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Let's talk tarot! ... and all of your other favorite mystic practices. Every week chat with your card-slinging host, Stone Fox and guests, about: tarot, lunar cycles, astrology, crystal work, chakras and all things metaphysical. Novices, meta-heads, and skeptics alike are all welcome as we add the "woo-woo" back into wellness.

Let's talk tarot! ... and all of your other favorite mystic practices. Every week chat with your card-slinging host, Stone Fox and guests, about: tarot, lunar cycles, astrology, crystal work, chakras and all things metaphysical. Novices, meta-heads, and skeptics alike are all welcome as we add the "woo-woo" back into wellness.
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Let's talk tarot! ... and all of your other favorite mystic practices. Every week chat with your card-slinging host, Stone Fox and guests, about: tarot, lunar cycles, astrology, crystal work, chakras and all things metaphysical. Novices, meta-heads, and skeptics alike are all welcome as we add the "woo-woo" back into wellness.






Guide to the Sagittarius New Moon & December Taroscopes

We're shooting off on new adventures with Sagittarius. From November 26 - December 26, the moon transits through Sagittarius - showering us with daring, intentional and thrill-seeking energies to encourage personal expansion or growth. On this week’s episode, Erin makes her comeback after a month long hiatus. She shares the new moon guide to help manifest and make magic including the best crystals, rituals, tarot cards and more to use for the month. You’ll also hear your DECEMBER TAROSCOPES...


A Take on Modern Spirituality with Elizabeth Kott

Big news babes, we have our first guest today, with Elizabeth Kott, a dynamic modern mystic and co-host of the hit show “That’s So Retrograde.” Elizabeth surprises us by revealing her own healing powers (it's juicy and my first time hearing of this gift), encourages with candid guidance for new spiritualist on getting comfortable with being the beginner and shares her latest favorite practice. In honor of the Full Moon and my upcoming birthday, I also share a candle magic ritual and...


Guide to the Libra New Moon & October Taroscopes

Love is in the air and so is Libra. From September 28 - October 28, our big blue moon transits through Libra, sprinkling harmonious, romantic and analytical energies to help us thrive. On this week’s episode, Erin shares the new moon guide to help manifest and make magic with the New Moon in Libra. The guide includes the best crystals, rituals, tarot cards and more to use for the month. You’ll also receive your OCTOBER TAROSCOPES for each zodiac sign and trust… they’re a hit. Listen to your...


How to Harvest Your Spiritual Growth with the Fall Equinox

Erin kicks off this episode by busting the myths around Friday the 13th and sharing the positive numerology behind the mystical number. It's the Harvest Full Moon season so she she provides her favorite rituals and a dreamy tarot spread to manifest under the full moon in Pisces. The meat of this episode is dedicated to breaking down the spiritual significance of the Autumnal Equinox with an introduction to Herbology as the preferred metaphysical practice of the season and a personal...


Virgo New Moon Guide & September Taroscopes!

Virgo season is here and she is showing up in full force! On this week's episode Erin shares the new moon guide to help make magic out of the Virgo season. You'll hear detailed rituals to channel or trigger your inner perfectionist, learn which crystals to add to your arsenal and get a better understanding of how this moon affects. She also goes deep with your highly-anticipated SEPTEMBER TAROSCOPES, and the cards are so shocking and eerily connected that even Erin is mind blown! You will...


Transform Sexual Energy to Spiritual Energy

This episode is all about sex - the 'Sacred Energy eXchange' that occurs when things get hot and heavy. Erin shares experiences from her own Summer of Love and ways to incorporate the deed the into your woo woo rituals and practices. From orgasm manifestation to sensualizing the senses this episode is fully exposed. Erin also gives you a frisky little tarot spread to get you in the mood and breaks down The Star card as a total sex symbol. Send Questions or Drop a Line to:...


Taming the Leo New Moon & NEW Taroscopes!

The Leo New Moon is here and it's time to lick yourself like the cat you are. On this week's episode, Erin is sharing her Leo celestial cheat sheet with all of the quick tips you'll need to stay the 'mane' bitch in charge this season. What essential oils finesse your spiritual feline? which planet is packing an astrological punch? You'll hear those and more. She downloads you on your AUGUST TAROSCOPES (tarot + horoscope) for each sign and leaves you with rituals to coax out your inner lion....


In Line with Spiritual Alignment

This week we’re breaking down the “woo woo” buzzword, alignment. You hear it all of the time, but we’re looking at it in levels. Are you overeating, overspending, hyper forgetful, ridiculously stressed, argumentative or just out-of-wack? You could just be human… but it’s more likely that you are a human who is out of alignment. We’ll discuss exactly what life “in-line” looks like, why it’s important and the most realistic ways to achieve it. Stay tuned until the end for a personalized...


Cancer New Moon & July Taroscopes

This bitch is back! After a three week hiatus, Erin is back with your Cancer New Moon Cheat Sheet and all of your July Taroscopes. From July 2nd - Aug. 1 Cancer is ruling the skies and she's just as emotional and moody as you were expecting. This episode is loaded with tips and tricks for you to thrive under the moon and a new, somewhat risky ritual to add to your repertoire. Grab your pen and paper to take notes for your monthly taroscope reading. The cards are hotter than the month of July...


Loud & Proud Self Affirmations

This week's episode is better late than never. Erin serves you raspy realness and she powers through this minisode after a rough bout of the flu. It's a celebration of Pride Month and self affirmation. Erin shares her top self-affirmations to boost your confidence from the inside out and encourages their use in your daily practice. Slide into those DMs at: @stonefx Book Appointments or Learn More at: Support the show


Cleaning Karmic Clutter: List of Key 3-Card Spreads

This week's minisode is a hit it and quit it on big, card-heavy, tarot spreads. Whether you are the reader or a veteran spiritualist, you've probably noticed that it seems like the trend is to use as many cards as possible in a reading. What a mess! Although fun, diverse and creative, large spreads can stunt your intuition and force meanings onto situations where they may not belong. In response to this karmic clutter, Erin shares her arsenal of 3 cards spreads that work for any given...


Gemini New Moon Rituals & Juicy Taroscopes

It's the start of a new month, which as always means the turn of a new moon. From June 3rd - July 2nd, Gemini rears her head to take charge for a while. We'll discuss the new moon rituals like an intention-driven lemon milk bath or a couple tricks to open lines of communication. Erin shares the monthly moon cheat and finally digs into the upcoming taroscopes for each month. This time around the cards go deep with very direct messages for the signs. Pull up a chair for this one honeys... it...


On Blast: How to Spot A Fake Tarot Reader!

The week we're putting fake tarot readers on blast! Erin shares a list of her sure fire tips to prevent you from being swindled by unethical card-slingers and even details her own experiences with being duped. We get raw with an "Imposter Syndrome" spread, created by @owlandbonestarot - designed to spot the fraud within all of us and it picks up on deep seated concerns that Erin has been having. This episode also focuses on the Scorpio Full Moon and rituals you can use to make the most of...


Planetary Playlist: Understanding the Planets & Astrology with Music

This week Erin is explaining the our deep connection planets by sharing a Planetary Playlist that is out of this world! For anyone learning about astrology or their astro sign it - knowing your star sign is not enough. Have you ever wondered why the horoscopes in Cosmo never pan out for you? It's because they don't take the planets, houses and so much more into account. You'll listen to top hits and a few classic slaps that help to personify the planets in a way that we call relate......


Cinco de Self Care and the Power of 5

Its Cinco de Self-Care and in honor of the 5th of May this episode is scratching the surface on the number 5. Whether you're recovering from one to many tequila shots or balancing your chi with bachata, you're going to want to listen. While Erin is far from a mathematician and in fact still can't tell you what PEMDAS stood for, she jumps about of her comfort zone to bring light to the vibrational and frequencies associated with Numerology. Five is the number of humanity and represents the...


Taurus Moon Says: Treat Yourself, Don't Cheat Yourself!

"Moon Swings" are in full effect as the moon changes phases again and transitions into the Taurus season. You'll talk all things Taurus as Erin provides her celestial cheat sheet to help you quickly navigate the Taurus new moon. Tune in for the best essential oils, crystals and of course tarot cards for the this lunar cycle. She also shares her favorite rituals to make money moves and discover sustainable self-worth. This episode concludes with your NEW TAROSCOPES (tarot + horoscopes) for...


Getting High on Your Own Spiritual Supply

In honor of 4:20 this episode tackles the topic of using herbs in your metaphysical practices. Should you puff your way to enlightenment or get high on your own spiritual supply? The answer varies as a reader providing a message or an open recipient. Erin brings light to her favorite soap herbal remedies for cleansing energies from your hands (because you never what you could have picked up out there) and shares DIY aroma therapy with homemade incense. The episode closes with a two-card...


Easter Energies - Personal Resurrection & Restoration

It's the Sunday before Easter Sunday and we're talking about personal resurrection - because being reborn is a daily task. This episode Erin shares her five favorite tips and restorative practices that will leave you feeling refreshed from the inside out. In true form she explains how the Judgment and Death tarot cards help to rejuvenate the spirit and the benefits to using these cards throughout the Spring. You'll get a cliff notes version of Easter from various spiritual perspectives and...


New Moon, Who 'Dis? Dealing with the Aries Moon

The skies are ablaze now that the new moons is here and she's not playing any games. The Aries moon came floating in on April 5th with more heat than we may be able to handle. In this episode Erin walks you through her Aries "cheat sheet" to learn how to manage the Aries in your life and bold vibes we all might be experiencing. There is a helpful discussion on new moon rituals and the episode closes with MONTHLY TAROSCOPE readings for each sign! Send Questions or Drop a Line to:...


What Does the Fox Say?

In the first episode you meet The Stone Fox, Erin, as she opens up the discussion on all things tarot, crystals, spellbinding and otherwise meta related. Erin describes her somewhat unorthodox introduction to tarot and how it became her gateway drug to all things metaphysical. She also shares her mission to take the "woo-woo" out of mystic practices and alternative healing - because you don't have to eat crystals for breakfast and sleep in a moon garden to be spiritistic (whether she does or...