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Beneath Everything - No Monster Club

wow when we pressed record on this one we had no idea it was gonna be as good as we've been told. to be completely honest we/i was so un-prepared that our show notes only had track names on it. why we didn't get anything done is beside me because we literally did zero this week. maybe thats why. anyways at first listen you may think that we are super amateur but trust me we are so on point we dont even need notes to do this. we played a lot of music picked by you and finally got to share...


Beneath Everything - Twin Peaks

another show in the can. this week we touched on my new addiction to sleeping pills, having an alias to be consider a true star, dick f*@king, and much more. this week we featured the interview we did with Twin Peaks. although we got off to a bit of a rocky start in the end i think we finished strong. at least i think we be the judge. enjoy!