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Join Kitty and Lillian as we laser focus on one Bible scripture per episode. We reveal struggles, share our convictions, and discuss how to apply God’s Word, In Real Life, for His promises today! We discuss what’s rarely heard in Christian circles, listen now.

Join Kitty and Lillian as we laser focus on one Bible scripture per episode. We reveal struggles, share our convictions, and discuss how to apply God’s Word, In Real Life, for His promises today! We discuss what’s rarely heard in Christian circles, listen now.


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Join Kitty and Lillian as we laser focus on one Bible scripture per episode. We reveal struggles, share our convictions, and discuss how to apply God’s Word, In Real Life, for His promises today! We discuss what’s rarely heard in Christian circles, listen now.




Are You Trusting God

Trust is such a challenging thing. On the surface it's easy to say that we trust God... then when life gets hard and we are hit with a pandemic, a toilet paper shortage or fears about the government controlling our lives we may find ourselves lacking in trust. This episode is not about the #coronaVirus, it was recorded November 8th 2017 but take a listen to how relevant it is today. Join us as we strategize actual plans to help us trust God more. God has a purpose in all things and he is...


Go to God with all Things

Life is so complicated and we are so busy that sometimes it's the basics that we forget. If we forget that we can turn to God and that we should turn to God first than life will continue to be hard. God is not our last resort but our first line of help. He desires our burdens to be light and our yoke to be easy but we keep carrying things he hasn't asked us to carry, so we continue to find ourselves drained. Give this episode a listen, we pray it blesses you if you feel overburdened. This...


Answering the Call to Pray

Today, June 2nd, 2019 we are taking a few minutes to unite as the body of Christ and answer the call to pray for our President and this Nation. Please take this time to pray for the will of God to be done. It doesn't matter what side of the fence you sit on, we are the body of Christ and today we will unite and pray in the name of Jesus for the enemy to lose and God to win! Ready for next week’s scripture? We reveal them each week here Thanks for listening and be...


How to Get God to Listen

Tucked away in the story of the man who was born blind we get insight into how God operates. We see the insight that was shared to the Pharisees to show that God does move and He does listen. If you have ever wanted to know that God listens to you this verse reveals WHO God does not listen to. We dive deep into the context, the original meaning and see how we can get God to listen to us. And... if He isn't listening to you... there is still hope. Listen now to learn how to apply John 9:31...


Are we only fooling ourselves?

What if everything you did in this life was counted as worthless? I am not just talking about the eyes of man, but the eyes of God! This verse reveals something we ALL struggle with and fall victim to. It's deception that we have let slip in and effect our walk with God. It’s time we take this verse seriously because until we do, we really are fooling ourselves. Listen now to learn how to apply James 1:26 IRL. _____ Ready for next week’s scripture? We reveal them each week here...


How to Show The World God is Good When Life is Bad

There are two options when we serve God, to trust Him no matter what or to question Him at every turn. The crumminess of life is going to happen and it keeps happening. We don’t always know why but we do know if we truly trust God we can praise Him anyway. When we choose praise over questioning and doubting we open the door for God to be glorified. This story shows us what it’s like to be a fallible human and yet have unshakable faith! Listen now to learn how to apply Acts 16:25...


What are Heaven Worthy Treasures?

Billions… there are people who have billions of dollars in this world but they have nothing stored up in Heaven. What most value here on earth has an expiration date, there is an end to earthly goodness. So when we look in the Bible and find out that we actually can store up treasures in Heaven, what is that? We know it’s not money. What do treasures in Heaven look like? What can we do today to have more treasure in Heaven? God doesn’t promise us things for us to ignore them but to...


How do you uphold the OT Law as a Christ Follower?

The balance between faith and the law is COMPLICATED… In the New Testament a lot of detail was spent on explaining how to apply this new freedom they found in Jesus from Old Testament Law (PS. No circumcision, I think that was a marketing strategy). Fast forward to TODAY... None of us lived in Old Testament times so we don't have to ask about sacrificing lambs, burnt offerings, cleansing rituals for purification and more... But we are still required to UPHOLD the Law... and that does...


How to Find Strength In Brokenness

Weakness doesn't often bring to mind good things. Instead we are reminded of the pain, the weight and the burden from the brokenness. Weakness is often frowned upon and equated with failure... But God sees something so much more. He encourages us to endure anyway, to not give up, to press through for a reason… for a reward. God’s Word teaches us that there is much to come from our weakness if we let Him reign in them instead of our own misery ruling us. Struggling through infertility,...


The Right Verse

Jesus fought Satan with the “Right Verse.” He revealed this strategy so we could know exactly how to fight the enemy ourselves. If we don’t know the Word than we don’t have access to the right verse. We could fight Satan for years because we aren’t using the Word to shut him down INSTANTLY. What’s even worse is Satan is happily using the Word to manipulate us by twisting those verses, hiding the context and bringing frustration. If we don’t know the Word we will fall victim to Satan and be...


Whose Behind the Door?

Our lives are full of doors. Some we try to breakdown and some we try to lock up tight and hide. Right now Satan and Jesus have a place in our lives. Who is on the outside and who is on the inside? Who are we giving free range to drive us in this life and who are we locking out? Contrasting the craftiness of the enemy and the kindness of our Savior, in this episode we break wide open the fears we have of judgement now so we can get freedom for eternity FOREVER. Listen now to learn how...


Abundance From Sacrifice

Sometimes we hold onto things because of how precious or necessary they are but what happens when we give it over to God? In this episode we talk about giving away thanksgiving leftovers and sharing bacon (I don’t know if that’s legal so don’t ask anyone to share just in case). We share about how surrendering infertility over to God turned that pain into way more than a baby. We also discussed the importance of surrendering God our time and our lives. Only God can turn sacrifice into...


What's the Cost of Taking God's Grace in Vain

Grace vs Works can be debated all day long but the truth is one does not exist without the other. We cannot take for granted the gift of grace and expect to continue receiving from God. Grace is not a free pass, it's purpose is to drive us to DO. Listen now to learn how to apply 2 Corinthians 6:1 IRL. _____ Ready for next week’s scripture? We reveal them each week here Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe to the podcast now so you don’t miss next weeks...


How Holy Are You?

We all know God is Holy, but how many of us are holy? This scripture calls us to be holy. If we don’t become holy we will miss out in this life and in eternity. Finding out holiness is an obligation to seeing the face of God can be completely discouraging… until we figure out EXACTLY what holiness means and how we can be holy. Listen now to learn how to apply Hebrews 12:14 IRL. _____ Ready for next week’s scripture? We reveal them each week here Thanks for...


Are You Offended?

The unmet expectations we put on God often lead to frustration which can quickly turn into offense. We all have wants and desires and even NEEDS for many different things including financial help, miraculous healing, marital help, being able to conceive and get pregnant, a desire for different work, more time to enjoy life, and a billion other things. The list literally never stops and we may find ourselves overwhelmed with our lack and enter into frustration and offense with God. Jesus...


How to Spot a Hypocrite

When Jesus starts calling people hypocrites we might sit back, take a breath and think phew… He wasn’t talking about me… BUT… there is always something to learn when Jesus is speaking. Hypocrisy is frustrating. It’s clearly being double minded. It’s clearly about deceiving. So how can you spot hypocrisy? What are the reasons people turn into hypocrites? If you yourself were a hypocrite… would you know it? Maybe somebody quickly comes to mind in your life when you hear that word. If so,...


The Crafty Attack

The enemy has tools he uses to manipulate us from God’s plans. We are only deceiving ourselves if we think the enemy wont try to be crafty with his attack. One of his most powerful tools he uses is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of dying, fear of failure, fear of tangible things like bugs, or driving over bridges, even the fear of God can be used to keep us from a deeper walk with the Lord. So we have to genuinely ask ourselves, can we live in faith with fear in our hearts? Fear has the...


Will God Help Our Plans Succeed?

If we want our plans to succeed we have to be willing to look deep into our own hearts and find the intent behind it all. God knows our hearts better than we do. We can’t just think that we have the best intentions, we have to know and do a self evaluation to ensure that our hearts are in the right place. So if you want to make more money, get a better job, live a peaceful life and more, this episode will help you reach those goals. Listen now to learn how to apply Proverbs 16:2-3...


The Secret Joy in His Plan

Busy, tired, exhausted, overworked lives are what a lot of us are living. The obligations and requirements of life have done their BEST to drain us of all joy. But when God’s Word says that everything we do needs to be done for Him how can we keep “doing” with frustration, bitterness, and anger as our fuel? Whatever we do, wherever we are, we are called to a standard that sets us apart from this World. But… that isn’t just about going to Church on Sundays… that is taking every moment...


How to Get the Desires of Your Heart

God has promises for us in His Word and we can expect to receive them, but God is not a genie, or the tooth fairy, or our servant who serves us. He is our Heavenly Father. It is His job to parent us, to guide us into the best life. Do we want to be spoiled children who demand everything while doing whatever we want (that might sound good but you remember what happened in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Veruca, Right?). …OR… Do we want to truly depend on God and as we walk along His...