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Live an Abundant, Inspired life. Discover true empowerment through a deeper spiritual connection with yourself. Meditation, Stories and Interviews. Body, Mind and Spirit are integrated into one with the You, Inspired Podcast.

Live an Abundant, Inspired life. Discover true empowerment through a deeper spiritual connection with yourself. Meditation, Stories and Interviews. Body, Mind and Spirit are integrated into one with the You, Inspired Podcast.
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Live an Abundant, Inspired life. Discover true empowerment through a deeper spiritual connection with yourself. Meditation, Stories and Interviews. Body, Mind and Spirit are integrated into one with the You, Inspired Podcast.






Releasing What Weighs You Down with JJ Flizanes

Interview with JJ Flizanes and Meditation/Visualization on doing something even greater in your life. JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and Host of The Fit 2 Love Podcast Show. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, an Amazon best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life, and author of Knack Absolute Abs: Routines for a Fit and Firm Core, and was named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles by Elite...


Stepping into Your Power with Anush Gagua

Listen to the entire episode for a chance to win tickets to her event next week! Interview with Professional Certified Coach, Speaker and Amazon Bestselling Co-Author Anush Hovsepyan Gagua. Coach to celebrities, executives and hard working professionals, who have big goals and big heart, who take on too much and struggle with saying no. She helps individuals and teams, achieve more with less stress, as they reconnect with their core values and strengths. For more go to...


Sharing Your Gifts with Karen Horan

Sharing Information on my book: Change Your Energy, Change Your Life: 10 Ways to Change Your Energy Now, Interview with Karen Horan, Blessed by the Irish song by Karen Horan and Meditation on Sharing Your Gifts. Raised in Arvada, Colorado, Karen was born with a performer’s dream that landed in a family of sports fans. The musical muscle was not encouraged to develop. She excelled athletically at an early age, playing competitive sports and practicing martial arts. As a former black belt and...


Living without Regret with Kandice Astamendi

Interview with race car driver, Kandice Asamendi with a meditation on living without regret. From setting track records racing cars to becoming a #1 Best Selling Author, Kandice Astamendi shares what living with positivity and how choosing to be happy can affect your life without regrets. Her book, Inspirational Influencers recently hit number 1 in 10 categories! She also works at Origami Owl and is a Nail Designer.


Thriving After Sexual Abuse with Barbi Jolliffe

Interview with Barbi Joliffe and meditation on healing sexual trauma. Barbi Jolliffe is a Certified Life Coach, author and speaker who specializes in helping men, women, teens and children recover from trauma, overcome hardships and triumph over tragedies. This includes abuse, rape, ptsd, anxiety, family issues, parenting and more. Testimonial for Barbi: "Barbi Jolliffe is a very knowledgeable coach. She has helped me tremendously in dealing with major family disfunction rooting from a...


Having Self Compassion with Misty Deiparine

Interview with Personal Trainer, Body Builder, Real Estate Agent and mom Misty Deiparine. Meditation at the end on self compassion. About Misty: Misty was born and raised in Boulder County. She has lived in Boulder, Nederland, Superior, Louisville and now resides in Lafayette. Working at the YMCA of Boulder Valley for over 16 years gave her a great base for listening to and serving those in her community and surrounding areas. As an agent, her goal is to have open communication with her...


Removing the Blocks in your Business-Sacred Side of Business

Recorded Sacred Side of Business event with Zan Kavanah with meditation at the end. This workshop is designed for anyone that has a business or an idea for a new business that they would like assistance with. We will connect with one another, discuss potential blocks in our lives, do some exercises, meditate and do a group healing to remove the blocks that may be holding you back from living your best life in regards to your business. This will be an interactive workshop where you will...


Having fun in relationships and life with Minta Mullins

Interview with actress, singer and personal trainer Minta Mullins. We end with a meditation on having fun and connection with relationships. More about Minta from her website: I have a blast bringing the fun & flamboyant 80's to life with my band: Totally Breakfast Club! Of course, my first love will always be musical theatre. I've had the good fortune of working with some of the industries most sought out voice coaches...Rachael Lawrence, Peisha McPhee, and Roger Love. Someday I hope to...


Reducing Inflammation with Dr. Sheila Beades

Interview with Dr. Sheila Beades of Pure Center of Health, tips on reducing inflammation, and healing meditation at the end of the podcast. Sheila Beades, ND, is a registered Naturopathic Doctor in Colorado. She graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, IL with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. In years prior to medical school, Dr. Beades obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Leadership certificate from Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. In addition, she has...


Releasing Pain with Laura Jane

LJ will discuss her own struggles with pain and relationships and how she helps to free others from pain in their own life. We will end the session with a meditation on being free of pain and living a healthy life. About Laura Jane: Laura Jane is an author and offers Personalized Yoga Therapy, as it is an effective, efficient way to truly cultivate the ways you want to feel, function and flow--in body, mind and soul. Winter, and a coming New Year can be a perfect time to develop your ritual...


The Mom-Daughter Connection with Jennifer Battaglia

Interview with Jennifer Battaglia: Author, coach and founder of The Mom Daughter Connection and Thriving Women's Mastermind. Ends with a meditation on deepening your connection with your kids (I need this too, by the way). About The Mom Daughter Connection: A community of Women raising conscious, connected daughters. A place to help support one another by sharing our experiences and insights. Our goal is to support, uplift, and empower. We can support and learn from one another and teach our...


Healing Childhood Trauma with Eden Sustin

Interview with Eden Sustin, Medium and Healer of Childhood Trauma and Grief with Meditation on Healing Childhood Trauma. For more information on Eden, see her website: About Eden: I learned at a young age that my grandmother was a psychic. I watched her do Automatic Writing and heard stories about how she worked with the FBI to help find missing children. Automatic Writing was (and still is) a phenomenon. So rare that UCLA did a study on my Grandmother. I was fascinated by the...


Embrace Your Uniqueness with Shilo Losino

Interview with Entrepreneur, mom and wife Shilo Losino. She shares her story of how she started her own business, being a female in a male dominated industry (Insurance and Construction), professional development, benefits of being a part of a Master Mind, Parenting and Relationship tips. We end with a meditation on embracing your uniqueness to boldly move forward in the world. More about Shilo's business and getting in touch with her: Contractors Best Insurance ( We...


The Best You with Bernardo Moya

Interview with Bernardo Moya with Meditation on Having more adventure in your life. For Free tickets to his Best You Expo, go to Bernardo Moya is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter to some of the biggest names in Personal Development. As Chief Inspirational Officer and Founder of The Best You. With three EXPO’s already held in London and one in Long Beach California, 25.000 visitors and over 500 exhibitors...


Musician and Sound Bath Healer Kyle Hollingsworth

Interview with Kyle Hollingsworth and Meditation on Unlocking your creativity. About Kyle: Kyle is a vocalist, songwriter, sound healer, artist, writer and teacher. She's had a rich career in the arts and design and has been performing for more than a decade. Her focus is on combining her fine art, music, intuitive gifts and in honoring her own truth. Kyle sings with the Golden Bridge Choir in Hollywood and volunteers with Toby to offer their music to hospice patients.


Finding your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Claudia Guardado

Puchies Founder and CEO, Claudia Guardado, is a multi-preneur. After 17 years as a high-level corporate executive, she knew in her heart that it was time for a new venture. Claudia has owned and/or been a partner in several successful businesses, and is currently following her heart in bringing forward Puchies. She also has a huge heart for philanthropic causes, and has created the Puchies’ Take Flight Fund (more info coming soon!). Puchies was created to remind all of the many seasons in...


A Personalized Astrological Reading with Holly Hall

An interview with Holly Hall and a personalized astrological reading of host, Charissa Sims. Charissa Sims discusses her fears around her LA book launch, of her #1 Best Selling Book Change Your Energy, Change Your Life on 9/1, Mystic Journey bookstore in Venice 1:30pm-3:30pm. Hope to see you there! As a transformative coach Holly is renown for her ability as a Psychic and Master Astrologer. She is also educated in psychology and philosophy and is a highly acclaimed relationship coach. As a...


Interview with Dr. Heather Manly ND and Healing Digestive Issues

We will start the Episode with an interview of Dr. Heather Manley and end with a meditation and healing to help with Digestive Issues. Dr. Heather Manley, ND, is a practicing physician who received her medical degree from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She is also the award-winning author of the Human Body Detectives book and curriculum series. A contributing writer to Dandelion Moms, Organic Eats magazine, Parents Canada, and KIWI magazine, in addition, the...


Helping Your Aging Parents

Interview with Barbara Wough, Registered Nurse and Patient Advocate Ending with a Meditation to help you and your family Message from Barbara: As an independent RN Senior Advocate, I can help you help your aging parents. While you are simultaneously raising your family and caring for your parents, you will benefit from my objective assistance in finding the best help for your parents without sacrificing your irreplaceable time with your family. You won't have to undertake the...


Break Free with Maria, Transformational Nutritional Coach

Interview with Maria Mizzi, Transformational Nutritional Coach Maria Mizzi, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and expert in the field of cleansing and detoxification, will lead the way. She helps people detox using a simple, step-by-step solution that focuses on the body, mind and soul so you can lose weight, boost your confidence and live a life filled with optimal health, energy and joy! She's been studying detoxing, nutrition and the human body for years and discovered the...