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Art as Worship is a weekly show on Empower Radio that features stories of artists and explores their process of creation. Vanessa Lowry interviews artists of various faiths, working in a wide range of media, on the common theme of how they use inspiration and creativity as an expression of their spirituality.

Art as Worship is a weekly show on Empower Radio that features stories of artists and explores their process of creation. Vanessa Lowry interviews artists of various faiths, working in a wide range of media, on the common theme of how they use inspiration and creativity as an expression of their spirituality.
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Art as Worship is a weekly show on Empower Radio that features stories of artists and explores their process of creation. Vanessa Lowry interviews artists of various faiths, working in a wide range of media, on the common theme of how they use inspiration and creativity as an expression of their spirituality.




As a Sensitive Artist, You Want to Know About Life. With guest Maria Howell

Actress, Singer and Voiceover artist, Maria Howell is best known as the choir soloist from the movie “The Color Purple. ”“Art and spirituality are like singing and acting for me. Art is an expression of the spiritual side of me so as I grow with one, it helps the other. It’s a volleying back and forth like my singing and acting have been. I want both. As I learn more and I grow, I want to know more. As a sensitive artist, you want to know about life—you want to know what it means.” ~Maria...

Everybody Has a Story. With guest Walter (T.W.) Lawrence

Author Walter Lawrence grew up in Texas, where his father practiced veterinary medicine and his mother taught nursing. He and his sister were raised in a family that valued the origin and meaning of words. He majored in English in college and later earned a Masters of Arts in Professional Writing. Walter has published numerous freelance magazine and newspaper articles, and both his poetry and short stories have won numerous awards.

Become Inspired by the Process of Painting with guest Sharron Ragan

Sharron Ragan is an entrepreneur, artist, business leader and visionary who literally throws herself into her work emotionally, physically and spiritually. She is an awarding winning artist and has commissioned work at several corporate offices including Coca-Cola, and private collections.

Being Aware of Messages I Receive: With guest Margery Kellar

Stained glass artist Margery (Cunningham) Kellar grew up in Indiana and graduated from Ball State University with a BS in Art Education. After moving to Atlanta, she worked for the state of GA in Fulton County’s Adult Protective Services. Margery retired in 2011 and now has more time to create stained glass art.

Everything Can Be Sacred - With guest Sunmoon Pie

Sunmoon Pie is an Atlanta-based Jewish music group, writing and performing a blend of spiritual and sometimes quirky songs that explore the human condition through the lens of Jewish & Kabbalistic themes—with a focus meditative Kirtan-style Hebrew chanting inspired by the Jewish liturgy. The artists of Sunmoon Pie say, “We take Jewish prayers and add melodies—hopefully adding a new spirit to these prayers that have been said by Jews around the world for centuries.”

God’s Project - With guest Michael Belk

During the past 30 years, Michael Belk’s photography has appeared in fashion publications including Vogue, Elle, GQ and Vanity Fair for clients that included Nautica, J.Crew and others. Combining his gift for photography with a natural sense for sales and marketing savvy, Michael created a boutique fashion-advertising agency, Michael Belk & Company. He says his work has primarily been about doing something he loved while traveling the world, working with many great models and crews in the...

Janine Hoefler: Worlds Open Up

Janine Hoefler is a painter, photographer, lecturer and teacher. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arcadia University and has taught art classes to both children and adults.Along with her career as a painter, Janine is an award-winning photographer and a speaker. She teaches individuals to take emotionally meaningful photos and how to bring families together with photography.

Seth Casteel: Dogs Inspire Me

Seth Casteel is an award-winning photographer and New York Times Best Selling Author. His series of Underwater Dogs photographs have been seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world and have become one of the most famous series of images in the past decade.

Crystal Slagley on Art As Worship

Crystal Slagley is an award-winning cake concept artist. She holds fifteen certificates in a variety of cake decorating techniques, including a master’s certificate in sugarpaste, royal icing, and sugar flowers. Crystal is one of only ten people in the United States to have this exclusive certification. She shares her inspiration, creative process, and why she believes her cakes "represent joy" on this edition of Art As Worship on Empower Radio.

Guest Burke Ingraffia: Participating in God’s Creation

Burke Ingraffia is a southern singer/songwriter who writes jazzy folk music, or perhaps folky jazz music. He grew up in New Orleans and now gets his mail a couple of hours away in Alabama. He plays and writes using the jazz structures commonly found in New Orleans and emphasizes that feel with the leisurely wisdom of the Deep South. He also has a folk/Americana side with less 7th chords and more story lines.

Guest Adrienne Lynch: Alchemy and the Act of Creation

Adrienne Lynch was born on the cusp of dawn in the wake of Niagara Falls, New York’s infamous Blizzard of ’77. Things she recalls from her nomadic childhood include: cicada carcasses clinging to the tree outside the kitchen window, too-small home grown watermelons too-sweet as candy, a neighbor girl’s torn toenail, the strange feelings grown-ups gave her, and how much her terrier mutt, Harvey, loved chasing cars and rolling in dead fish.

Guest Jim Duggan: I’m Closest to God When I’m Carving

Join Vanessa Lowry as she sits down with ice carver Jim Duggan. Jim has been carving ice in the Atlanta area for twenty years. He started his sculpting career after graduating from the Culinary Art program at the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1991, the first graduating class of the school. Jim worked with chefs who allowed him to study the field of ice sculpture. He soon left the kitchen to work full time in the art of ice sculpture.

Suzanne Halvorson "Weaving Is My True North"

Join Vanessa and guest Suzanne Halvorson, who is a textile studio artist and partner in By Hand Gallery in Indiana. In 2012, Halvorson was a Visiting Lecturer at Indiana University School of Fine Arts, and at Earlham College (Indiana). She will be teaching at Purdue University for the 2013 fall semester. She has taught weaving workshops at Penland School of Craft (North Carolina), Ghost Ranch (New Mexico), Grunewald Guild (Washington), and at HGA's Convergence (California) and for...

Guest Beth Tarkington: Get Out of the Way

Join Vanessa as she sits down with ceramic artist, Beth Tarkington. Beth J. Tarkington grew up and resides in the Atlanta area. She earned degrees from the University of Georgia and Georgia State University with emphasis on drawing & painting and surface design. Beth is now a full-time ceramic artist. Today, she applies her painterly techniques on handbuilt clay forms to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Rev. Michael Radford Sullivan on Art As Worship

Rev. Michael Radford Sullivan is the rector of Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church, an author and a sculptor. Michael is the author of Windows into the Soul and Windows into the Light. The books explore the place of art in spirituality and how creativity can contribute to the richness of the Christian journey. He has been a featured writer for Episcopal Café and

Matt Moulthrop on Art As Worship

Woodturner Matt Moulthrop's work has been displayed in galleries and museums around the country, including the Smithsonian Institution, Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.; The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA; and The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA.

Jessyca Holland on Art As Worship

Join Vanessa as she sits down with Jessyca Holland, co-founder and executive director of C4 Atlanta an arts nonprofit that helps artists with the business of being creative. The classes and workshops provided by C4 Atlanta bring artists of different generations and a variety of mediums together.

Beverly Molander on Art As Worship

Beverly Molander is an intuitive artist. Her abstract compositions form almost automatically on the canvas. Each person coming in contact with her work seems to find something different to interpret and understand.

Melanie Rilling on Art As Worship

Jewelry artist Melanie Rilling was born and reared in Mississippi, where the very land seems to be steeped in the eccentricities and literature of the Faulkner and Welty tradition. Love of the written word was ingrained from an early age. While she will always be a storyteller and writer, finding the more tactile art of jewelry-making has enriched her life and her appreciation of the beauty this world holds.

Your Physical Environment Can Be Supportive or Toxic. With Guest Betty Hump

Betty Humphrey Fowler is a Feng Shui Consultant and Certified Interior Re-Designer. She has been helping people transform their lives by improving the energy flow of their homes and work spaces for almost 12 years. Betty is trained in Essential Feng Shui by internationally recognized Feng Shui expert, Terah Kathryn Collins, at the Western School of Feng Shui.