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Theology For The Rest of Us gives quick simple answers to some of the toughest questions about God, theology, religion, and the Bible. The show is designed to be a resource to help any person who wants to know more about God. The podcast is hosted by Kenneth Ortiz and a variety of guest co-hosts.

Theology For The Rest of Us gives quick simple answers to some of the toughest questions about God, theology, religion, and the Bible. The show is designed to be a resource to help any person who wants to know more about God. The podcast is hosted by Kenneth Ortiz and a variety of guest co-hosts.
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Theology For The Rest of Us gives quick simple answers to some of the toughest questions about God, theology, religion, and the Bible. The show is designed to be a resource to help any person who wants to know more about God. The podcast is hosted by Kenneth Ortiz and a variety of guest co-hosts.




Special Announcement: TEDx Talk by Kenny Ortiz: How to be a Great Mentor

Bethany Global University hosted a TEDx event in May 2019 and Kenny Ortiz was one of the communicators for the event. Check out his TEDx talk: "How to be a Great Mentor" Link:


280: Do We Need Scholars to Really Understand the Bible?

There have been moments when some well-meaning evangelicals have challenged certain scholars merely on the basis that those scholars just so happen to be scholars, as if scholarship itself is bad. Sometimes certain Christians act as if scholars are all bad, or that scholarship is somehow the enemy of quality spiritual experience. The reason why some Christians advocate against scholarship is because they sometimes feel frustrated that they may be forced into feeling dependent upon...


279: Is God in Hell?

In this episode Kenny answers a question from a listener about the omnipresence of God, and whether or not God is in hell. Sometimes modern evangelicals frequently use the term "separated" from God to explain the state of those in hell, but herein Kenny explains that God is actually indeed in hell and that the torment of hell is actually originating from a portion of God that unrepentant sinners rightly face, mainly God's wrath. Scriptures References Psalm 139:8 Matthew 13:42-50 Matthew...


278: Was Platt Wrong to Pray for President Trump? [Part 2]

U.S. President Donald Trump appeared at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia on June 2, 2019 where prominent pastor and author David Platt serves as the primary teaching pastor. Eventually President Trump was invited on to the stage to be prayed for by Pastor David Platt. Within hours there was plenty of backlash on social media, some of it hurled at Donald Trump, but much of it hurled at Pastor David Platt. Several days after this prayer, and after the social media uproar, Kenny posted...


277: Was Platt Wrong to Pray for President Trump? [Part 1]

On Sunday June 2, 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump made an impromptu visit to McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia. President Trump was there to honor the lives of those individuals that were killed in a shooting at the municipal center in Virginia Beach on Friday May 31. Eventually Trump founds himself on stage being prayed for by Pastor David Platt. In this episode, Kenny addresses whether or not it was appropriate to do what Platt did, that is to pray for a politician (with such a...


276: Should We Value All Opinions?

In this episode, Kenny answers the question, "Should we value all opinions?" Another way to answer this question is to say, "Are all opinions created equal?" or "Should we give credence to all positions and assessments?" Kenny seeks to be diplomatic and gracious, but he gives some clear and bold thoughts about why not all opinions ought to be treated equally.


275: Living in an Age of Cynicism with Jason Duesing

We live in an age where cynicism runs rampant. How are Christians to live in such difficult times? Unique of all people, Christians are called to embrace a hopeful outlook on life. In this episode Kenny interviews Dr. Jason Duesing about his most recent book Mere Hope which offers the core, Christ-centered perspective that all Christians share, and that Christians alone have to offer a world filled with frustration, pain, and disappointment. For those in darkness, despair, and...


274: How to Determine Who Are the False Teachers?

This episode is a follow-up to the previous episode wherein Kenny talked about how to handle false teachers, even when we have been somehow benefited by those preachers' teachings or writings. There is a lot of controversy in our modern Christian context about how we ought to our approach the topic of heresies and false teachings. It seems like many people are afraid to discuss this. One reason some people feel uncomfortable with the topic is because they may not know how to determine if...


273: Can People Grow By Listening to False Teachers?

There is a lot of controversy in Evangelical circles about our approach to heresies, false teaching, and erroneous teachers. In this episode Kenny answers the question "Can people still grow in their faith even though they are listening to false teachers or being influenced by some heresies?" Kenny seeks to be diplomatic and gracious in this episode, but inevitably he makes statements that are sure to be offensive to some listeners. Kenny believes that there certainly Christians that have...


272: The Power of Lament with Aubrey Sampson

When you’re in the midst of suffering, you want answers for the unanswerable, resolutions to the unresolvable. You want to tie up pain in a pretty little package and hide it under the bed, taking it out only when you feel strong enough to face it. But grief won’t be contained. Grief disobeys. Grief explodes. In one breath, you may be able to say that God’s got this and all will be well. In the next, you might descend into fatalism. No pretending. Here, you are raw before God, an open...


271: What is Apologetics?

In this episode Kenny discusses the concept of apologetics as being the defense of the Christian faith and the Biblical worldview. We are called to defend and give reasons for why we believe the Gospel and in the Bible and why we embrace the theological implications that come with both. Then Kenny unpacks the two primary types of apologetics: classical and presuppositional. In classical apologetics we seek to give evidences for existence of God, the resurrection of Christ, and the...


270: What About Intelligent Design?

In this episode Kenny discusses the concept of intelligent design, which asserts that the universe was indeed intentionally created and fashioned by some supreme creator or intelligent being. Kenny also discusses the trends and philosophies which are a part of the intelligent design movement in North America today and how Evangelical Christians ought to respond to the movement.


269: What Genetics Teaches Us About Micro-Evolution?

There are various opinions about how we ought to approach our study of the origins of humanity. And there are various pieces of data coming from different genres of science that impact that studying. The world of genetics gives us more information about our origins than most genres of science and it helps us understand humanity and chunks of the created order around us. In this episode, Kenny tackles two questions from listeners by diving into his understanding of human genetics and how...


268: What is the Kalam Cosmological Argument?

In this episode, Kenny explains the Kalam Cosmological Argument and why it is a strong defense for the idea and existence of a supreme Creator. This apologetic argument asserts that since the universe has a beginning, it must also have something (or someone) that caused it to begin in the first place. Additional Resources: The Kalam Cosmological Argument [YouTube Video from Reasonable Faith] Responding to the 11 Common Objections to the Kalam Cosmological Argument


267: Does Kenny Ortiz Deny Creationism? (Responding to a Reviewer)

In this episode, Kenny responds to a reviewer comment that accuses Kenny of denying creation. Kenny responds by making clear what he believers and why. Kenny also explains his motivations for the recent episodes about creation (and related topics). More importantly, Kenny uses this correspondence to reflect on how Evangelicals approach certain theological topics and he also explains why he believes that overly fundamentalistic ideologies can be harmful to the unity of the body of Christ.


266: Scientism and Secularism with JP Moreland

In this episode Kenny interviews world-renowned philosopher and best-selling author J.P. Moreland about his new book "Scientism and Secularism." The book is about some of the worldviews that have now become mainstream and dominant in the worlds of philosophies and science, that Dr. Moreland says are incoherent and detrimental. In the interview Dr. Moreland unpacks the concept of scientism as being the philosophy that all data and information must directly come from a genre of science in...


265: What is the “Fine Tuning” Argument?

The fine-tuning argument is a philosophical and scientific argument that asserts that the universe is perfectly fine-tuned for life as we know it. When we rationally and objectively observe the universe, we see that the universe has been perfectly crafted and intentional designed in a manner that is literally the most ideal environment for human life to exist and flourish. This is especially seen through the newest developments and discoveries from the genres of cosmology and physics....


264: Dr. Hugh Ross: Old Earth Creationism, Navigating Genesis, Noah’s Flood, and Proto-Humans

In this episode, Kenny interviews world-renowned astronomer and best-selling author Hugh Ross about various topics related to Old-Earth creationism and Old Testament hermeneutics. Dr. Ross is well-known for his defense of the "day-age" creationist position. In this interview Dr. Ross dialogues with Kenny about variations of Old-Earth Creationism, the literary framework hypothesis of Genesis 1, the creation accounts in the book of Job, the Garden of Eden, the extent of Noah's flood, and the...


263: Young-Earth Creationism and the Global Flood with Steve Schramm

When it comes to the origins of the Earth, the most prominent perspective held by many contemporary American Evangelicals is the concept of Young-Earth Creationism. This is the idea that God created the universe and everything in this universe in six literal calendar days (six consecutive 24-hour periods). The Young-Earth position asserts that God created everything approximately 6,000 years ago (although some Young Earth Creationists say that it may have happened as far back as 10,000 to...


262: The Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism

Many people in our contemporary society claim to be focused on the "evidence" only, therefore they refuse to embrace anything that seems non-scientific, which would cause them to potentially reject the existence of the supernatural realm or would refuse to ever appeal to the supernatural realm for explanations. This approach often demands that people only use natural or physical explanations when explaining trends or phenomenons in our natural world. This is the philosophy of naturalism,...