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A monthly podcast for Worship Leaders and worship teams. Practical training to help you and your teams excel musically, theologically and pastorally. For more content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship team members visit www.worshipministrytraining.com

A monthly podcast for Worship Leaders and worship teams. Practical training to help you and your teams excel musically, theologically and pastorally. For more content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship team members visit www.worshipministrytraining.com


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A monthly podcast for Worship Leaders and worship teams. Practical training to help you and your teams excel musically, theologically and pastorally. For more content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship team members visit www.worshipministrytraining.com






Bonus: How To Help Your Sound Tech Improve Their Mixes

Worship Leader Mentorship (APPLY TODAY) Many churches have volunteer sound techs who haven’t received a lot of professional training. This leaves the audio quality of our church services sounding a bit less than desirable. What can we do as worship leaders to help train our sound techs, not just in the technical side of sound, but also in the artistic side of sound design? This question came from our Worship Leader Mentorship. APPLY for our Feb 2021 Session FOLLOW US! TWITTER,...


Essential Habits Of A Healthy Worship Leader

Your personal health or unhealth will directly affect the health or unhealth of your ministry. That’s why as leaders, it is critical that we strive to be holistically healthy. We should be taking care of ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally so that we can bring the best version of ourselves to those we are called to serve. If you are drained, empty, tired, or unhealthy, you will not be able to serve others effectively. In this episode, I will be giving you four...


Hillsong Y&F: Creating A Thriving Youth Worship Ministry & The Future of Congregational Music

Youth Ministry can be a brutal place to be a worship leader. Kids stare, unengaged. No one sings along. The band is mediocre and the sound is bad. Help! Well Hillsong Y&F have definitely built quite the opposite experience at their church. In this episode we talk about how you can build a vibrant, thriving, worshipful community amongst the youth at your church. We also discuss the future of congregational music styles. Will everything become electronic dance-pop performed by computers? Find...


Q&A: How Do You Change Your Team's Culture Without Losing People?

Worship Leader Mentorship (APPLY TODAY) When trying to change the culture of a worship team, how do we help our team members embrace the new values, without being impatient or leaving them in the dust? Change is hard and takes people a long time. How do we strike the balance of loving people well, while also pressing ahead to a preferred future? This question came from our Worship Leader Mentorship. APPLY for our Feb 2021 Session


Maintaining A Healthy Marriage In Ministry w/ Paul Baloche

Marriage is hard. Ministry is hard. Put the two together and things can get really tricky! But we all know that if we don’t have healthy marriages, our ministries will be negatively impacted. In fact, many worship leaders have forfeited their ministries because their marriages have failed. How can we balance serving the needs of our church AND the needs of our spouse? Well, thankfully Paul Baloche is here to help. Paul has successfully balanced a thriving worship ministry and happy, healthy...


How to Make Your Livestream Video and Audio Look and Sound Great w/ Jake Gosselin

Now that most of our churches are streaming services online, it’s time for us to figure out how to make them look and sound good! In this episode, I talk with Jake Gosselin from Churchfront about how we can improve the quality of our audio and video for our church’s livestream. We will be covering the technical details, the gear you should buy, how much it’ll cost, and pretty much everything else you need to know to get your livestream video and audio looking and sounding great! Get ready to...


Does Your Worship Ministry Need A Refresh?

Sign Up For Mentorship Here Convince Your Pastor PDF Crisis is an incredible opportunity for change. Your people are expecting things to be different when they come back to serve. Don't be the same leader that you were before Covid. Bring a fresh vision, passion, and energy to your ministry in the Fall of 2020. Join me as I take 20 worship leaders from around the globe through a live (online) 10-week mentorship with me, where you'll learn the leadership principles to cause your ministry to...


Free Webinar: 8 Essentials Of A Thriving Worship Ministry (Sign Up Inside)

Sign Up Here - https://bit.ly/2Mh5PYB


Online Church: Best Practices w/ Carl Barnhill

When Coronavirus hit, just about every church in the world had to jump online with their services. For many worship leaders it was brand new territory, with lots of questions: How do we do online church well? How do we foster connection with our people and keep their attention? How do we make the services meaningful, engaging and impactful? Which livestream platforms are most reliable? What pitfalls should we avoid? What about online giving? All of these questions are answered in today’s...


Introducing the Worship Leader Mentorship

SIGN UP: www.worshipministrytraining.com/mentor Dear worship leader, your role calls you to be a team leader, a pastor, a music producer, a communicator, a theologian, an event organizer, a counselor and a secretary! But no one ever TRAINED YOU! No wonder so many worship leaders feel overwhelmed, defeated and stuck. I am launching a 10 week private mentorship for 20 worship leaders who are serious about growing and taking their calling to the next level. You will leave the mentorship...


When Should I Give Up On A Team Member?

We all have various difficulties with our team members? Should we ever give up on some of them? When do we draw the line? Alex answers a coaching call from a new worship leader facing a difficult situation. RESOURCES MENTIONED: WMT 10-Week Mentorship!!!! ----- 13 Ways To Win When Starting At A New Church (Podcast) How To Have Difficult Conversations with Team Members (Podcast) Getting Started At Your New Church (Unreleased Chapter) Creating A Culture of Growth and Development...


Behind The Scenes: Achieving Musical Excellence w/ Celebration Church

What are the steps a church needs to take to achieve musical excellence? I stumbled across Celebration Church online and was impressed with their musical excellence, their sincere and passionate worship, and their high production value. Everything flowed so seamlessly, and seemed genuine and natural. In my second “Behind The Scenes” episode, we do a deep dive into their systems, structure, culture, training, and habits, to see what helped them achieve musical excellence without losing the...


FF - Use This Time Wisely (Quarantine Edition)

Video and Transcript: https://ccsbworship.weebly.com/blog/use-this-time-wisely More worship training content here: www.worshipministrytraining.com


Using Your Worship Ministry To Disciple Your Team w/ Aaron Keyes

Ministry has never been about making music. It’s always been about making disciples. Namely, we make disciples THROUGH music (the songs shepherd our congregation), and through making music TOGETHER (doing life week to week with our team). Music is just the tool we use to make disciples. But practically how does this play out on our teams? Disciple making can feel like a daunting and mysterious process. Thankfully, on this month’s episode, I have discipleship expert Aaron Keyes to discuss...


Update - What the WMT Re-Brand Means

Super excited to give you an update on the podcast the future of Worship Ministry Training. Check out the new website at: www.worshipministrytraining.com Evolution of the brand:


How To Get Your BIG Dreams Off The Ground w/ Ryan Romeo (Outcry Tour)

Every worship leader has a dream of some kind. Your dream might be to release an album, write a book, launch a YouTube channel, or host a conference. Whatever it is, it takes hard work, planning, a lot of wisdom, and God’s favor to get your dream off the ground. Ryan Romeo is the master dreamer. At age 26, he had a dream to launch a national tour featuring the best and most well-known artists in the Christian Worship space. Three years later and he was hitting the road with Hillsong United,...


Burnout, Balance, Recovery and Rest w/ Carey Nieuwhof

As leaders in the church, the needs are endless and the stakes are eternal. This can lead many church leaders to throw themselves into their ministries at unhealthy and unsustainable paces. Many ministers burn out. Carey Nieuwhof was one of those ministers. As the founding and senior pastor of one of Canada’s largest and most influential churches, Carey burned out at age 42. Almost a decade later, Carey is not only recovered from his burnout, but is thriving in life and leadership. Carey...


FF - Stewardship

Video and Transcript: https://ccsbworship.weebly.com/blog/stewardship More worship training content here: www.worshipministrytraining.com


Tips & Techniques For Your Worship Bass Players - Tutorial

The bass guitar is such an incredibly important instrument in a worship band context. Bass carries all the energy, and when played properly can really help your church enter in and engage during musical worship. Yet many bass players take the wrong approach to their playing in a worship setting. Worship calls for a specific style of playing. In this episode I share four key concepts to keep in mind when playing bass in a worship band context, and then demonstrate a whole host of techniques...


Q and A Episode - 16 Questions

I get a lot of emails from worship leaders asking for advice and counsel, and I am always happy to help! Some churches require even more help than a simple email response, so I recently started offering coaching services for an affordable rate. If your church needs some guidance or coaching, feel free to email me at alex@worshipministrytraining.com and we can try to get something on the calendar. Here are 16 questions I answered recently while coaching a church, and decided to make available...