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Teaching self-love, inner peace, and the power of positivity. That's WhySheWhistles.

Teaching self-love, inner peace, and the power of positivity. That's WhySheWhistles.
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Teaching self-love, inner peace, and the power of positivity. That's WhySheWhistles.






WSW 27 | Money Mindset & The Law of Attraction

MONEY MINDSET! Intro: Money limiting beliefs from childhood. Lexi | WhySheWhistles WhySheWhistles Positivity & Law of Attraction Coach "I think of life as a team with 7 players: mind, body, spirit, purpose, fun, financial, and relationships. A team is only as good as its weakest player. Which one needs extra coaching?" E: whyshewhistles@gmail.com IG: @whyshewhistles FB: Why She Whistles Web: whyshewhistles.com In-person meetings: Duluth, MN Online meetings: Zoom, Skype, by...


WSW 26 | SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) & The Law of Attraction

This is the time of the year that it's easy to go LOW. I have rounded up my top 7 tips for staying high vibe when seasonal depression can start to creep into your mind. In this episode, I go DEEP into your mindset and how you can empower yourself to take control of it. "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford Love Peace Positivity, Lexi | WhySheWhistles WhySheWhistles Positivity & Law of Attraction Coach "I think of life as a team with 7 players:...


WSW 25 | Be a Beginner to Become an Expert - Episode 1 The Law of Attraction

Being a beginner SUCKS! I've heard so many people say "I wish I was just good at it already" and I have definitely thought that a million times, too! But what if we could change that? Listen to the advice in this episode to honor your "Beginner" in order to become an expert. This is a special episode because I found my very first podcast episode, which I deleted in order to upload another episode on a free platform. I added it in here so you can appreciate the quality, knowledge, and...


WSW 24 | Kindness & Confidence with Duluth Boudoir Photography

EPIC is what I would call this podcast. I got the opportunity to join these ladies in their world of body image empowerment at the Mad Chicken Studio to talk all things Boudoir, confidence, kindness to yourself and others, and major education on autonomy and neutrality, which I had no idea about before this conversation! They answered what they would say to young women now, their favorite books about the empowerment, and SO MUCH MORE. Listen in for lots of laughs, f-bombs, and real talk...


WSW 23 | 5 Holistic Life Hacks to Preventing Burnout

This week, we are discussing the things you can do to stay on top of your health game and why this is so important through every stage of your life! Lexi tells her 5 quick tips to prevent burnout in your job, relationships, or new life experience. Then, she deep dives into the 5 stages of burnout and what we need to be aware of in each stage. This is a great episode to help you increase your holistic health knowledge and prevention of dis-ease. Enjoy! Love Peace Positivity, Lexi |...


WSW 22 | The 5 Stages of Burnout: A Riveting Pee Story

Today we are talking about BURNOUT! Burnout is hitting us earlier now than ever before, and it used to be a mid-life crisis mishap. Now, with our info-overloaded culture, it's hard to shut down and really recover. Listen in to hear my story of going through the 5 stages of burnout (which, yes, led to a bladder infection) and see if you relate. Connect With Her: Insta: @whyshewhistles #whyshewhistlespodcast Facebook: Why She Whistles (Facebook made me put spaces in, okayy) Web:...


Bonus! LIVE Interview with Kim, Professional Organizer & Owner of Live Simply with Kim

"Let that shit go" was the quote of the interview and the theme of today's podcast episode! Professional Organizer, Kim, teaches us to declutter, downsize, and let that shit go. Kim has been helping people simplify their lives for nearly 15 years. Hear her wisdom in this episode: -Kim's decluttering routine -How decluttering can save you time -Which room EVERYONE should start with And SO much more. Connect with...


WSW 21 | How to Make Comparison a Positive Tool

Let's flip the script on comparison and turn it into a useful tool for us. Lexi talks about using comparison to inspire you to level up in life instead of shutting you down. Listen to this episode to shift your perspective from "lack mindset" to total abundance. We talk about comparison in: -School -Work -Finance -Social Media Connect With Her: Instagram: @WhySheWhistles #whyshewhistles Facebook: Why She Whistles Email: whyshewhistles@gmail.com Goal-Getter Workshop:...


WSW 20 | Guided Journaling for Goal-Getters

We are doing something special for EPISODE 20! Have a piece of paper and a pencil ready to journal along with Lexi's guidance. We breaking down the goal to make it extremely achievable, while also adding in Law of Attraction tools to help you BELIEVE you can conquer this goal, as well. Are you ready, Goal-Getter? Get the worksheet: https://www.whyshewhistles.com/connect Connect with Her: Instagram: @WhySheWhistles #whyshewhistles Facebook: Why She Whistles Email:...


WSW 19 | [Julia Starr] Harvard Grad, Career Coach & CEO of Rise: the membership

This interview with Julia Starr, a Harvard graduate and the brains behind Rise: the membership, helps you find a community that supports you. Rise: the membership is a nation-wide network of women in their 20's to get the education and support they need to rise up early in their career and life. Join a community of nearly 100 women ready to share the tools you need to get to the next level. Rise link: https://www.risethemembership.com/?aff=WhySheWhistles See you in the community...


WSW 18 | Co-Create Your Dream Life with the LOA

The Law of Attraction is becoming more common knowledge and that is AMAZING! I love it when a friend starts to realize that if they are positive and grateful they will attract more positivity and things to be grateful for. I get super fired up about the LOA because it has CHANGED MY LIFE. In this episode, I deep-dive into all the things you need to know to start using the LOA to improve your life instantly. We talk about positive language, visualization, gratitude, the Reticular Activating...


WSW 17 | How to Ask for Help

Many of us think WE are responsible for everything on our plate. We juggle too many balls and something has to drop. In this episode, I give you the how-tos of asking for help in your day to day life. I encourage you to think about ways you could help someone else to begin the cycle of the Law of Attraction for getting help coming your way, as well. Support the show


WSW 16 | Take A Look Around You: My Journey Through an Eating Disorder

What's up Whistlers! Today I'm getting vulnerable. I posted a blog on whyshewhistles.com on April 8, 2018, that had over +600 views, which is huge for me. The reason so many people read it is because I shared a big secret: I had an eating disorder for more than 3 years. I wrote it with the intention of opening up the idea that we truly never know what is going on in someone's life until they tell us. In the episode, I encourage being vulnerable and opening up, because that was the biggest...


BONUS! LIVE Interview with Sarah Seidelmann, Kate Isles, and Yana Stockman

I got the opportunity to interview three amazing business owners LIVE at the Duluth Wellness Alliance meeting! My heart is on FIRE after hearing this wisdom! Connect with these ladies at: Kate Isles - DuluthLivingWalls.com Yana Stockman- YanaStockman.com Sarah Seidelmann- FollowYourFeelGood.com All credit for this recording goes to Bill Isles.. I couldn't have done it without you! If you LOVED this episode and want more like this, please screenshot and share it! Tag me @whyshewhistles...


WSW 15 | How I made WhySheWhistles

In today's episode, I share the background of WhySheWhistles! Listen in to hear my "why" for starting a blog, how it transformed from Duluth appreciation to self-help blog posts, and how I came up with the name "WhySheWhistles"! Thank you for being here! If you love this episode, please screenshot and share this on Instagram and tag me @whyshewhistles so I can give you some love back! Find me at whyshewhistles.com Email whyshewhistles@gmail.com Facebook Why She Whistles Thank you for...


WSW 14 | *kid-friendly* Book Reading - The Value of Visualization

https://www.whyshewhistles.com/ Hey, Whistlers! I'm welcoming the WhySheWhistles Podcast back with a bigger vision and a fun message! My podcasts will now be used to talk about love, peace, and positivity (AS ALWAYS!) and ALSO read the inspiring blog posts I write, so just sit back and enjoy the message! My goal is to bring love, peace, and positivity into your life in these episodes! In today's episode, I start off with a reading of my all-time favorite book called "Frederick" by Leo...


WSW 13 | Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You - The KonMarie Method of Decluttering

After reading The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo in 2 days, I went after my own complete detox. Learning to get rid of the things that were just taking up space in my life and truly letting go of what no longer served me helped so much! I felt lighter, happier, and crystal clear on what was important to me. In this episode I give you the SparkNotes version of the book so you can start your own decluttering journey- mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy! Love, peace, and...


WSW 12 | You're on the Right Path - to Health

WSW 12 | You're on the Right Path - to Health by WhySheWhistles Support the show


WSW 11 | Eating for Depression & Anxiety

WSW 11 | Eating for Depression & Anxiety by WhySheWhistles Support the show


WSW 10 | 10 Ways to Stress Less

WSW 10 | 10 Ways to Stress Less by WhySheWhistles Support the show