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Answering questions about faith in Jesus


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Answering questions about faith in Jesus




EP042 – What Happens on Judgment Day?

We continue with our third episode from our FAQ video series: What Happens on Judgment Day? This was recorded during the summer of 2020. You listen here or watch the video below:


EP041 – FAQ Series: Did God Create Evil?

We continue with our next FAQ question: Did God create evil? This series is taken from a videos we did over the summer of 2020. You can listen here, or watch the video below:


EP040 – FAQ SERIES: What Is The Trinity?

This episode is the first in our FAQ series. Pastor Chris Shelly began this series at his church, and then invited us to continue the conversation via our podcast. Today we're talking about matters of the Trinity. We're particularly excited about this one because it's the first time we've been able to provide an audio AND video podcast! You can watch the video below or catch us on your favorite podcast app. Thanks for listening!


EP039 – COVID-19. Blame. Idols. Home Church.

This is our first ever, social distancing approved, Skype recorded podcast episode! We recorded this episode on March 24th, only a couple weeks after the COVID-19 lockdown happened. We talked about many things, including... COVID-19; Target; Hazmat Suits; Could viruses be evil? Is COVID-19 the fault of humanity because of something we’ve done? Is it the fault of evil spiritual forces? God's original quarantine; Idols are falling; Uncertainty; Church in our homes; etc. Thanks for listening!


EP038 – When deceived by cults, whose fault is it?

The New Testament is filled with warnings of false teachers who would preach a different gospel, which Paul says is no gospel at all (Galatians 1:7). False gospels have been around since the first century and are still alive and thriving today. Our question for this episode pertains to the person who has been deceived by one of these cults. Whose fault is it? Would God really judge a devout person who unknowingly follows a false gospel? This is a question that should strike at home because...


EP037 – LGBTQ Part 3: Gender and Identity

In this final episode of our LGBTQ series, we continue the conversation with a question that was posed at the end of part 2: "What if genetics proves that genes make us gay or straight? Why would God do that?" This leads us into a discussion on gender and the different terms. We'll also take a look at eunuchs in the Bible, Joseph's coat of many colors, and an Old Testament law that forbids men and women from cross-dressing. We'll wrap up our series discussion with what the Bible says about...


EP036 – LGBTQ Part 2: Marriage in the Bible

Part 2: Marriage in the Bible If you haven't checked out Part 1 of this series, we recommend that you do that before listening to this episode. In this episode we take a look at what the Bible has to say about marriage. What is the purpose of marriage? Why is there polygamy in the Bible? Would Paul, or any of the New Testament writers, have considered life long, committed same sex attraction relationships in his writings? Also, if God is supposed to be all about love, would He really deny...


EP035 – LGBTQ Part 1: What Does the Bible Really Say?

Part 1: What does the Bible really say about Homosexuality? The LGBTQIA+ topic is one that is not only relevant to our society today, but all cultures in and throughout history. You probably already know that the Bible has some things to say about this, but is what you have heard an appropriate and sound use of the biblical text? In this first part of our series we take a look at what the Bible says about homosexuality. The main scripture references we used are listed below. We are also...


EP034 Denominations

We were asked by our friend, Brett Foote, to explain how we came to the denominations we currently serve. This leads to larger questions like: Why are there so many churches? What do we think of denominations in general? Can we really be one body of Christ if we're split into numerous denominations? We'll talk about questions like these and we'll also reveal our next topic at the end of the episode. Thanks for listening!


EP033 Desert Island Movies and Red Thread

This episode is just for fun! We split it into two parts: Part 1 answers the question of what movies would we bring to a desert island if we could only pick 5. There are more rules to consider, of course, which Chris lays out for us. This proved to be a tough exercise as some of us took it more seriously than others ;-) Part 2 comes from an off-mic conversation where we were talking about Scott's old band, Red Thread, from his early college days. Eric expressed interest in hearing some their...


EP032 Getting Social on Media

In this episode we talk about social media and how it can effect us. Stick around for some outtakes at the end and thanks for listening! During this episode we referenced a book but couldn't remember the title! The Shallows talks about how the internet is affecting our brains - check it out!


EP000 – Introducing The LS Collective Podcast

Welcome to our podcast! We are a group of youth pastors in the Lancaster PA area that began meeting in 2015 and eventually decided to put together a podcast that answers the questions our students are asking about faith in Jesus. We are from four different churches and three different denominations. We are driven by the vision that we can reach more people for Jesus together than we can separately. We call this collective approach, Big "C" Church. Thanks for checking us out and let us know...


EP031 – [Side B] Here Comes The Boom

There's no telling what will happen when microphones are put in front of us...


EP030 – [Side A] Does God Accept Everyone?

This episode reflects on a collective event called "Merge" that was held on Wednesday, December 12th. The Fellowship of Christian Students club at L-S High School hosted The LS Collective Podcast for this event to address their theme: Tribe. We decided to answer the question: Does God accept everyone no matter what? This question arose when we surveyed close to 100 students with broad questions about our faith. We quickly realized that a prominent idea throughout their answers was that God...


EP029 – The Story of the Bible

Before I began this article, I opened my Bible to the last page of Scripture and found that it ends on page 1,196. That's a big book! And yet while the Bible is made up of many books (66), it comprises one unified story: This is a story about a relationship that was broken between God and humanity, then relentlessly and recklessly pursued to be restored by God. So, could this story be told in under 15 minutes? The LS Collective Podcast attempted this task with their most recent podcast...


EP028 – What Do People Actually Believe?

This is the question that a recent 2018 Ligonier Ministries video addressed. Ligonier interviewed random people on the street and asked questions about God, the Bible, the afterlife and whether or not humans are naturally sinful. This video is just a small snapshot of their massive 2018 survey that they call, The State of Theology. We decided to transcribe this video and really dive into the thoughts that were being presented. We recommend that you watch this two minute video before you...


EP027 – What about Slavery in the Bible?

The guys tackle a question from one of their students this week: What about slavery in the Bible? It's a valid question that many believers and non-believers ask!


EP026 – What’s Our Mission?

Eric and Chris talk about their recent mission trips from this summer, and the guys talk about what a Christians' mission is and why we are to go and help others. Check out those machetes that Chris is wielding! *This episode features the 2018 Lampeter-Strasburg Marching Band Drumline to get us pumped up!


EP025 – Why Do Good and Bad Things Happen?

We pulled two questions out of our "Rando Box" for this one: I have so much and others have so little... why am I deserving of these blessings? What did "Bob" do to deserve this?


EP024 – Love, Dating, Marriage & Being Single

In this episode we talk about the biblical approach to relationships. This was a topic submitted by one of our students! If you have a topic or question just send us an email,