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The Black Catholic podcast you need in your life! Join Marcia and Shannon on their caffeinated shenanigans as they make their way through pop culture, Black culture, Catholic Culture, and the world as they see it!

The Black Catholic podcast you need in your life! Join Marcia and Shannon on their caffeinated shenanigans as they make their way through pop culture, Black culture, Catholic Culture, and the world as they see it!


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The Black Catholic podcast you need in your life! Join Marcia and Shannon on their caffeinated shenanigans as they make their way through pop culture, Black culture, Catholic Culture, and the world as they see it!




Echoes & Hope: James Conway

WARNING: Discussion of Domestic Abuse James Conway is a self-professed Army Brat who lives in Baltimore, MD. A survivor of homelessness ans domestic abuse, he serves his parish in multiple ministries as well as acting as the Parish Council President. James currently serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of Catholics United for Black Lives, a s not-for-profit which advocates for policies promoting racial justice in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic...


Echoes & Hope: Perpetua Charles

Perpetua Charles is a first generation Haitian American who loves the saints, the Mass, and Adoration. A cradle Catholic, Perpetua grew up in Boston before moving to Central Florida in her teenage years and returning to Boston as an adult. She especially loves to sing and lead worship for others. Music: "Homebound" and "Concrete Jungle" by Audiobinger © 2018, edited Used under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License


Echoes & Hope: Preslaysa Williams

CONTENT WARNING - There is discussion of self harm & attempted suicide in this episode Preslaysa Williams is an award-winning author who writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction with an Afro-Filipina twist. Proud of her heritage, she loves sharing her culture with her readers. She has a MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University, a Master in Public Administration from the College of Charleston, and an undergraduate degree in Spanish Language & Literature from Columbia...


Echoes & Hope: Nate Tinner-Williams

Nate Tinner-Williams is a millennial Black Catholic with a passion for theology, history, music, writing, and justice. Nate currently lives in New Orleans with a Catholic young adult intentional community where he is studying for his Masters of Theology at the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana (the one and only Catholic HBCU) and beginning seminary with the Josephites. He is also a founder of the online newspaper, the Black Catholic Messenger. Follow...


Echoes & Hope: Claire Obenson

Claire Obenson is an architect of Cameroonian & Nigerian descent living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She came to the US at aged 17 to study Architecture at THE Ohio State University. During that time, she began questioning the existence of Christ, gradually becoming an atheist. It was only years later, while at the University of Oregon, that she regained her faith and returned to the Catholic Church. Currently, Claire spends her time running her Architecture practice, St Clare of Assisi...


Echoes & Hope: Alexis Duffy

Alexis Duffy is the Director of Catechesis at St. Therese Little Flower Parish and serves on the Black Catholic Advisory Board for the Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend. Alexis is a wife and mother to two beautiful little girls. In whatever free time she can find she loves to cook and bake and will never turn down a chance for coffee, Coke, or, honestly, caffeine in any form. Follow Alexis on Instagram @awkwardly_beloved Music: "Homebound" and "Concrete Jungle" by Audiobinger © 2018,...


Patreon Preview: "Open Wide Our Hearts" Part 2

A second half of our Patreon Bonus episode, Shannon discusses the end of the USCCB's letter on racism "Open Wide Our Hearts." To support our podcast and get extra bonus content each month go to


Patreon Preview: "Open Wide Our Hearts" Part 1

In this short Patreon Bonus episode, Shannon dives into the first half of the USCCB's letter on racism "Open Wide Our Hearts." To support our podcast and get extra bonus content each month go to


Blackity Black Christmas... Part Deux!

**SPOILER WARNING - Discussion of Santa's true identity** Marcia and Shannon return for the highly anticipated sequel, Black Christmas 2.0. Once again, the ladies share ten more of their Blackest Christmas songs and Marcia ruins Christmas for kindergarteners everywhere. Offertory Follow us on Instagram: @psbbpodcast (Podcast) @stylishlycia (Marcia) @teamquarterblack (Shannon) Support the Pod PatreonMerch


Jingle Jangle Journey

Marcia and Shannon are back for a special Christmas episode of PSBB Podcast on the 2020 Netflix movie, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. Shannon discusses the merits of getting married in December and Marcia coins the neologism "Blackensian." Offertory On the Incarnation Jingle JangleFolklore: the Long Pond SessionsFollow us on Instagram @psbbpodcast; @stylishlycia (Marcia); @teamquarterblack (Shannon) Support our Podcast


Low Key Thanks 2020

Shannon and Marcia share the many things they are thankful for... even in 2020. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Music: "Seas of Mars" © Jazzhar (2015 )


Life & Faith as an LGBT Catholic with Andy Kirchoff

Season 6 concludes with the girls' interview of Andy Kirchoff, who shares his journey coming out as a gay man after discerning out of the seminary. In this deeply personal and vulnerable conversation, we discuss how to love our LGBT brothers and sisters without glossing over the church's teaching on sexuality or ignoring the hurt LGBT Catholics often experience in our church. Offertory AndyMarciaShannonFollow Us on Social Media Email us at plaidskirtsandbasicblack Support the...


Clouds & Memento Mori with Alli Shoemaker

Alli Shoemaker joins Marcia and Shannon to talk about the concept of Memento Mori and the Disney Plus movie Clouds, which tells the story of her brother, Zach Sobiech, and his number one iTunes song of the same name, written in the final year of his life. She shares the ways that her faith and her family have helped her to see the gift of life and, of course, gets up to shenanigans with the girls. Support the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund: Get the Clouds...


Dear Mr. Darcy: Pride & Prejudice the Musical

Marcia and Shannon look at a new take on an all time podcast favorite. We discuss Paul Gordon's musical adaptation of the beloved Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice (watch online at The ladies discuss favorite scenes, which character they would love to spend time with (not Collins!), and Darcy's enneagram number. You know, normal shenanigans. Offertory: Shannon Unequal Affections: A Pride & Prejudice RetellingFratelli Tutti Marcia Eligible Louder Than a...


Wash Day: The Sacrament of Baptism

After a wildly varying weather check, Marcia and Shannon dive in to the Sacrament of baptism - why we Catholics celebrate baptisms in specific ways, what the Sacrament does for us, and what it means in our lives. As always, shenanigans ensue when Marcia realizes she has a priestly role and Shannon confesses her compulsion for smelling babies anointed with chrism. Offertory Marcia Shannon Follow us on Instgram Buy Merch at Support our podcast at...


Plaid Skirts, Hocus Pocus & Basic Black

This week we're putting a spell on you using the most basic Halloween movie of all time, the 90s Disney classic "Hocus Pocus" with Bette Middler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najemy. Shannon's real life SISTAH and musical theater alum, Maggie Wimp joins us to share how much she loves Thackery Binks and singing siren songs on her broomstick. Shenanigans abound as we discuss the campy goodness of this Halloween romp. Offertory:


Voting: It's Hard Out Here for a Catholic

WARNING - There is discussion of suicide in this episode Marci & Shannon are joined by speaker and podcaster, Leticia Ochoa Adams, to ake onb everyone's favorite topics - politics and religion! Leticia shares her journey of faith as an indigenous Latina American, single mother, and convert to Catholicism - sharing how her own struggles and the loss of her son to suicide transformed her relationship with God. We also discuss how we approach voting as BIPOC Catholics and what we can do...


Plaid Skirtz and Boyz II Men

Find out why Marcia and Shannon are talking about bell bottom jeans, winter gloves, and all-white outfits as we cover Boyz II Men's sophomore album, II, from 1994. There's references to girl scout camp, sneak boyfriends, and (no surprise here) Shawn Spencer & Burton Guster. And we discuss that one song you might not want to belt at work. You don't want to miss the shenanigans this week! Offertory Follow us on Instagram: Podcast - @psbbpodcast; Marcia - @stylishlycia; Shannon -...


Women: the Neck of the Church!

Future Nostalgia


Getting the Band Back Together!

The Season 6 Premiere finds Shannon & Marcia cruising the south side of Chicago to get the band back together with Jake and Elwood Blues. We're kicking things off by covering "The Blues Brothers" a celebration of our beloved Chicago AND a top 100 Catholic movie as ranked by the Vatican! We talk best musical numbers, great cameos, car chases, and Carrie Fischer's one woman mission to get revenge. Offertory Follow us on Instagram Join Our Facebook Group:...