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These podcasts feature homilies given at Mass and commentaries on various eclectic topics.

These podcasts feature homilies given at Mass and commentaries on various eclectic topics.
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These podcasts feature homilies given at Mass and commentaries on various eclectic topics.






Who is Malachi?

Just who was the prophet Malachi? Truth is, we really do not know. But learning about the structure of the message of the book of the prophet Malachi can both warn us to be concerned with how well we follow God, and filled with hope about what God has in store for us. Continue reading Who is Malachi? at The DePorres Pages.


Sixty Nine Bishops did not vote in favor of abortion

The Catholic world has a real problem. Somehow it thinks it is just like the secular press, and it does not need to be clear and honest. That it can "report" using its own ideology as fact, rather than reporting events that actually happened. You may have heard that sixty-nine bishops voted against the notion that abortion was a preeminent issue. But the motion voted on was not about removing the word "preeminent". It was about whether all of paragraph 101 of Pope Francis' Apostolic...


Imagine what the Holy Spirit can do for you

I do not think about the Holy Spirit often enough. The words from the book of Wisdom use such magnificent words to describe the Spirit: intelligent, holy, unique, Manifold, subtle, agile, clear, unstained, certain. More important is how the Spirit can make true such amazing words to describe what God wants to do with each one of us. We have such tremendous potential when we hand our lives over to God. How can you know? " For behold, the Kingdom of God is among you." It is not the case that...


Going Behind the Word: 32nd Sunday

The first reading from this week comes from one of the books of the Maccabees. Just who were they? And how does the time they lived relate to the time of Jesus, and to our time today? This new podcast seeks to go behind the reading to give context to help us to understand better what we hear at Mass. Continue reading Going Behind the Word: 32nd Sunday at The DePorres Pages.


Stand up, Blend in, or cause chaos

The time a couple of centuries before Jesus was an interesting one. There was a lot of political fighting, war, and religious fighting. It was a time when some sought to blend in, becoming like the culture around them. Others sought to defend their religious freedom. Still others sought to impose their ways of belief on others by killing them. It was a time that became perfect for the arrival of Jesus on the earth. Why? Because it became a time where the power of personal witness invited...


When I am the lost sheep, it makes all the difference

I always felt it might be a little economically foolish to leave 99% of your investments to go off in search of 1%. And yet, Jesus does just that. And in some ways, when there is one missing thing, we can obsess over it. Think of getting a 99 on a test. Isn't it the case that a lot of time is spent thinking about the one wrong answer, and not the 99 we got right? For the sheep, the 99 were in the presence of the shepherd. They did not need to be found, because they were already. The story is...


Will salvation come to your house?

It is interesting that today's gospel story of Zacchaeus could be seen as a summary of the entire gospel. The mission of Jesus is quite interesting, as fundamentally he travels around helping the broken to know they are powerfully loved by God. Zacchaeus, despite his wealth, is one such broken person. While the gospel does not explicitly confirm that Zacchaeus cheated people, his position as a tax collector, his immediate statements about correcting fraud and extortion, and the reaction of...


Just imagine what God can do with you

Three people. Three religious people. On August 25, 1849, Brother Gelisaire and two other Christian Brothers arrived in Saint Louis. They were brothers of the Christian Schools, whose founder, Saint John Baptist de la Salle faced amazing difficulty in establishing his community. But one man inspired three brothers who came to Saint Louis. And today de la Salle's vision has taken root all over the world. This was possible through faith in God. Because de la Salle answered God's call, a...


Nothing is more powerful than God

Today's section of Saint Paul's Letter to the Romans is one of my favorites. I've often used today's first reading at funerals. I find the words of Saint Paul to be a great comfort in a world where I could feel small and helpless. God can only be separated from us by our own choices, our sins, but even then is willing to do whatever it takes to bring us back into he care and grace. Continue reading Nothing is more powerful than God at The DePorres Pages.


Human Upgrades? Some thoughts on gene editing

At first glance it is the stuff of a high tech science fiction movie. But gene editing, using a technology called CRISPR (pronounced crisper) is makeing the possibility of creating designer babies more and more a reality. On the one hand, creating human beings that are more resistant to disease, who are smarter and so seem better able to solve big problems in the world seems enticing. But what of the downsides? In this podcast, we will explore the idea of gene editing as it pertains to...


The sufferings are nothing

compared with the glory to be revealed for us. Can you believe this? With all of the trouble and suffering in the world, can you believe that anyone can say this? How is it even possible? How can it be that with the suffering and brokenness in others, let alone myself, that I can see that the glory to be revealed is simply that great? The gospel holds the answer. Even the slightest bit of God's glory is beyond what we can know. And Jesus tells us as much when he gives an example of the...


Do you pray to yourself, or to God?

The prayer of the Pharisee in the parable told by Jesus is interesting. First, he prays to himself. Think about that phrase for a moment. The Pharisee may address God, but the gospel starts by saying the Pharisee prays to himself. Second, the Pharisee is the best in his own mind. Listen how often his prayer has the word "I" in it. And rather than seeking the grace of God and his mercy and forgiveness, upon which we all rely, he does just the opposite. He makes it a point to tell God how...


Three against two, two against three

There can be a temptation to believe that all in the gospel is about Jesus only talking about peace, how believers will be always feeling calm. The challenge is that there are times when standing up for what is right means standing alone. While Jesus is always with us, it can feel like we are alone when others are against us. But if the choice is standing against evil with Jesus, or seeking peace at all costs, seeking the virtue of courage from the Holy Spirit to stand with Jesus is the most...


A story of Adams

We might not be used to reading the Bible in this way, but with careful notice one can see that often the events of the New Testament are foreshadowed in the Old. Today Saint Paul gives us one of the most common examples, the comparison of the First Adam, who by one act, sinned, causing us all to inherit sin, and the New Adam, Christ, who by one act, redeemed all opening the door to salvation. It serves as a reminder that we should do our best to hear the warning Jesus gives to us in the...


Will there be faith?

It is kind of a pessimistic question Jesus asks at the end of the gospel today. "But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?" Do we think it should be the case that prayer is easy? In both the first reading and the gospel we learn that it takes perseverance. It is hard. And it is something we cannot do on our own. We need, before all else, God's grace. It is when we come with an openness to God's grace that prayer can begin. And we need the support of others too. It is why it...


External Action must come from internal conversion

Sometimes we can draw conclusions about people based only upon external actions. And while part of this is normal, if we give it a little reflection, we often realize that making such a judgement on scant evidence means that we do not know much about a person. A focus on only the externals can cause us to miss the fundamental dignity of the internals. We know a person is more than what they do. In our lives of faith, we too must find ourselves concerned not only with what we do, but also...


Grateful for the people we have

The most important day of my life was when I was baptized, because on that day my relationship with God and the Church was solidified. How happy a day, because in a world full of brokenness, violence, sadness, war, death, we always have the chance to be grateful that we have been given this eternal relationship with God. And whether it is Naaman or the leper who came back to Jesus, both teach us about the importance of thanking God, especially for what we might too easily take for granted....


Remember we have God and each other

There are events that can shake one to the core. On Tuesday, one former student was shot by police. Another was a homicide victim. I knew them both. I taught them. I served two parishes there. It is one thing to hear about a shooting far away. It is quite another when the people are known. When something like this happens, how is it that people get through it? I'm suggesting with each other and with God. Continue reading Remember we have God and each other at The DePorres Pages.