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We all need a daily reset! Bonnie Sala shares 2-minutes of truth and grace from God’s Word that will reset your spiritual life. Learn to connect the way you live with what you believe.

We all need a daily reset! Bonnie Sala shares 2-minutes of truth and grace from God’s Word that will reset your spiritual life. Learn to connect the way you live with what you believe.


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We all need a daily reset! Bonnie Sala shares 2-minutes of truth and grace from God’s Word that will reset your spiritual life. Learn to connect the way you live with what you believe.




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Why Isn‘t God Answering?

He had the degree. He'd done research with a prestigious university. Month after month went by and my son applied for jobs, networked, interviewed, and interviewed. But not a single job offer in eight months.


Who Is The Good Lord?

We don't encounter the title Lord, much these days, aside from period English dramas or the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. But the word, Lord, is found throughout the Bible. When written in all capitalized letters, LORD is the English translation of the Hebrew name of God, YHWH, which is a respectful abbreviation of God's name, "I Am Who I Am" from the book of Exodus 3.


Retracing Painful Steps

Elijah had a difficult task. This prophet, in the Old Testament of the Bible, was God's spokesman in a land that wanted nothing to do with God. The rulers of the land hated Elijah's warnings and they kept trying to kill him. Elijah ran away into the wilderness, thoroughly exhausted, scared, lonely, and depressed.


You Were Meant To Be A Mirror

As crazy as it sounds, God made us because He wanted to have relationship with us. He made us for relationship, for love, which is why we feel so terrible when we're lacking in either one. He made us to need Him and to need one another. That's why He called His people the Body of Christ, with parts that have different functions. We are all different and designed to rely on one another.


There Is A Refuge In The Day Of Trouble

Psalm 91 talks about the lion, the adder and the dragon and says that you, as God's trusting child, can triumph over these adversaries. All of the difficulties and challenges that you will ever face in life are represented by one of these three images.


Three Ways To Be More Humble

The Bible records Moses as a humble man, but he didn't start out that way. (Numbers 12:3) He went from orphan to prince to fugitive to leader to wanderer. By the time he was called humble, Moses had learned that it was not his personal prestige that defined him, but the grace of God in his life. As a humble man, Moses was dedicated to serving others, even though it cost him personally. Seeing the pain of others very often humbles us, as we recognize how much we've been given.


Discover The Lifestyle That Is Free And Light

Life is complicated today. Apart from God's design for living, there are so many lifestyle options, you may be unsure just how to navigate. It makes me think of the cities I've been in throughout the world where driving lanes might be painted on the roads, but no one pays any attention to them; everyone goes their own way as fast as possible, and chaos ensues. We generally think that we can figure out what's best for us, and chafe at a God who limits us or tells us how to live.


Four Pieces Of Advice On Living With Purpose

The life of David in the Bible is a picture of how humans can do both wonderful and terrible things. David was full of faith and grace, made in the image of God, yet he still sinned, just like us. David's life gives us insight into how to find and follow God's purpose in our lives.


Would Jesus Flip A Table At Your Church?

Many of us experience church through the language of economics: funding, budget, promotion, engagement, growth. If we produce a quality church experience, we'll attract more attendees, right? That's a good business model. But the family of God isn't a business.


Three Obstacles To Faith

The apostle Paul, who wrote the letter in the Bible to the Romans, recognized how it seems counterintuitive for humans to place their faith in God. When telling the story of Abraham, who had his first son around age 100, Paul wrote, "against all hope, Abraham in hope believed." Practicing faith isn't the most natural option in our minds.


Good News For People Who Hate Camping

My friend Ben hates camping. He doesn't like sleeping on the ground, and he especially dislikes when the wind snaps at the tent walls because it's loud, cold, and unsettling. Modern tents are usually made from waterproof performance fabrics, but historically, tents were made from animal skins, which could also be waterproof and flexible.


You‘ve Got Enemies

I grew up in a peaceful home. Fighting was a rare occurrence, that usually involved doing after dinner dishes. The fight invariably ended with some snapping of a dish towel and tears. But if you and I are Christ-followers, we do have some fighting to do in the here and now, because, we've got enemies.


Letting Go Of Your Wayward One

"Going rogue," is the term the authors of the book, Letting Go, use to describe the rebellion of a wayward person. Originally used to describe elephants who had abandoned their roles in the herd for erratic and dangerous behavior, the person who has gone rogue has chosen to ignore God's authority in their lives. They choose a pattern of unrepentant sin and walk away from roles of spouse, sons or daughters, friends, employer or employees. "When a fool decides to reject God's voice, he'll...


Is There A Moral Obligation To Break Immoral Laws?

You can probably call to mind a law of your government that you think is unjust. In the United States, interracial marriage was prohibited by law for centuries. In China, giving birth to more than one child was punishable under the law for decades. Disobeying these laws was illegal, but not immoral.


Rocking Chair Prayer

Inventor Benjamin Franklin is credited with creating the soothing seat that's especially popular with mothers and babies. It's called the rocking chair. The chair rests on curved, usually wooden feet, that allow it to sway gently backward and forward in a calming motion.


Singing Psalms In Every Situation

The Bible book of Psalms is a collection of 150 poems and prayers designed to be set to music. Do you know how commercial jingles or multiplication facts set to music stick in your head? Well, Psalms are meant to permeate our minds in the same way so that we carry them with us always.


Best Friends Forever Or …Maybe Not

The teen movie Mean Girls became a cult classic for its depiction of high school female cruelty and cliques. The movie obviously struck a chord: We women know that we can be horrible to one another, and we've all experienced some degree of treachery in navigating friendships.


Love Brings Salvation To Sinners

Think about this: If our greatest need was money, perhaps God would have sent someone to teach business. If it was of utmost importance that we understand the workings of the universe, maybe Jesus would have taught astrophysics. And, if we lacked information, God could inspire more gospels.


The Final Commandment To Love

Most of the original ten commandments are phrased in the negative, "you shall not." But the negative is only half the picture. After reminding the Israelites to obey God's commands, Moses spoke these words still inscribed in many Jewish homes, "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength" (Deuteronomy 6:4-5).


Who Is With You In Disaster?

Ever heard the story of King Hezekiah? This Jewish king was a man of integrity who was righteous, was faithful to his family, honest in his work, and glorified the God who set him on the throne. But "After all that Hezekiah had so faithfully done, Sennacherib king of Assyria came and invaded," the book of 2 Chronicles tells (32:1).