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Sarah is the owner and founder of Stone Bridge Transformation. A healer herself, she shares stories of healing and being a healer in The Healing Corner. To submit yourself as a potential guest, please fill out this form

Sarah is the owner and founder of Stone Bridge Transformation. A healer herself, she shares stories of healing and being a healer in The Healing Corner. To submit yourself as a potential guest, please fill out this form


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Sarah is the owner and founder of Stone Bridge Transformation. A healer herself, she shares stories of healing and being a healer in The Healing Corner. To submit yourself as a potential guest, please fill out this form




ep 28 - Amy Bovaird

When Amy was 28, doctors diagnosed me with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)–a degenerative eye-disease resulting in blindness. Later, she learned that diagnosis was part of an even rarer disorder called Usher Syndrome, the leading cause of deaf blindness. She was losing both. Always drawn to foreign cultures, Amy taught English as a Second Language (ESL). She also wrote avidly about my experiences in Latin America, the Far East and the Middle East. Amy never dreamed God was honing her skills and...


ep 027 - Elana Davidson

Elana Is the best selling author of Finding Your Own Happy: The Soul Searchers Guide to Peace and Happiness in Everyday Life and the Founder and Creator of Divine Essence Coaching. Over the last decade Elana has helped countless Soul searchers, empaths and sensitive folks move from feeling, wrong, unhappy, broken or different to recognizing their gifts, finding their own happy, and sharing their true light with the world. Find her: Recorded on 5/30/2019


ep 026 - Corbie Mitleid

Corbie Mitleid has always been “the different one.” A writer and visionary in a completely medical family (father a doctor, mother a nurse, brother a doctor), she has always made her own path rather than take one cut for her by others. Leaving an Ivy League university after two years, Corbie struck out to find where joy and purpose lived, regardless of what she was told she “ought” to do. The path wasn’t easy. Two marriages, which didn’t last, and a constant search for the Partner Who...


ep 025 - Mark Hernandez

Mark Hernandez is the owner and founder of People and Pets Energetics. He is a Holistic Practitioner that helps people and animals that have “hit the wall” with health and well-being issues. He uses non-invasive energy-medicine modalities and tools to help his clients experience change in a gentle and safe fashion. At times they experience changes immediately, and in other instances, over time. Mark is certified in The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Advanced AshWork. He has talked about and...


ep 024 Cara Martinisi

Cara Martinisi is a wife and mother to three boys. Her oldest son lives in heaven. She is the founder of the non profit organization, Love From Heaven and is dedicated to helping others move through their sadness and grief. She is also a contributor to The Mighty, The Peace Journal and Cara writes an inspirational blog about her journey through grief, offering the melancholy side as well as the post traumatic growth found in the aftermath. Cara shares her unique...


ep 023 - Jeff O'Driscoll

As an emergency physician, Jeff saw souls leave their bodies at the time of death, and he communicated with them. His experiences began in childhood after the death of his older brother in a farm accident. Jeff didn't speak about my experiences for many years. Now he's learned that sharing helps others heal. In addition to speaking, Jeff has written a memoir titled NOT YET, and he offers one-on-one spiritual mentoring to help others develop their spiritual gifts, to find their own answers,...


ep 022 - Jennifer Whitacre

Jennifer Whitacre is an Empowerment Strategist, a trauma specialist, and an expert Myofascial Release Therapist who is skilled at helping her clients move beyond the self-sabotaging habits and knee-jerk reactions that keep them stuck and feeling lost. Because Jennifer understands the power of inspiration, she hosts the Yes, And… Podcast where her listeners hear weekly conversations with guests who have surmounted overwhelm and navigated obstacles to live fulfilling lives they love living....


Ep 021 - Harry Sherwood

Harry Sherwood's dedication to following his heart led him to travel the world. Over the last decade he lived with and learned from monks, yogis, martial arts masters, professors, and psychologists. Harry practiced thousands of hours of meditation and received a Religious Studies degree from the University of Michigan. He studied Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kriya Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and psychology. Harry also took part in shamanic ceremonies, tribal ceremonies, plant-medicine ceremonies,...


ep 020 - Tara Davis

Tara works with busy professional women who are exhausted and overwhelmed by family, marriage and commitments. She helps them bring back the intimacy in their relationship, create more personal time for fun, and teach them to communicate with their partner on a level they are heard and understood. After many incredible ups and downs with her partner, Tara realized it was up to her to create the marriage and relationship of her dreams. In overcoming all her own objections (aka...


ep 19 Fredena Moore

Fredena is a grandmother, mother and survivor. She experienced sexual violence and abuse from early childhood through her adult years. In every stage of her life, she faced many challenges as a result of the violence. It was the sincere, compassionate love of several individuals-her “angels”-which brought healing of her wounds. It is her hope, my prayer, that her story of grace finds a home in the heart garden of those going through similar challenges. Recorded 5/12/19


Victoria McGee

Victoria McGee is a spiritual writer and Reiki practitioner in Southern California. Her writing focuses on including one's spiritual beliefs in the healing of trauma and PTSD. A former counselor and teacher, Victoria writes a blog and is working on a book of the same name, "Still Beloved, Reclaiming the Soul After Trauma." She is also the Artistic Director of an improv comedy theatre, Free Range Comedy, which she believes is healing the world one chuckle at a time. Find her:...


ep 017 - Gina Heumann

Gina Heumann is a true Renaissance woman: wife, mother, architect, designer, instructor, author, speaker, and sales rep for an award-winning Napa Valley winery. She and her husband, Aaron, adopted Landrey in 2001 from Guatemala and then went back for Maddox three years later. Gina’s love of learning and dedication as a mother inspired her research of different treatments and therapies that eventually led to this inspirational success story about conquering Reactive Attachment Disorder. Find...


ep 016 Anita Kaiser

Anita is a free spirit who has just completed a year long journey with her family across Canada and the United States. Her commitment to helping people move past pain so they can discover joy was forged in previous work as an eco shop owner and yoga instructor. Anita is a coach, who helps entrepreneurs heal both emotionally and spiritually so that they can become more visible in their lives and business. Find Anita: Recorded on 3/14/2019


ep015 - Lori Otto

Reverend, Author, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Psychic, Teacher, Show Co-Host Snag her latest book on Amazon: (affiliate link - thank you for your support!) Recorded on 2/25/2019


ep 014 - Steve Nobel

Steve Ahnael Nobel is the author of 5 non-fiction books, the most recent is entitled ‘Starseeds’. He is a book mentor and spiritual coach. Previous to working with The Soul Matrix he was a director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years, leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012. Subsequently after leaving he began his own work. He created a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing. He also began creating...


ep 013 - Amy Wynne Doran

Amy Wynne Doran is a singer-songwriter and Reiki Master Teacher currently residing in Nashua, NH. Her band “Strangers by Accident” has been nominated for numerous New England Music Awards, and at the time of this interview she was in the studio working on her first solo album under the name “Wyn Doran.” That debut album is now available is now available: Learn more about Amy at Recording 1/23/2019


ep 012 - Sheila Melody

Sheila Melody is a Health and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer and Owner of a strength training studio in Los Angeles and the Creator and Host of the Sound Mind & Body podcast. A true exercise advocate since the age of 13 when she signed up for cheerleading in the 8th grade, Sheila has evolved through the world of American fitness, as she describes it, “since before they were requiring you to wear shoes in the group classes – (seriously!)” From Jane Fonda and Billy Blanks to Bikram and Power...


ep 011 Jason Haviland

Jason is an investment manager and financial planner with a specialty in environmentally friendly and socially responsible investing. He believes that the purpose of money is to allow us to live the very best version of ourselves and that money can have many purposes, including healing. Find him: Recorded 1/18/2019


ep-10 Lisa Tahir

Lisa a Licensed Clinical Social worker practicing as an Intuitive Psychotherapist, Reiki Healer, and author. She discusses her work with clients on NOLA, California, and internationally, as well as her upcoming book and her own healing journey. Find her at: Recorded 1/11/2019


ep009- Vic Manzo Jr

Dr. Vic is a pediatric and family wellness Chiropractor, a Mindset Trainer, Transformational Speaker, Influential Author of the book Rediscover Your Greatness, and Creator/host of Wellness Smart Radio. His is also the co-founder of The Wellness Path, a holistic chiropractic office and founder of Empower Your Reality, an online group coaching and online consciousness school. Find him at: Recorded 11/29/2018