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'Sincerely, Me' is a Forbes featured podcast about self-discovery and inner work hosted by positive psychology expert and coach, Tallia Deljou. With a mix of solo episodes, guest interviews and meditations, 'Sincerely, Me' shares conversations to help you cultivate a deeper relationship to yourself so you can show up more fully and lead a life of significance. Featured on Forbes -

'Sincerely, Me' is a Forbes featured podcast about self-discovery and inner work hosted by positive psychology expert and coach, Tallia Deljou. With a mix of solo episodes, guest interviews and meditations, 'Sincerely, Me' shares conversations to help you cultivate a deeper relationship to yourself so you can show up more fully and lead a life of significance. Featured on Forbes -
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'Sincerely, Me' is a Forbes featured podcast about self-discovery and inner work hosted by positive psychology expert and coach, Tallia Deljou. With a mix of solo episodes, guest interviews and meditations, 'Sincerely, Me' shares conversations to help you cultivate a deeper relationship to yourself so you can show up more fully and lead a life of significance. Featured on Forbes -




Feeling at Home in Your Body with Claire Siegel

"Self-care, self-respect, and self-acceptance of wherever you are today is an extremely powerful launchpad to help you get to wherever it is that you want to go." - Claire Siegel In this week's episode, Tallia is joined by Claire Siegel, founder of Nutritional Freedom, for a conversation about feeling at home and safe in your body, (re)committing to yourself, and cultivating self-acceptance at every part of your journey. Talking all things willpower, accountability, and vision, they'll...


Igniting Your Creativity with Deborah Anne Quibell

"The creative process itself is a process of self-discovery because as we move into creativity, the very act of creating is an inherently sacred one.” - Deborah Anne Quibell Join Tallia for a conversation with author, teacher, and depth psychologist, Deborah Anne Quibell, as they discuss practical ways to access and ignite your creativity at the deepest level of the self. Deborah encourages all of us, as inherently creative beings, to own the impact of our creativity and get to know our...


Getting Out of Autopilot with Liz Carlile

"That's the beauty of life, nothing is preordained. Nothing is set in stone. You can change your life in any way you want, just by making a decision. It's that fast, and it's that beautiful." Join Tallia and special guest Liz Carlile, founder of Motherhood Unstressed, for an intimate conversation about getting out of autopilot. Together, they make a call for us to listen to our inner voice and move into our hearts, especially when we’re presented with the opportunity to make a difference...


Taking Ownership Over Your Health with Dr. Roy Vongtama

"If you're not taking risks, you aren't growing. If you're not growing, you're not living." What does it mean to truly experience an optimal state of health? In this episode, Tallia is joined by Dr. Roy Vongtama for a conversation about making a personal investment in the quality of your life. They discuss the importance of recognizing all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and how unattended emotional trauma can in fact lead to dis-ease and illness. Roy also shares...


Returning to Yourself with Erica Lester

When you have all that you need and should be happy, but feel the exact opposite, it's time to do some digging and return to yourself, for that is where true wholeness resides. It just depends on whose rules you choose to live by. In this episode, Tallia is joined by a fellow coach and intuitive healer, Erica Lester, for a conversation about what happens when your external world doesn't feel as great on the inside. Erica shares some of her pivotal moments and struggles, leading to the...


Money Mindset: An Interview with Young Scrappy Money

This week, Tallia invites you to listen to a recent interview about money mindset on the Young Scrappy Money Podcast with her in the hot seat! Catch the full interview on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. To read the transcript, head over here. You can find Tallia's top 10 coaching questions for reflection and journaling here. For more about her coaching programs, check out her website. Applications for the January cohort of the Inner Work Circle will be opening soon, so...


My Top 10 Questions for Reflection & Journaling

Tallia shares her top 10 (but actually 12) favorite coaching questions for reflection to help you tune into yourself, get unstuck, and uncover whatever needs to emerge. To download the list of questions directly, head over here! Don't forget to rate the podcast and write us a review if you're a fan, and share this episode with anyone in your circle who comes to mind :) Happy journaling! -- Links: Inner Work Circle Contact us at Follow along on instagram...


Choosing Fun Over Fear with Allie LeFevere

"All my life I've been a neon pleather outfit in a sea of sensible suits." You too? Then join Tallia for a conversation with this week's guest, Allie LeFevere, cofounder of the Obedient Agency, for a conversation about standing out and having the willingness to bring your whole self to the table, fun included. They explore questions like: What does it take to relax into the place of who you are? How can you choose fun over fear? What makes you memorable? What happens when you stop...


Evolving Through Adversity with Elyse Archer

In this episode, Tallia is joined by Elyse Archer for a conversation about reinventing yourself and untangling from all the things you once thought you were supposed to be. As Elyse openly shares her story about facing adversity and embracing change, she reminds us that we always have the opportunity to make a different choice. They discuss the importance of taking back control of your life, uncovering your truth, and taking responsibility for the direction you want to be heading in, even...


Finding Worth in Yourself with Lyric Lewin

A life of integrity, alignment and quiet strength - that's what Tallia and Lyric Lewin explore in this week's episode of "Sincerely, Me." Lyric intimately shares about her experience leaving a successful career at CNN and what she learned along the way. They discuss the process of removing the "masks" of our ego and finding the courage to strip ourselves of the prestigious roles and titles we tend to hide behind. In the end, it's only in the process of uncovering and unfolding that we...


The Ice Cream Bar That Made Me Cry

What's one thing you want in your life that you aren't letting yourself have? However big our small, our desires often get put to the wayside and we don't give ourselves permission to feel, have, or pursue the things we truly want. In this short but sweet (no pun intended) episode about the ice cream bar that made Tallia cry - yes, true story - she encourages us to do more of what makes us happy, indulge in the simple pleasures of life, and go for the double scoop. Upcoming Events: The...


Forging Your Creative Path with Roshani Chokshi

Hilariously reliving their high school glory days, Tallia and dear friend Roshani Chokshi reconnect to discuss Roshani's path toward becoming a NY Times best-selling author (and the moment she found out she made the list!). Roshani shares about the decision to quit law school to pursue her passion, then takes us into the realities of being a writer, developing a creative process, managing the pressure to please, and creating her own roadmap for success. With a lot of laughs, they also...


Finding Rest in Our Busy Lives

"There is more to life than merely increasing its speed." - Gandhi. Feeling caught up in the speed of life, desperate for a chance to slow down and catch a breath? Join the club. In this week's episode, Tallia discusses the importance of creating natural rhythms of work and rest, sharing practical tools to integrate intentional rest into your daily life, even if all you have is 10 seconds to spare. She closes the episode with a brief mindfulness meditation rooted in sensory experience and...


Navigating Professional Change with Carole Ann Penney

How do we better prepare ourselves for the inevitable changes on our professional paths, especially in today's career landscape? Tallia is joined by strategic leadership coach, Carole Ann Penney, for a conversation about change, uncertainty, and resilience. They share a few tools to help you create an internal compass so you can approach career decisions with confidence and regain a sense of control outside of your professional identity. For more from Carole Ann, check out her website and...


Pursuing Your Purpose with Katie Mallett

Behind every success story, there's often an unspoken mess. In this week's episode, Tallia and Katie Mallet (friend, former coachee, and founder of Make + Do community) discuss how the path of pursuing our purpose isn't always a pretty one. Katie openly shares about the mess of her path, the process of waiting in the "in between," and the lessons she learned in her career transition. With a bit of trust, patience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Katie took one step at a time, eventually...


Getting Off the Bench

Feel like you're sitting on the bench, waiting on the sidelines for someone else to give you permission to play big? In this episode, Tallia describes how many of us move through life as "self-imposed benchwarmers," getting in our own way of standing up, speaking out, taking action, and showing up for the big game. She also shares about the 4 things we need to stop playing small: self-belief, vision, desire, and deservedness. You in to play? The Inner Work Circle is for anyone willing to...


Taking Up Space with Lillian Charles

Tallia is joined by dear friend, stylist and coach Lillian Charles for a conversation filled with laughter, some tears, and full hearts. They talk about taking up space, showing up authentically, and having the courage to be seen for who you are. Whether through the way you dress or in the way you share your story, authentic self-expression is such a big part of showing up fully. And YAY for LAUNCH WEEK! Tallia finally shares the full scoop about the Inner Work Circle on this episode for...


Speaking Your Truth with Tiffany Han

Life can be hard, but we can do hard things. Tallia is joined by guest Tiffany Han for a conversation about speaking your truth, embracing criticism, and not letting fear of judgment get in your way of doing big things. They discuss how to deal with shame, overcome fear of failure, and maintain perspective in the face of rejection, no matter how public. TLDL (too long didn't listen): "Things are survivable and we can do scary things." For more from Tiffany, check out her website and give...


Understanding Happiness

Happiness is something we all strive for, but what is happiness exactly? In this week's short and sweet episode, Tallia shares some insights from the field of positive psychology to better help us understand happiness and what contributes to it. She distinguishes between different types of happiness, shares a few tips to enhance the quality of our relationships, and talks about the importance of embracing negative emotions as a part of happiness. For a few additional resources on happiness,...


Trusting Your Intuition with Kimberly Daniel

Join Tallia and intuitive coach, Kimberly Daniel, for a conversation about using your intuition as a way to return to joy. They talk about the importance of listening to your inner voice and confronting your darkest shadows to ultimately transform your relationship to yourself. It's not until we show up for ourselves that we can show up for others, and it's not until we have the courage to trust our intuition that we can align with what is most true for us. Check out Kimberly's website...