month", where we look at the life and work of the Inkling, Owen Barfield. In the first episode of this series, we speak to another man named "Owen Barfield", the Inkling's grandson.


PWJ: S4E50 – TSL 25 – “Fashion”

Matt and David put on their berets and Gucci jackets and talk about fashion!


PWJ: S4E49 – “After Hours” with Dr. Charlie Starr

In his preface to "The Screwtape Letters", C.S. Lewis wrote that, ideally, there should ideally be an angelic counterpart to Screwtape's advice. In today's episode we talk with Dr. Charlie Starr about Lewis' only surviving attempt to do just that! We also talk about movies, books, and C.S. Lewis' handwriting.


PWJ: S4E48 – TSL 24 – “The ‘in’ Crowd”

Dr. Douglas Beaumont joins David today to disucss Letter #24 of "The Screwtape Letters" where Screwtape explains how he is going to use the patient's new group to foster his pride.


PWJ: S4E47 – AH – “After Hours” with Michael Jahosky

Today we journey to Middle-Earth with Professor Michael Jahosky. Michael released his book, The Good News of The Return Of The King: The Gospel in Middle-Earth, at the end of last year in which looks at the use of language, allegory, and metaphor in Tolkien's Legendarium.


PWJ: S4E46 – TSL 23 – “In Christ Alone”

Concluding that they're not going to be able to extricate religion from the patient's life anytime soon, Screwtape decides to adopt a new strategy. By encouraging him to accept a different vision of Jesus, and by wedding the his faith to politics, they're going to turn the patient into a Pharisee!


PWJ: S4E45 – AH – “After Hours” with Dr. Robert Royal

After hearing Dr. Robert Royal give a two-part lecture series on The Screwtape Letters to The Institute of Catholic Culture, we invited him onto the show to talk about everyone's favourite devil.


PWJ: S4E44 – TSL 22 – “Isn’t she lovely?”

Wormwood's patient is in love! Unfortunately for Wormwood, she is a Christian woman who is full of virtue! Needless to say, Screwtape is livid...


PWJ: The Upcoming Virtual Tour, Patreon, and looking to the future

Matt offers a final reminder for the virtual tour of C.S. Lewis’ home on March 13th, and speaks about our hopes for the podcast. Please support us on Patreon to receive stickers, coasters, branded glasses and many other gifts… While the tour is free, we do ask all Patreon supporters to sign up for the event. The Upcoming Virtual Tour,


PWJ: S4E43 – AH – “After Hours” with Carolyn Curtis

Carolyn Curtis, co-editor of “Women and C.S. Lewis”, came on the show to discuss her book which was recently rereleased as an audiobook. In this work she gathers together a large number of C.S. Lewis writers to examine C.S. Lewis’ life and literature in order to understand his relationship with women and respond to those who would charge Lewis with


PWJ: S4E42 – TSL 21 – “I want it now!”

Today we come to David's least favourite letter from Uncle Screwtape which is on the subject of possessiveness, particularly with regards to time. Joining him today is a returning guest to the show, Sister Natalia from the "What God Is Not podcast", together with another nun from her convent, Sister Petra.


PWJ: Virtual Tour of Lewis’ Home!

We have teamed up with the C.S. Lewis Foundation and will be offering a free virtual tour of C.S. Lewis' home to all of our Patreon supporters, regardless of tier. While the tour is free, we do ask all Patreon supporters to sign up for the event.


PWJ: S4E41 – AH – “After Hours” with Michael Ward

In 2008, Dr. Michael Ward released "Planet Narnia", a book which caused a real stir in C.S. Lewis studies in which he offered a new lens through which to view "The Chronicles of Narnia". On today's show, in addition to his book, Dr. Ward discusses his friendship with the late Walter Hooper, as well as his involvement in honouring Lewis' life and legacy. Oh yes, and he also explains how he came to give James Bond a pair of x-ray glasses…


PWJ: S4E40 – TSL 20 – “Matchmaker”

Screwtape wants to play matchmaker and choose what he regards as a suitable romantic partner for the patient.


PWJ: S4E39 – AH – “After Hours” with Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Since Lent has just begun, we invited Fr. Dwight Longenecker to talk about his Screwtape-inspired Lenten books, The Gargoyle Code and Slubgrip Instructs.