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Perpetual strife archetype and parapsychology

Out-group versus in-group strife is fundamental to human history. It is the plague that has never been cured. Despite advances in science, it has not provided any practical help to polarization and tension between ideological groups. The problem can bring such a sense of dispair and hopelessness that only reasonable way to deal with it while maintaining sanity often seems to ignore it altogether. Is that the case? Is there nothing that we can do to release people from the ideological...


Archetypes and Spirituality

An insightful overview of what acrhcetypes are and how awareness of them can compliment your psycho-spiritual development. This includes a discussion of the effect of archetypes on culture, how they effect in individual lives, the nature of their impersonal activity, and why, laying outside of time and space, are said to exist a priori to consciousness and within the collective unconscious. Here is a story that is a link to an autobiographical account of what happened and the mindset that...


Why technology & artificial intelligence will cause the rapture (mass awakening).

Now on iTunes, Google play music, Youtube, Stitcher, and more as "Awakening U." Are you turning Japanese? Sort of. Elon Musk is on record as saying that there is a "one in billions" chance that is not a computer simulation. While his is reasoning is logical, it does not factor in spirituality. The Occam Razor interpretation is that the Universe is a mind that is alive. This is akin to the Eastern philosophy of pantheism and that the purpose this reality is wake-up by developing our...


The abstract nature of the One mind of God

In understanding the nature of the One mind, it is necessary to grasp that it is much more abstract that what we experience in day to day life. Western civilization has been developed on the back perspective that extracts out the increasingly finer details of phenomena. While a valid form of knowledge, it is not possible to understanding the totality of the universe and the connections between people in such a way. The mind of God sees unity through a view that extracts the essence of...


Psychology of spiritual awakening? What is it like?

What is spiritual awakening like? How it is described in psychological terms? Topics include chaos, order, yin, yang, shadow projection, wholeness, Self, and Judgement from God Self and Biblical metaphors. Here is a story that is a link to an autobiographical account of what happened and the mindset that lead to it. It brings clarity. It supports seeing the reality of the current situation. It was literally approved by God Himself with a supernatural experience :). Clear your head of the...


Metaphysics of Transcending Ego in 21st Century

Doozy of a title isn't it? Anyone who desires to make changes in their life will unfailingly run into conflicts generated by the ego. Even if you don't want to go through life changes, your true Self will help guide you through them behind your back and you will face resistance that way. The resistance comes up the form work, friends, family, concerns of money, relationships, and whatever else makes up the world your are trying to change. Because your ego only tries maintain things as they...


Logical Insanity

This segment is called Speaking Spirit because it is literally the Holy Spirit speaking through me to the Holy Spirit trying to shine through you. It exists behind your ego's consciousness logically insane world. The paradigm in which we live, being based in western science, seems reasonable, but only from an entirely false premise of separation. It makes sense within a narrow dogmatic scope. We exist within the Mind of One and the paradigm rests upon us being separate from it. This...


Episode 2: How to become a prophet in infinity.

< Show Overview: There are still no friends in episode, but we are truly connected anyways. Before going on to other topics, I will cover what happened. This is not about, but I should probably get this out of the way. If this helps tilt the tables towards the existence of something "more", then that would be a great because that is exactly what God is trying to do with miracles like this. Expanding your mind is necessary if you are ever (you will) going to understand (remember) the...


Episode 1: Introduction

A quick introduction Waking Up with Prophet & Friends. Stay tuned for enlightening episodes that will be sure to WAKE YOU UP! :) Pleases follow. Comment or send questions you may have on socials: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShelerBen Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/awaken_u/ FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/ShelerBen Articles and info: https://medium.com/@ShelerBen