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Author of "Ten Reminders" Series and other fiction. Host of the Christian Circle Podcast!

Author of "Ten Reminders" Series and other fiction. Host of the Christian Circle Podcast!




Author of "Ten Reminders" Series and other fiction. Host of the Christian Circle Podcast!




74 How To Start Christian Homeschooling?

In this episode, Susanna Spencer tells us how Christian families can start homsechooling. She explains: - What is homeschooling? - Why is it a great choice for Christian families? - What are the first steps to take? And then how do you go about it?


73 How to Include People With Disability in the Church?

In this episode, Madeline Jarrett tells us how we can be more inclusive of people with disabilities. She explains: -What are the challenges that people with disabilities face in all churches? - What are the changes we can make to make it more accessible for all? -How can we address this lack of inclusivity physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well?


72 How to Overcome Anger?

In this episode, William Bloomfield tells us about the sin of anger. He explains: -Why is anger a sin and how does it manifest in us? -What is the opposite fruit of this? -How can we overcome our anger? Steps? -Holy anger vs evil anger? What's the difference?


71 What Is RCIA & Steps to Join the Catholic Church

In this episode, Charles Johnston tells us about RCIA. He explains: -What is RCIA? -What is the purpose of RCIA? -Who can sign up? -How long does it take? -How does it work or take place/format? -How has RCIA shaped your life?


70 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton & New Beginnings

In this episode, Catherine O'Donnell tells us about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton & New Beginnings. She explains: - Who was St. Elizabeth Seton? - How difficult was her life? - What gave her the strength to endure and start again multiple times in her life? - What can we learn from her writings and her life?


69 How to Trust God and Overcome Fear

In this episode, Gary Zimak tells us about the steps to trust in God and overcome our fear. -Why should we have faith and not fear and what does God tell us about this virtue? -What are your steps for not worrying/dealing with fear but having faith instead? -How much time will it take for us to develop this? -What can we learn from the saints and biblical figures about faith?


68 What Are The Various Traditions of Mass?

In this episode, Charles Johnston tells us about the various traditions of Mass in the Catholic Church. - What is mass? - What are the various traditions of mass? - What are the unique aspects of each tradition? - What are the biggest similarities? - How is this different from what other denominations celebrate? - How can everyone participate in the Eucharist?


67 How to Overcome The Addiction to Porn by Dr. Peter Kleponis

In this episode, Pamela Q. Fernandes talks to Dr. Peter Kleponis about overcoming an addiction to pornography. He talks about: i. What are the signs that someone is addicted to pornography and why is it a problem? ii. How does it affect relationships and marriages? iii. What steps can someone take to overcoming this addiction? iv. What to do if someone falls back into this…


66 The Power of Praise

In this episode, Pamela Q. Fernandes talks to Lyn Mettler about the importance of praising God. She talks about: i. What does it mean to praise God? How is it different from thanksgiving? ii. Why does He want us to praise Him? iii. What power is there in praising God? iv. What steps can we take to praise God in our a) our prayer life and b) in our everyday life?


65 How To Get Satan Out Of Your Mind?

In this episode, Pamela Q. Fernandes talks to Ray Sullivan about how to get Satan out of your mind. He talks about: i. What are the areas the devil gets in our head? ii. Why do we need to keep the devil out? iii. What are the practical solutions to keep the devil out of our minds? iv. Some tips to get spiritually stronger?


64 How To Stop Gossiping?

In this episode, Pamela Q. Fernandes talks to Ann DeSantis about gossiping. She talks about: -Why is gossip a problem? -How does being humble help? -What are some rules to stop gossip? -What do we do when we've participated and now realize our mistake?


63 Seven Rules for Dealing With Non-Christian Family & Friends

In this episode, Pamela talks to Steve Ray about the seven rules for dealing with non-christian family members and friends. He talks about: - How to deal with the initial separation or anguish/shock when you realize a family member is losing Christ? - What are the seven rules to deal with them? - How long must we wait for their return? -What do family members do in difficult circumstances when they see no fruit or result of their example and prayers?


62 How to Celebrate Pentecost

In this episode, Pamela talks to Darcy Osby about Pentecost. She talks about: -What is Pentecost? -How do we celebrate it? -What can we do to increase the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit within us? -How do we pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for His help?


61 How to Meditate the Christian Way

In this episode, Pamela talks to Andre Lesperance about meditating the Christian way. He talks about: -What is "meditation" in a Christian way? -What is the advantage of doing this? -How does it help spiritually? -What are some steps we can take to grow in our practice of Christian meditation?


60 Deeper in Scripture Through Lectio Divina

In this episode, Pamela talks to Dan Burke about mental prayer and Lectio Divina. He talks about: -What is the need for us to pray with Scripture? -What is Lectio Divina? -How do we start this practice or the steps? -What is the advantage of doing this? How does it help spiritually?


59 Chastity and Love

In this episode, Pamela talks to Paul Kniaz about the case for chastity and love. He talks about: -What does it mean to be chaste? -Why do we need to be chaste? -How can we become more chaste? What are some practical ways? -What about the those dealing with addiction, couples who question the boundaries and chastity after marriage?


58 How to make time for prayer?

In this episode, Pamela talks to Becky Eldredge author of the book, Busy Lives, Restless Souls about making time for prayer. She talks about: -Why does prayer take such a back seat despite us knowing it's benefits? -What are some practical ways we can find more time to pray? -How do we increase in prayerfulness? -What do we do when we have this spiritual dryness in our prayer life?


57 Why You Need Personal and Family Advent Preparation

In this episode, Pamela talks to Gessica from about personal and private Advent preparation. She talks about: -Why we need to prepare for Christmas? -Christmas preparations, private and family -How can we prepare? -What's the biggest focus during Advent and how is it different from Lent?


56 Thanksgiving and The Spirit of Gratitude

In this episode, Pamela talks to Michelle Fritz about giving thanks and the spirit of gratitude. She talks about: -Why do we need to be thankful? -How does gratitude change us? -How to live a thankful life? -What would you say to people who are struggling?


55 Contemplative Prayer By St. Teresa of Avila

In this episode, Charles tells us about St. Teresa of Avila He explains: -St Teresa of Avila and her life as a contemplative -Her work and book "Interior Castle' -Her work for the reformation of the Carmelite Order -How we can make time and choose a place for prayer