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Day1 is a ministry of the Alliance for Christian Media, offering insight and inspiration for the real world on the radio and online.

Day1 is a ministry of the Alliance for Christian Media, offering insight and inspiration for the real world on the radio and online.
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Day1 is a ministry of the Alliance for Christian Media, offering insight and inspiration for the real world on the radio and online.




Scott Black Johnston: Christmas at Matthew's House

How do you celebrate Christmas? What family traditions do you observe? What foods have to be on the table? What decorations must be displayed? What carols do you need to sing in order for you to feel like it is really and truly Christmas? Just as we have our traditions, the four gospels have theirs too. Mark, Matthew, Luke and John each take a unique approach to Christmas. Each introduces Jesus to the world in a distinctive way. This Advent, the Reverend Tom Are, Jr. and I are visiting the...

Thomas Are, Jr. - Celebrating Christmas with Mark

When our kids were younger, Christmas meant a road trip. We would rotate among my wife's siblings. First to brother Bob's house. Then brother Dave's house. Then sister Laura. Finally, we would host... and then repeat the rotation. When we moved from the east coast to Kansas City, our trips got longer. It would be one of those trips that was a day and a half in the car, for a day a half with family, then another day and a half in the to get home. I would imagine that our time with family is...

Michael Curry: The King of Love

The king of love my shepherd is, whose goodness faileth never, I nothing lack if I am his And he is mine forever. Jesus of Nazareth has been arrested. He stands before the governor of the empire of Rome, the occupying and ruling power. The governor asks him, "Are you king of the Jews?" That very question suggests that the charge against Jesus is that he is leading a movement to set up a new alternative kingdom to the kingdom, the Empire of Rome. And that charge, if true, would constitute...

Kelly Hough Rogers: Therefore, Do Not Worry

I am a lectionary preacher. The lectionary is the prescribed readings for each Sunday in a three-year cycle. It is designed to offer readings with lengths that can be heard comfortably. But I would argue that our reading from the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6, ends a verse short. To me, verse 34 is vital to the hearing and understanding of Jesus' whole message saying, "So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today's trouble is enough for today." I like this...

Charley Reeb: Why Christianity?

Do you know why you are a Christian? If someone were to ask you why you follow Jesus rather than the myriad of religions and philosophies in the world, what would you say? Would your answer be convincing? I confess there was a time when that question haunted me. I really didn't have a good answer for it. I grew up in the church. Sang Jesus Loves Me. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at a young age and was baptized. But when I entered my teenage years and began thinking...

Charley Reeb: Lose the Cape

When I was in college, I went to a pool party. I remember it being pretty tame by college standards. The parents were home! However, the dad of the house was a lot of fun. We joked around, laughed and carried on. Later in the evening, we were sitting by the pool and the father asked me what my major was. I told him it was religion. He laughed and said, "Yeah, right." I said, "No, I'm serious, it is religion." He asked, "Why religion?" I told him I was going to be a preacher. He said, "A...

Matt Gaventa: Home Repair 101

I used to live in a slowly collapsing farmhouse. Just a few years back, in a small town in rural Virginia, my family and I were renting an old two-by-two that at some point in its long and undocumented history had clearly suffered either the slow withering of the foundation or perhaps it had been partially washed away by floods but the result regardless was that the house was slowly sinking in on itself. This had a variety of ill effects - no toy cars would stay put when you set them on the...

Joe Evans: Where Were You?

It's frustrating to ask a direct question without getting a direct answer, so I apologize, that as is the case so often with politicians, doctors, and lawyers, where many significant statements are made but few direct answers are given, we also have this Scripture lesson from the 38th chapter of Job, where after Job asked a direct question to God - "Why, Lord, must the innocent suffer?" - not even God seems willing to give a clear and direct answer in response. It's frustrating. What Job...

Joe Evans: When Israel Was a Child

You know, some relationships end - and some seem to end more easily than others. I was in 6th grade and I had a girlfriend. Her name was Katherine and we really made our relationship official when at the end of our 5th Grade year we couple skated holding hands at the local skating rink. Unfortunately, then we went on to 6th grade, that was middle school and in middle school things were different. There was this guy there named Ben and he gelled his hair and before I knew it I was climbing...

Anne Robertson: The Real Question of Job

In this story, Job is not, shall we say, winning. In chapter one he loses all his material wealth. His servants are killed by invaders; his livestock are killed by fire, and a tornado knocks down the home of his eldest son, killing all of his children. That's one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But bad days like that never seem to come by themselves, and Job's not-winning streak is not over. Here in chapter two, he wakes up with every inch of his body covered in painful sores, and...

Talitha Arnold: "Longing for Cucumbers"

The Israelites cried out to Moses, "We remember the fish we had in Egypt, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic." There are a lot of foods I like - lemon meringue pie, enchiladas, blueberry muffins. There are even some foods I crave - like chocolate in any form. But cucumbers, leeks and onions? They're not at the top of my list. In fact, they're not even onthe list. Two years after the Exodus, vegetables were very much on the minds and in the hearts of the...

Dock Hollingsworth: The War of the Cravings

My friend Anne declares that there are two different kinds of houseguests. Anne divides them in two groups. "Change the sheets" or "don't change the sheets" houseguests are her categories. With a parade of children and grandchildren, one group is not guests so much as they are staying over. Then there are the houseguests where you hope to make the right impression - your daughter's new in-laws - a work colleague from out of town. For those, you not only change the sheets, but you straighten...

Magrey deVega: Tame Your Tongue

Here's a pop quiz. What do the following items have in common? A wild beast, a rudder on a ship, a small fire, a deadly poison, and brackish water. If you said these items are all images that James uses to talk about the tongue, you are correct. He minces no words in the third chapter. Control your tongue. He isn't the only writer in the Bible to give this command, of course. Proverbs is chock full of these kinds of nuggets, like in chapter 21, verse 23: "Those who guard their mouths and...


Noel Schoonmaker: Faith That Works

What good is faith without works? What good is doctrine without deeds? What good is Christian belief without Christian behavior? None at all, says James, none at all. He isn't just questioning the usefulness of faith without works; he's questioning the validity of it. "Can this sort of faith save you?" he asks. The implied answer is no. James strikingly suggests that faith without works is not saving faith. In case we wonder exactly what he means by the term "works," James offers a concrete...


Noel Schoonmaker: Doers of the Word

We Christians talk a big game about the Bible. Some of us say the Bible is "authoritative," or "divinely inspired," or "infallible." Some Christians say they believe every word of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. I heard about one preacher who said he believes the whole Bible from Genesis to maps - as in the maps of ancient lands included in the back of his Bible. Some churches have a huge Bible at the front of the sanctuary, and they don't start the Sunday service until someone...


Maxwell Grant: Beyond the Panic Room

A few years ago, I received a letter at the parsonage where I live with my family. It was on heavy paper - even heavier than the kind they use to tell you that you've been accepted to college. It almost declared its own momentousness, that paper. In fact, for a moment, I wondered if someone had left the church a big bequest in their will, and I worried that someone had died and I hadn't written them a note. But it turned out not to be that. Mercifully, nobody had died without telling me....


Maxwell Grant: "Precarious Wisdom"

Let me begin by admitting that it's a little bit of a tall order for a preacher to try saying something new about "wisdom." There's a certain school of thought that says, if it's new, well then by definition, it can't be wisdom. Wisdom is timeless - the very opposite of new. It isn't simply that wisdom "offers perspective," wisdom is perspective. It's an animating power in its own right. It's not a particular set of facts - if you just learn this or that, well then there you go: you've got...


Diana Butler Bass: Bread Enough for All

In 2016, Netflix produced a series called, Cooked, based on food-writer Michael Pollan's book about how basic ingredients are transformed into food through the four basic elements of fire, water, earth, and air. Although the series was full of surprises regarding the history of food, it is fairly easy to imagine how fire, water, and even earth create the food of myriad human cultures. But, air? Pollan admitted at the outset that "air" as transformation is the most mysterious, perhaps the...


Susan Cartmell: What Have You Done?

David was a charismatic leader, a brilliant strategist, an ambitious politician, and a man of enormous personal energy. He alone united Israel's various tribes, North and South, into one nation. From his childhood when he showed up to do battle with a sling, he was able to assess danger, recognize opportunity, and face fear. Stories of his military escapades dazzle the imagination, and though they may have grown in the telling, no one doubts his prowess. David was also human. Nowhere is his...


Kelly Hough Rogers: Abundance Born Out of Scarcity

During my time in seminary, I had the good fortune to be a chaplain in a national park through an interdenominational ministry known as A Christian Ministry in the National Parks. Not all Christian Ministry in the National Parks host sites are places of great natural beauty. They are battlefields and monuments as well as forests, seashores, swamps and canyons. The National Parks system is full of sites that help us understand our unique American heritage. Whenever I am near a National Parks...