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95% of churches in the U.S. are under 500 in average attendance. Small and mid-size churches truly are the backbone of the Church in America. Join the team at 95Network as we host conversations that specifically relate to the small and mid-size church context.

95% of churches in the U.S. are under 500 in average attendance. Small and mid-size churches truly are the backbone of the Church in America. Join the team at 95Network as we host conversations that specifically relate to the small and mid-size church context.
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95% of churches in the U.S. are under 500 in average attendance. Small and mid-size churches truly are the backbone of the Church in America. Join the team at 95Network as we host conversations that specifically relate to the small and mid-size church context.








Follow-Through & Accountability in Small Churches (w/ Kim Richardson & Jarrod Spalding) - Episode 17

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported us as we launched The 95 Podcast this year! This week, we're sharing our final episode of 2019 and the conclusion of our series of interviewing people who are ministering in northeast America. For Episode 17, we're excited to be sharing a conversation with Kim Richardson and Jarrod Spalding, who lead Vision Partners, an organization dedicated to helping churches clarify their future. They found us online about a year ago and we've enjoyed...


Ministry in a Post-Christian Context (w/ Tim Ponzani) - Episode 16

This week we're continuing our (accidental) series on the podcast where we interview leaders who are ministering in northeast America! We are so excited to have Tim Ponzani, District Executive Minister of Converge Northeast, on Episode 16 of The 95 Podcast. We've had the opportunity to get connected with the Converge Network over the years and loved recently meeting Tim at a couple of our one-day events in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Tim is an incredible leader and has such a strong...


LIVE From the Dominican Republic: The State of the Church & Meaningful Missions - Episode 15

This past week, I had the opportunity to lead a one-day event for pastors in the Dominican Republic. This was such a powerful experience and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to meet some incredible leaders who are doing some great work throughout this country. We wanted to make sure we captured a conversation for the podcast while I was here. So I'm very excited to be sharing a conversation between myself, Victor Medina, Michael Moore, and Erick Suarez for Episode 15 of The 95...


Rediscovering a Heart for Evangelism (w/ Dan Nichols) - Episode 14

It's impossible to lead a church to be evangelistic if we're not evangelistic ourselves. We are so excited to have Dan Nichols, Executive Director of The Northeast Collaborative and Pastor at Restored Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA, on Episode 14 of The 95 Podcast! We got connected with Dan a little over a year ago and have been consistently impressed by his leadership and passion for the Church. This was a conversation filled with enthusiasm, honesty, and quite a few laughs. Dan had some...


Enjoying the Journey of Ministry (w/ Jeff Keady) - Episode 13

We are so excited to have Jeff Keady, co-host of the 200churches Podcast, on Episode 13 of The 95 Podcast! It's always special to talk with another church leader who has such a deep passion to resource smaller churches. It's difficult to provide an overview of this episode because Jeff had so much wisdom to share on investing in the next generation, leading change in your church, avoiding insecurity as a pastor of a small church, and simply enjoying the journey that God leads you on in...


Seasons of Insecurity: 7 Questions to Ask - Episode 12

Every church leader experiences seasons of insecurity. Fluctuating attendance, inconsistent weekly giving, staff issues, board members with agendas, and comparison to other “successful” ministries in our region all feed the notion that we’re not good enough to lead our church. These seasons are sure to occur at various points in our leadership, but how we walk through them determines what lies ahead for our life and the church we lead. Join us this week on the podcast as we walk through 7...


"We're a small church, so..." - Episode 11

"We're a small church, so we don't have time to improve." On a recent phone call with a pastor, this is a statement we heard. And we regularly hear a lot of pastors of smaller churches express similar sentiments as they feel like the day-to-day of ministry dominates their schedule. But here's the reality: If you feel like you don't have enough time for what's most important, it's not because of your church's size. It's because of your church's structure. Join our team this week on the...


Balancing Marriage and Ministry (w/ Mark & Jill Savage) - Episode 10

For a multitude of reasons, balancing the demands of ministry while prioritizing your marriage can be so hard. If you're in ministry, you've likely gone through many seasons where you've felt this. This week on the podcast we're connecting with Mark & Jill Savage, long-time leaders in church and parachurch ministries. They have an incredible story of redemption in their marriage after an affair and now spend their days investing in marriages across the world. If you're familiar with Mark &...


Why Does Branding Matter in a Small Church!? (w/ Kem Meyer) - Episode 9

As Jeff Bezos has said, "Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." Branding is way bigger than your logo. It's how people experience your church, how they are affected by your mission, and what they actually think about you when you're not around. So this week on the podcast we're connecting with Kem Meyer, Founder of Less Chaos. Less Noise., to uncover just how important branding is, even in a small church. Whether you've been following Kem for a while or not,...


It Ain't Rocket Surgery! (w/ Chris Hughes) - Episode 8

As time goes on, ministry is one of those things that we tend to make more complex than it needs to be. Our number of programs increases. The complexity of organizing those programs increases. And as a result, our church's efforts get less and less directed towards the mission. But it doesn't have to be that way. Join us for this conversation with Chris Hughes, Co-Founder of The Ministry Mechanics, about avoiding complexity in our churches. Chris has a lot of wisdom to share from his years...


5 Deadly Sins of a Dying Church (w/ The Malphurs Group) - Episode 7

"Your church can change." If there's one theme from this conversation that I walked away with, it's this. There is hope for the future. Even if your church is declining. Even if you're not sure where to go next. Your church can regain momentum to better reach your community. Join us for this discussion with Scott Ball and A.J. Mathieu from The Malphurs Group about some common issues they see in dying churches and how churches on the decline can turn things around. This is a powerful and...


Are We Discipling Like Jesus Did? (w/ Josh Jeffrey) - Episode 6

If we're honest, discipleship tends to be a buzzword. We say it a lot, but it's hard for us to fully define. (And since we label so many things as "discipleship," it makes it even more difficult to understand what our ministry efforts are actually trying to accomplish.) Join us for this conversation with Josh Jeffrey, CEO of Clear Design Group and the Developer of Like Jesus, about making disciples like Jesus did. Josh has teamed up with Dr. Dann Spader to develop a new disciple-making...


Influence, Attendance, and... Woodstock? (w/ Karl Vaters) - Episode 5

There's been a lot of talk in church leadership surrounding the ideas of influence, engagement, attendance, and more. So how should we actually measure success in our church? (Or should we at all?) Join us for this conversation with Karl Vaters, a widely-respected voice for pastors in smaller churches. If you already follow Karl, you know his passion for the Church is unmistakable and the practicality of his ideas is refreshing. And, of course, our favorite quote from the conversation is...


10 Characteristics of Unstuck Churches (w/ Tony Morgan) - Episode 4

We all want our churches to be healthy, both deep and wide. But what should that look like? What are some characteristics of churches that are effectively reaching their community for Jesus? Join us for this conversation with Tony Morgan, founder of The Unstuck Group, as we walk through 10 characteristics of unstuck churches. We've known Tony for a long time. He's a good friend and has been so supportive of our ministry, so we were really excited to get him on the podcast. The honesty,...


Beyond the Slogan: Identifying a Vision for Tomorrow, Not Today - Episode 3

Your mission and vision is the foundation of every single thing you do as a ministry. If you're not clear on who you are and where you're headed, you'll be guided by whatever feels urgent. This affects your ability to empower leaders, make progress as a ministry, and engage people in your community. But it's not enough to write your vision on the wall. You have to write it on people's hearts. In this personal, on-the-road conversation, Dale and Austin take some time to talk about having a...


How to Use Facebook Groups for Discipleship (w/ Aimee Cottle) - Episode 2

Social media is a big topic. Especially in a small church, it can often feel overwhelming to figure out how (and find the time) to best utilize this tool to support your church and share your message. Join us as we talk with Aimee Cottle, Director of Marketing at Fishhook, about some practical ways smaller churches can be using Facebook Groups to create community and improve discipleship within their ministry. We love the whole team over at Fishhook and really enjoyed talking with Aimee....


Let's Talk About Small Churches: A Conversation on Church Growth - Episode 1

What better place to start for the very first episode of The 95 Podcast than talking about our favorite topic: small churches. The topic of church growth has been used in many unhealthy ways over the years, causing a lot of pastors to experience insecurity about their ministry, and in some cases permitting some to become complacent. Join us for this encouraging conversation where we talk about church growth, church size, and leading a healthy ministry. Support the show