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Investigating reincarnation, near death experiences (NDE), past life regression as well as other related phenomena.

Investigating reincarnation, near death experiences (NDE), past life regression as well as other related phenomena.


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Investigating reincarnation, near death experiences (NDE), past life regression as well as other related phenomena.




The Past Lives Podcast Ep169 – Tracie Austin

This week I am talking to Tracie austin about her book 'I Survived Beyond and Back: True Accounts of Near-Death Experiences From Those Who Have Glimpsed the Afterlife'. I Survived Beyond and Back takes you on a journey of firsthand Near-Death Experiences as reported by those who experienced them. Time and time again, people have asked these questions with curiosity - What really happens when we die? What lies on the other side? Is death the end? To the experiencer, near-death experiences are...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep168 – Dr. Lynda Cramer

This week I am talking to Dr Lynda Cramer about her book 'Heaven Exposed: A Real Account of My Near Death Experience'. Dr Lynda's story of her Near Death Experience has been a researched and topic point of many within this field, and has been mentioned in Best Seller books on this topic. This is the story of where she went, what she saw and what she got from her experience that she now shares with others. For anyone who just has an interest in what is "out there" after our death, to those...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep167 – Leo Bonomo

This week I am talking to Leo Bonomo about his book Summerland. Leo Bonomo is “The Voice of Spirit,” and is regarded as one of the best psychic mediums in London. He is also a noted author and journalist on afterlife topics and mediumship. Leo trained for eight years at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) as a professional, evidential medium. Leo is the UK Director and certified member of, ASSMPI, and ISSMPI – The American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep166 – Suzanne Hansen

This week I am talking to Suzy Hansen about her book 'The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement'. At age twenty, Suzy Hansen’s life changed. On a lonely country road in broad daylight, her car was engulfed by a massive ball of white light, resulting in ninety minutes of missing time and the unfathomable experience of “waking” after dark. The experience resulted in her discovery of an alternative reality – time spent with extraterrestrials on-board their craft since...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep165 – Leanne Halyburton

This week I am talking to Leanne Halyburton about her new book 'Spirits, Ghosts, And Troublesome Entities'. Weird happenings in the kitchen and the rooms above it; an inexplicably swinging light shade; the sound of doors opening and closing, and footsteps on the stairs… when no one else was home. Intuitive consultant Leanne Halyburton’s old house was awash with paranormal activity - including a possible portal in the crumbling bathroom wall! And yet, it wasn’t an unhappy home. However,...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep164 – Rhys Winn Davies

This week I am talking to Rhys Winn Davies about his book 'How to Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy Steps'. How to Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy StepsWhat if you could control your mind, and by doing so communciate with the dead, your loved ones, our guides and the source you know you will one day return to? What if all of a sudden you were able to talk to your mum, dad or other family members or friends you thought you had lost? What if, by being able to do this, you could tap into your true...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep163 – Samantha Touchais

This week I am talking to Samantha Touchais about her amazing psychic experiences, meeting her soul guides and how she received the story of Mr Jones. She talks about a particularly frightening experience with a ghost in her bedroom when she was young (the ghost was friendly but as a 6 year old she was terrified!). Samantha is a business and mindset coach, specialising in mindfulness, mindset and the creation of good mental habits. She teaches women how to use their mind to change their...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep162 – Tamara Caulder Richardson

This week I am talking to Tamara Caulder Richardson. Tamara has had six Near-Death Experiences and is a Multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiencer, Christ Channeler, Christian Minister, Mystic Seer, and an International Evidential Medium. Tamara was born in Hickory, North Carolina. She was born with the gift of “knowing.” Tamara believes that her six NDEs have enhanced her ability to see into hidden realms. To master her supernatural gifts, Tamara trained for eight years in the British...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep161 – Micky Havelock

This week I am talking to Micky Havelock about her book 'Dying to See You: A Medium Describes Her Near-Death Experience'. When Micky Havelock's heart stopped in 2014, panic erupted. But as medical staff moved into overdrive, Micky herself was blissfully unaware of the commotion. Instead she was enjoying the calmest yet most exhilarating experience of her life. First she met her husband, who had died in 2010 after a six-year battle with cancer. Then, guided by him, she met up with other loved...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep160 – Ginette Biro

This week I am talking to Ginette Biro about her book 'Avalon to Aurora | Lessons From The Other Side To Guide Your Life On Earth: A Medium's Near-Death Experience'. What can the afterlife teach us? Ginette Biro has traveled to the other side and back through a near-death experience, and she has a powerful story to tell. As a gifted medium and cosmic channeler, Ginette brings a unique perspective to this rare experience. In her first book, she shares the journey of awakening to her gifts,...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep159 – Robert Ginsberg

This week I am talking to Robert Ginsberg about his book 'The Medium Explosion: A Guide to Navigating the World of Those Who Claim to Communicate with the Dead' and The Forever Family Foundation. The appearance of mediums, those who claim to be able to communicate with the dead, is not a recent phenomenon. Mediums have been practicing since the late 1800s, and in the Victorian Era had a strong presence throughout the United States and the world. However, we have never seen the sheer number...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep158 – Stewart Alexander

This week I am talking to Stewart Alexander about his physical mediumship and his book 'An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium'. Stewart was featured in the Netflix series Surviving Death. In the little known and controversial world of physical mediumship, Stewart Alexander is probably the least controversial and most respected among his peers and skeptics alike. His abilities - including extraordinary physical phenomena, evidence from loved ones, and book tests - have...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep157 – Marla Frees

This week I am talking to Marla Frees about her book 'American Psychic: A Spiritual Journey from the Heartland to Hollywood, Heaven, and Beyond'. We cover her experiences with James Van Praagh, Brian Weiss, training in remote viewing and UFOs. From homicide cases to U.S. military psychic spies, messages from the other side to spiritual healing—Marla Frees uses her gifts from “Spirit” to help others. While shooting a TV commercial in Los Angeles, Marla Frees was given a message. The father of...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep156 – Jacob Cooper

This week I am talking to Jacob Cooper about his NDE and his book 'Life After Breath: How a Brush with Fatality Gave Me a Glimpse of Immortality'. In Life After Breath, Jacob’s near-death experience as a child ripped an opening between him and the spirit world. He lived, but was forever changed. As he grew, darkness and light led him on a roller coaster ride of turmoil, loss, discovery, and renewal. He now shares this mystical journey with those brave enough to explore the “other side,”...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep155 – Dr. Christopher Kerr

This week I am talking to Dr Christopher Kerr about Death Bed Visions and his book 'Death is But a Dream: Hope and Meaning at Life's End'. Christopher Kerr is a hospice doctor. All of his patients die. Yet he has cared for thousands of patients who, in the face of death, speak of love and grace. Beyond the physical realities of dying are unseen processes that are remarkably life-affirming. These include dreams that are unlike any regular dream. Described as "more real than real," these...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep154 – Dr Bruce Greyson

This week I am talking to Dr Bruce Greyson about his book 'After: A Skeptical Scientist’s Journey to Understand Life, Death, and Beyond'. In After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond, one of the world’s leading experts on near-death experiences shares the lessons he has learned over nearly a half century of studying near-death experiences. Backed by decades of pioneering scientific research and captivating first-hand accounts, Dr. Greyson reveals the...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep153 – Michael Prescott

This week I am talking to Michael Prescott about his book 'The Far Horizon: Perspectives on Life Beyond Death'. Over the past century and a half, a wealth of evidence has emerged that is consistent, at least, with the hypothesis of life after death. • Near-death experiences• Deathbed visions• Mediumship• Apparitions• Past-life memories, and memories of a between-lives state. Yet even those who are inclined to take this evidence seriously may struggle to make sense of it. How can the idea of...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep152 – Wendy Rose Williams

This week I am talking to Wendy Rose Williams. In this episode we talk about soul groups and soul guides. Wendy is an author and has published 'Regression Healing I:: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the World War II Soldier (Volume 1)'A lifetime athlete and adventurer had broken his neck. Could a comprehensive Past-Life Regression truly heal his significant daily pain? Could he finally learn how to connect easily and meaningfully with his Higher Self and Guides? Witness one man’s...


The Past Lives Podcast Ep151 – Leslie Kean

This week I am talking to Leslie Kean about the Netflix series based on her book Surviving Death. BioLeslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist focused on bringing credible information about hidden, paranormal and “impossible” realities into the mainstream. She is the author of the award-winning book Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife and UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Surviving Death is the basis for a...


The Past Lives Podcast Extra Ep5 – Sandi’s NDEs part 3

This is the third of the extra episodes looking into the Near Death Experiences of Sandi T. Sandi put her three NDEs on the NDERF website and I found her experiences so interesting and informative I thought I would put them out as extra episodes. Each Episode will feature one of her NDEs and then go into the questionaire that Sandi filled in regarding the NDEs. Her answers are facinating. There is also an interesting description Sandi put on the website describing her attempts to...