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The MIGHTY WARRIORS podcast is a podcast dedicated to inspire and encourage you to experience a deeper intimacy with God and to be transformed by His Word in your everyday life.

The MIGHTY WARRIORS podcast is a podcast dedicated to inspire and encourage you to experience a deeper intimacy with God and to be transformed by His Word in your everyday life.


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The MIGHTY WARRIORS podcast is a podcast dedicated to inspire and encourage you to experience a deeper intimacy with God and to be transformed by His Word in your everyday life.




Ep. 50 - How to overcome unbelief

A word can change the course of a life. This is what happened to the Israelites who grumbled and spread a bad report concerning the promise land that God had already given to them. The very words they spoke condemned them and an entire generation was affected in remaining in the wilderness for 40 years. This episode 50 not only take a look at unbelief and doubt but it provides us four essential pillars on how to overcome unbelief. Website:


Ep. 49 - Watch out what you say ... words determine your destiny

Murmuring, complaining, gossiping are common in some people's daily routine, but it should be avoided at all cost, as it drains the life out of you and those around you. The words we speak do matter, have power and lead to consequences (good or bad). In this episode, we take a look at a particular time in Miriam's life when she complained and paid a hefty price for it. Wisdom and warnings are drawn out of her life experiences and that of other people in The Bible. Website:...


Ep. 48 - Are you offering unauthorized fires?

God cannot be worshipped in any way we choose to. When we insist on worshipping Him our way rather than the way that He has established, we deceive ourselves and the outcome is very likely to lead to destruction. This episode helps us learn from the tragic mistakes of men who wanted to worship God their own way, but it also leads us to look at our own lives to examine if we approaching Him with a humble and reverent heart to receive His gift of forgiveness for us to be reconciled back to...


Ep. 47 - A broken people destined for redemption

The story started so beautifully, in fact God declared that everything He created was good. Mankind made a life changing choice that has affected generations. As we look back at the journey of some characters that have marked their generations we cannot help but meet a merciful God who is also a covenant God who is leading us towards the ultimate plan He has for mankind--redemption. Website:


Ep. 46 - Drawing near to God and radiating His light

How can I draw near to God? How can I have a fulfilling relationship with Him? How can I radiate His light in this world that is seeped in darkness? Those are the foundational questions we answer in this episode 46, as we examine Moses's experience at the Tent of Meeting, the day he saw a glimpse of God's glory and the time he radiated His light to the people around him. This episode will challenge you and at the same time encourage you to draw near to God, develop a relationship with Him...


Ep. 45 - How can I identify the "golden calves" in my life?

Are you spending a balanced amount of time organizing, planning, strategizing or are you overwhelming absorbed in spending time doing nothing else but that? If nothing else matters but that, an idol is part of your life. What is an idol? An idol is anything or anyone that has more importance in my life thanWhat we tend to dedicate most of our time, money on is often time an indicator of what is most important to us. This episode helps us evaluate our hearts in identifying the idols we have...


BONUS # 2 - My personal struggle with "Holiday Depression" (aka. Holiday Blues)

Around the holiday season a lot of people feel sad, lonely, anxious and it's a big struggle. Not a lot of people are talking about it, but in this bonus episode, Colette shares her own personal struggle with the seasonal depression she's experienced these past few weeks and answers the following questions: Website:


Ep. 44 - God's 10 Commandments

Episode 44 reveals commandments that help us realize who we really are and how we should live. The Word of God is a mirror that reveals the real state of our nature and who we can become. Often times, people tend to look at the 10 Commandments that we find in Exodus 20 as a set of rules to live by but it is not about rules or restrictions, it's about how to relate to God and your neighbor in love. Website:


Ep. 43 - When God splits the Red Sea just for you

Israel left Egypt confidence "ready" for war, but rather than leading them through a short route where they would face the Philistines, He took them through the longest rough, through the desert towards the Red Sea, so they would not face war and seek to return to Egypt. However, when the Egyptian army pursuit them and there was nowhere else for them to go, once again, God demonstrated His power through a marvelous miracle. Episode 43 teaches what we can learn from the major events that took...


Ep. 42 - The importance of atonement from the fall to today

From the fall to today atonement has been very important. The death and blood of innocent animals such as goats, lambs and bulls was observed for many centuries, but those atoning sacrifices were intended to only cover people's sins temporarily. God being an infinite God had a perpetual solution in mind for a perpetual atoning sacrifice. This episode reveals the importance of atonement throughout the Scriptures and helps us understand what God did to provide a perpetual atonement for the...


BONUS # 1 - Answering some questions about childhood, life, relationships . . . etc

This is a bonus episode, very special and different from the usual track of going through the stories of The Bible. It is exclusively dedicated in answering some questions that any friends would discuss over a cup of coffee / tea (or "juice" for Colette). Website: Music by: Aleksandr Shamaluev


Ep. 41 - Ten gods ten plagues

Moses and Aaron’s plea to Pharaoh to let Israel go out of Egypt has fallen on deaf ears. Consequently, God brought a series of plagues to demonstrate that the so-called “gods of Egypt” are nothing at all, but Pharoah has continued to harden his heart. Will it be at the cost of his own country’s demise? Website:


Ep. 40 - Why me . . . send someone else!

This episode goes over some of the major life changing events in Moses's life. Through his life, we are encouraged to see that our choices in life have consequences, our seasons of waiting are preparation ground for things to come. Moreover, we see how God invites us to align ourselves with His plans so we can accomplish we never could have imagined. Website:


Ep. 39 - The nation of Israel under the new Pharoah's rulership

Israel has finally become a fruitful nation as they have have continued to multiply, however, it hasn't been without opposition. In this episode, we are challenged to see that with a divine calling often comes oppression is also present, obedience brings about great reward and God's plans are providential. Website:


Ep. 38 - You meant it for evil . . . but God meant it for good

Hurt, pain, disappointment are inevitable, they are all part of mankind's journey, but it takes wisdom and maturity to realize that even the worst of evil that is committed against us can serve a greater purpose. Episode 38 opens our eyes on 3 important points that can help us get the proper perspective in challenging circumstances so that rather than wallowing in bitterness and self-pity, we can enduring through our circumstances with the knowledge that God can turn what is meant for evil...


Ep. 37 - The famine that brought unexpected visitors

The famine did not just affect Egypt, but nearby countries as well. People who were affect found themselves traveling to Egypt to get some grain. As governor of the land who dealt directly with people who came to get some grain, Joseph never imagined that he would one day recognize some familiar faces in the crowd and that events of the past he had put away in his mind would be brought back to the surface. There is a turn of event that take place in episode 37 and in the end it all aligns...


Ep. 36 - From the pit, to prison, to the palace

It is sometimes very difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel. For Joseph, there was not even a glimmer of hope he would ever get out of that dungeon. The Chief Cupbearer was free and forgot Joseph, but one day however when his expertise was request, everything changed for him, in a blink of an eye. If you are going through a difficult season this episode will be that needed spark and possibly that light at the end of the tunnel. Website:


Ep. 35 - Come . . . sleep with me!

We live in a temptation-filled world, but not everything is for grabs. Joseph understood that very well, but even when he stood his ground to do what was right, he was unjustly accused. Episode 35, not look at what kind of man was Joseph, but how we should respond in the face of temptation. Website:


Ep. 34 - Dreams of things to come?

Moving to a new place doesn't always fix problems in a family. Jacob moved his family from Shechem to Bethel but problems in the family persisted. Joseph's dreams made matters worst for him, but in this episode there are 3 things we will learn to help us not to make the same mistakes. Website:


Ep. 33 - Learning from a family that had to deal with a daughter/sister's rape

This episode deals with the tragic assault with Jacob's daughter--Dinah--a sister deeply loved by brothers who are ready to put their lives on the line to bring about justice for the evil that has been committed against her. Many voices are heard, except Dinah's because she never speaks, however, Colette (our podcast host) speaks on her behalf by sharing 4 ways we can help a person who has been molested or raped. [WARNING: Because of the sensitive nature of this episode, the listener’s...