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infimensions podcast - 003 Healing Gaia with Marko Pogačnik

A conversation with UNESCO Artist for Peace and a great visionary Marko Pogačnik on multidimensionality of Gaia consciousness, lithopuncture, cosmograms, sacred geography and a bridge between the visible and the invisible, recorded at his garden in Šempas, Slovenia on May 15, 2018. '(...) I don't see the border between visible and invisible (...)' • Marko Pogačnik • Gaia Touch exercises •...


infimensions podcast - 002 A Bigger Story with Douwe van der Werf

A conversation with a positive change maker Douwe van der Werf about his project A Bigger Story recorded in Brussels on February 17, 2018. My overall feeling of the episode is that we made kind of a full orbit around the Earth where we could time travel and observe a zoomed out perspective through the lenses of our utopian spirits. • A Bigger Story • TouchDesigner beginner workshop