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The show about decoding manifestation, magic, life, the Universe and everything for high vibe babes, soulpreneurs, and light workers by Rhiannon Day, Manifestation Strategist.

The show about decoding manifestation, magic, life, the Universe and everything for high vibe babes, soulpreneurs, and light workers by Rhiannon Day, Manifestation Strategist.




The show about decoding manifestation, magic, life, the Universe and everything for high vibe babes, soulpreneurs, and light workers by Rhiannon Day, Manifestation Strategist.






The One About Taking Care of YOU | Episode 18 | July 17 2020

In today’s episode, host and self love coach Rhiannon Day shares easy, actionable tips for taking care of yourself, so that you have more energy to shine your brightest. I include my daily routine for taking care of myself, including tips on health and fitness, skincare and beauty, waking up refreshed and rested, and personal development. Grab the shownotes here: Listen on Spotify here:...


The One About Self Trust | Episode 17 | June 09 2020

HOW TO BUILD SELF TRUST | The Foundation of Self Love Self trust means = I trust myself to be safe with my body. I trust myself to be safe with my emotions. I trust myself to do the right thing by me and for me. I trust myself to be safe with the most vulnerable and fragile parts of me. And I trust that no matter what happens, I will be okay. Everything in the external world is a mirror of the internal world, i.e.: just like we cannot have a meaningful relationship with others without...


The One About Self Love | Episode 16 | April 11 2020

THE ONE ABOUT SELF LOVE Self love is the real secret to the law of attraction. Self love is a hot button topic and we've all heard that we need to "love ourselves" - but how and where are we supposed to start? By the end of this episode, you will have 5 actionable habits to start practicing in order to feel more confident, comfortable in your own skin, and safe and happy to be you. Hey, do you have a few seconds to do me a small favour? If you found this video helpful, I'd love if you...


The One About Happiness | Episode 15 | 20032020

Because we could all do with a little extra happiness right now ... Hello, my badass unicorns! Have you ever wanted something so much, like a promotion, a new phone, or a bigger house, or a new boyfriend and thought “when I get that thing, I’ll be happy, I’ll finally, finally be happy”, and when you get it, sure it’s great for five minutes and then ... now what? After that initial spike of happiness we revert back to our original levels and we’re back to chasing the next “thing” we think...


The One About Success Habits | Episode 14 | March 14 2020

10 HABITS YOU MUST GIVE UP IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL Hello, my badass Unicorns! Do you crave an extraordinary life? Do you dream of achieving success in your business, health, and fitness, finances, career or personal life? Our lives are the sum total of the habits and rituals we perform on a daily basis. If your reality isn’t where you want it to be, the truth is that you MUST change your habits. My definition of success is living a life you love so much that it feels extraordinary....


The One About Acting As If | Episode 13 | March 7 2020

A BETTER WAY TO ‘ACT AS IF’ TO MANIFEST IT | LAW OF ATTRACTION Hello, my badass unicorns! If you’ve ever watched “The Secret” or are familiar with the law of attraction you may have heard of the practice “acting as if”. “Acting as if” suggests that if you want to manifest something you have to act as if it’s already here. The problem with that is how forced or fake it feels, especially if your current reality doesn’t reflect that, and quite frankly, it often doesn’t work. In today’s episode...


The One About My Meltdown | Episode 12 | March 4 2020

In today’s episode of The Rhiannon Show, which is a training I ran with my free Facebook group, Manifestation Masterminds, I’ll take you through my recent puddle of the floor moment and how I got back into alignment, with some tips on how you can do the same. Read the article, grab a free meditation audio, and access my favourite books for removing your subconscious limiting beliefs here: Want some more ways to lift your vibe...


The One About Limiting Beliefs | Episode 11 | February 29 2020

HOW TO CHANGE SUBCONSCIOUS LIMITING BELIEFS | LAW OF ATTRACTION Hello, my badass unicorns! Today we’re talking about getting rid of your subconscious limiting beliefs and rewriting your story from one that holds you back to one that empowers you. The experiences, upbringing and people in our lives, particularly from the ages of 0 to 7, shape our world view and beliefs about what’s possible. If you’re trying to attract or manifest something, or work toward something, but you continually...


The One About Your High Vibe Tribe | Episode 10 | February 22 2020

Today we’re talking about how the people you surround yourself with and connect with affect your vibe, your beliefs, your thoughts, your finances, and your potential. In fact, studies have shown that your income is a direct reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you’re around people who don’t support you, who are resistant to the changes you’re making in your life, or who want to rain on your parade every time you see them, this episode is a bit of loving butt kickery...


The One With the Cheeseburger (The Manifestation Diaries) | Episode 09 | February 15 2020

Does the Universe REALLY have your back? Does the Universe REALLY send you tests? This week I decided to do something a little different and give you a behind the scenes of the life of a manifesting queen: moi! I’m introducing a new monthly segment called The Manifestation Diaries. I’ll share my experiences with manifestation – my success stories and my blocks – and use them as a springboard for teaching manifestation principles. If you liked this episode and you have a couple of minutes,...


Can't Manifest It? Here's Why | Episode 08 | February 07 2020

Can't Manifest It? Here's Why! So you're doing All the Right Things and using the law of attraction just like The Secret said, and you're waiting and waiting and ... crickets. Tumbleweeds. Nothing. The Universe is totally ghosting you! WHY? I went straight to the Source (literally), dialed in to The Universe Hotline, and channeled my spirit guides to get a response directly from the Universe. In this week's episode, I'll tell you exactly what they said about why you're not able to...


How to Manifest With Anxiety | Episode 07 | December 26 2019

How to Manifest With Anxiety | Get Your High Vibe Back After a Panic Attack Panic attacks, anxiety and the law of attraction. What if you want to manifest but you have bad anxiety? Will anxiety mean that manifesting won’t work for you? I went from debilitating frequent panic attacks to a life of freedom and fearlessness. I’m about to share the tips that were critical in my recovery, so I know they will make your anxiety easier to deal with too. If you want to manifest like a badass...


How to Get In Flow With Source Energy | Episode 06 | December 16 2019

How to Connect With Source Energy & Harness Your Full Manifesting Potential Do you make decisions that feel aligned to your Higher Self, or are you making them from a place of fear that things aren’t going to work out the way you want them to? Do you sometimes struggle to get into “The Zone” when you’re moving through your day? And how do you know when you’re acting out of fear or love? I truly believe that this is going to change the game for you if you want to up-level your alignment...


Want to Get Your Life Together? Watch This First | Episode 05 | December 12 2019

Want to Get Your Life Together? Watch This First | 5 Questions to Ask Before You Uplevel Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to be as "put together" as everyone else? As the new year approaches, are you feeling the crunch to get your life together? Do you feel like it's high time to start making some big changes? Do you feel like you have to learn more, be more, and do more before you can go out and be of service? This is the show for you, because I'm going to show you how to get unstuck,...


The One That Will Change Your Life | Episode 04 | October 28 2019

How to transform your life - and anything in it - in 3 steps Although change takes time to show up in our external reality, the process of change actually takes place in an instant. With simple shifts in mindset and a little help from the Universe, you can apply these 3 steps to radically change and transform your life. I've used this same formula to change my results in my health and fitness, my career, my relationships, and my finances, so I know it will work for you too. To take the next...


The One About Forgiveness | Episode 03 | 01 October 2019

Forgiveness is such a tricky topic. I bet when you clicked on this episode you had a particular person in mind. Someone you’re mad at. Someone who really hurt you. To forgive is to neutralize that feeling of tightness and anguish within you: that resentment, that anger, that low vibing energy that you’ve been burdened with carrying for so long. Whether it’s bubbling along in your subconscious, or impacting your daily life, on some level you always know it’s there, draining you, draining your...


Decoding Ego vs Manifestation

If you're thinking positive, working on feeling good and doing All the Things to manifest and nothing is coming through, you need this episode all about your Ego, the puppet master of your subconscious mind and the powerhouse for your energetic vibration. Did you know that it's not just our thoughts or our emotions which affect our vibration but also our subconscious beliefs? This area of our brain is governed by our Ego. If you start to make progress in your life and then something seems...


On Manifesting a Specific Person Using the Law of Attraction | Episode 01 - 13 August 2019

Can you use the law of attraction to manifest a specific person or to get your ex back? It is my most asked law of attraction question and in this episode, we'll delve into the energetics and answer it once and for all. Be sure to subscribe, and share this podcast with anyone you think may benefit. For more support and resources, please do check out the links below. Prefer reading? Dive into the blog post here: Receive customised...