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We will have guests on throughout the year to chat sports, parenting, Jesus, and more. This is a resource for Upward Sports at Quail.

We will have guests on throughout the year to chat sports, parenting, Jesus, and more. This is a resource for Upward Sports at Quail.
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We will have guests on throughout the year to chat sports, parenting, Jesus, and more. This is a resource for Upward Sports at Quail.






Family on Mission

QSBC Missions Pastor, Ray Anderson joins us this week on Upward Overtime. Anderson has spent several years as a missionary in SE Asia with his family. Ray, Van, and Brad talk about how to live missionally as a family, what that looks like and how to create a culture of missions and sharing the gospel with your family. Ray and Van also talk about their favorite kind of pie and their favorite car that they have owned up to this point.


How to set a Godly Example

QSBC Education Minister, Jerry Ross is back. This time he chats with Van and Brad about how to set a Godly example for your children. He also covers how to stay connected with your children post-college. Why think about post-college life for your children now? Because it starts now. Jerry and Van also debate on whether they prefer a taco or burrito and a cake or a pie.


Senior Adults are important in your kids life

Van is out getting things done this week. So, Brad flys solo with special guest, QSBC Senior Adult Pastor, Wade Crews. Crews has an interesting story about how he ended up at Quail. He also talks to Brad about why it is important to have senior adults active in your kid's life. He also turns the tables and tells listeners how they can invest in senior adults in their lives as well. Wade has been around a long time, so long, he remembers sitting on the green bleachers while watching OU play...


Worship... What is it?

Van and Brad bring on QSBC Education Minister, Jerry Ross to chat about what exactly is worship. They also cover why small groups in life are so crucial, what worship looks like as a family, and more! Jerry brings in some major parent cred, as a father of three grown boys, Truett, Morgan, and Joe.


Why cultural diversity should be in your child's life

How to include, cultivate, and be intentional with cultural diversity in your child's life. Pastor Julio, Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Central next to Quail Springs Baptist Church is our guest this week. He leads a congregation of Hispanic believers from over 13 countries around the world. So, he definitely knows a thing or two about cultural diversity.


Connecting with your teenager

Boy, have times changed since most of us were teenagers. Many throwing it back to pants without back pockets, a new Friends episode on TV every week, fanny packs, MSN Messenger, and backstreet boys. That is not what a teen looks like today and it seems so hard to connect with them. This week, QSBC Youth & College Pastor, Jeff DeGiacomo is our guest. He has over 15 years of experience with students and has been at Quail for 8 years. That is unheard of these days for a youth pastor. Also, Jeff...


How to connect with your elementary age child

This week, Erick Lind, QSBC Associate Children's Minister joins Van and Brad to chat how to connect with your elementary age children. How to raise them up with a Christ-centered focus and why connecting with your child is so vital. We also hit up the CFP, favorite childhood movie and toy!


Praying as a Family

This week, we bring on special guest, Quail Springs Baptist Church Prayer Coordinator, Melanie Schantz. She and her team do a great job praying for all those who need prayer at QSBC. This episode Van and Melanie chat about why it is important to pray as a family, what does that even look like, and more!


The life of a big family

Van Greenwood and Brad Winter are joined by QSBC Young Adults pastor, Aaron Lokey as they talk about the pros and challenges of a big family. How do you manage the business of life, but still invest in each child individually on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level? Van and Aaron both have four children and Brad comes from a family of 6 kids. So, they should have everything covered.


The Transition to High School

Quail Springs Baptist Church Middle School pastor, Dylan Bone from Illinois joins us to chat about the challenges and growths during the transition from 8th to 9th grade. We also chat about our experience with that transition and how that can help others. We also chime in on how parents can help their teens with this transition.


Why Upward is worth it

Upward Sports has been around since 1994 starting in Spartanburg, SC. Van has been leading Upward Sports at Quail for 15 years. So, we would say Van knows a thing or two about Upward. Van and Brad talk about what exactly Upward Sports is, the history of Upward Sports at Quail, and why it is worth your family's time. It is not just where all the kids who did not make their school teams play, it where everyone plays.


Introduction to Upward Overtime

In the first episode that kicks off Upward Overtime, listeners will be able to learn about hosts Van and Brad and what to expect from Upward Overtime.