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Cobras & Fire is a rock podcast with a silly name dedicated to sharing music from lesser known bands. Rock is not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. Well done. Starring Loose Cannon and Bakko of

Cobras & Fire is a rock podcast with a silly name dedicated to sharing music from lesser known bands. Rock is not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. Well done. Starring Loose Cannon and Bakko of
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Palm Beach, FL


Cobras & Fire is a rock podcast with a silly name dedicated to sharing music from lesser known bands. Rock is not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. Well done. Starring Loose Cannon and Bakko of




EP 125: Fest Recap: Sounds & Smells Of Northern Invasion

Loose and Bakko spent a weekend Gallivanting around Somerset WI for the 4th Annual Northern Invasion Music Festival. They break down all of the sights and sounds. The high's (Red Sun Rising) and of course all of the lows. Plus they give a rundown of the diversity in attendance.


Interview EP: Them Evils - Jordan Griffin

Cobras and Fire welcomes, from the band Them Evils, singer guitarist Jordan Griffin. He talks about their great new EP Rollin' Stoned and Livin Free (Out now), the difference between pets and a girlfriend, which member of the band smells the worst after a couple of weeks on tour and so much more as he faces the dilemma of choosing between Papa Johns or Chipotle. A seriously light hearted conversation with one of the rising stars of rock.


EP 124: The Glorious Son Brett Emmons Interview

The Glorious Sons singer Brett Emmons joins the program in a wide ranging interview. He talks about the future of rock n roll, why they stopped playing their hit song Heavy, finding his voice as a songwriter, what he hopes to accomplish with his band and so much more. This interview gives the listener some insight into one of rocks rising young songwriters.


EP 123: RATTwich. RATT Drama, BulletBoys Reunion at Sea

This week we get into the latest round of RATT drama, Loose being pleasant to people, Chris Czynszak joins the show to discuss Rock N Pod 2, a bathroom catastrophe at Which Wich, gearing up for Festival Season, a possible reunion of the original BulletBoys on the Monsters of Rock Cruise with music from RATT, Them Evils, Stryper, BulletBoys, the Bronx, Audrey Horne and Mustach. Buy Music!


Concert Recaps, Record Store Day, Tipping Etiquette

Ep 122 - Concert Recaps, Record Store Day, Tipping Etiquette - Bakko and LC detail their experiences at two recent concerts they attended together, apart: Judas Priest / Saxon / Black Star Riders and Glorious Sons. They also discuss Record Store Day and tipping etiquette on an $8 Budweiser. Music featured in show order below. Support artists. Buy this music! Turbonegro - Special Education The Wild! - Another Bottle John Corabi - Hooligan’s Holliday Glorious Sons - Heavy Texas Hippie...


Jesus Chrysler - Born To Raise Hell

Bakko pulled a bunch of his friends in to record a sort of "We Are The World" type of song. Featuring people you've never heard of. The Minnesota "Un-Stars" offer up the Lemmy approved cover of the Motorhead Classic Born To Raise Hell.


Interview EP: Jim Florentine

Bakko chats with Jim Florentine about his book "Everyone Is Awful: (Except You!)", his thoughts on bands getting old, going to Catholic School, his podcast Metal Midgets and more.


EP 118: Asshole Radio Vol. 3

Asshole Radio is back with Volume 3. Featuring special guest and Great American Asshole BIlly Hardaway. Billy reminds Bakko how important he is for Cobras And Fire's ratings and picks his own triple shot of songs. There is a Rock N Pod 2 update and Bakko plays his favorites from all genre's except Reggae. Featuring music from: Helix Semisonic Danger Danger Heaven Helloween John Lennon Daven Edmunds and more.


Interview EP: Michael Sweet

Bakko talks with Stryper singer Michael Sweet about Sweet & Lynch, his solo tour dates, the upcoming tour dates in support of Stryper's upcoming release, God Damn Evil on April 20th, his book, the record Against the Law and so much more. Listen to this episode. Buy music. And love life.


EP 116: Covers of Fire, KISS Bodyguards, Dokken's Corpse & LC's Karma

In this Episode Bakko and Loose hypothesize that the new Dokken DVD proves Don Dokken is a corpse. They speculate on the topics that will be covered in Big John Hartes forthcoming book. Loose shares his battles with German automobiles and Bakko has a long awaited update on Men Without Hats. All while Bakko spins a collection of his favorite cover songs. Music from KISS, Bulletboys, Foo Fighters, Slayer, Metallica and more.


Ep 115: Ladies of Rock, Motley "Dirt" Movie Casting, Tide Pod Doomsday

Ep 115: Ladies of Rock - It's ladies night at Cobras & Fire! LC apologizes for recent comments by dedicating this ep to great female-fronted rock bands. We discuss the latest disaster casting of Motley Crue's "The Dirt" movie, Steven Adler's press release celebrating Appetite's 30th anniversary, and Bakko unleashes a rant for the ages. We also review our Beer of the Week donated by Todd Cunningham: Coors Light. Buy us a Beer GoFundMe: Music: Donnas, Dead...


EP 113: Slayer’s Retirement Hobbies, Work Poop Etiquette, Keifer & COC concert recaps

In this episode we talk about the banality of Adele, Tom Kiefer blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, Slayer giving up touring for pintrest and we tackle the uncomfortable topic of pooping in the workplace. Buy more music. Like the songs from this ep featuring: Janis Figure Marilyn Manson Slayer Cinderella Corrosion of Conformity Adelle Steelheart


Black Veiled Lyrics Game Show, 3 Sided Usurping, Halford's Thesaurus

In this week’s episode Loose and Bakko discuss a recent Black Veil Brides show and breakdown the bands lyrics in a new game called Black Veiled Bride or Black Veiled Lie. They check in with Rob Halford and his thesaurus, talk about Andrew WK releasing new music for some reason and throw their Three Cents into some Tri sided podcasting drama.


Interview EP: Charlie Benante of Anthrax

Bakko catches up with the Anthrax everything man, Charlie Benante. They discuss his passion for coffee, the upcoming KillThrax tour with Killswitch Engage, his thoughts on Slayers retirement as well as their inclusion on Slayers last North American Tour.


Cobras & Fire Interview : Ron Keel

In a wide spanning interview regarding all things Ron Keel, Bakko and Ron talk about Steeler, Black Sabbath, Keel, Fair Game, MTV, the reality of MCA records, his appearance at the 2018 Atlanta KISS Expo, signing with Dave Ellefson's EMP label and SOOO much more as maybe the best self promoter Rock N Roll has seen since Gene Simmons busts Bakko's balls.


Ep 110: Megadeth Discography Roundtable - MegaFame Era 91-99 (Part 2)

Megadeth Discography Roundtable: MegaFame Era 91-99. In part 2 of our series we cover the albums and compilations Countdown to Extinction, Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings, MD.45, Hidden Treasures, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, and (sigh) Risk. We discuss the Unforgiven old man's backstory, Lars Ulrich gives more advice, the Yanni, Trixter and Megadeth connection, and LC flips his lid about Risk. Joey of Rock Strikes Ten guest stars and brings the facts.


Ep 109: Megadeth Discography Roundtable - MegaDrugs Era 83-90 (Part 1 )

LC, Bakko and Joey of Rock Strikes Ten discuss Megadeth’s discography and history of madness. Joey brings facts and structure to the show as we weave in tracks from the MegaDrugs era of 83-90. We begin our talk with the origin and merits of the name Megadeth, an impression of Lars Ulrich sending Dave home on a bus, the endless guitarist/drummer body count, Decline of Western Civilization, MTV News, and the Chris Gaines. Albums discussed: Killing is my Business, Peace Sells, So Far So Good,...


Ep 108: Return of The Kulick - Bruce talks KISS, Kulick Brothers Live & More

Going from the Southern most tip of the country to the Northen most. Trading the Tropic warmth for the Arctic cold. Our very first interview, Bruce Kulick, returns to the Cobras & Fire Podcast to discuss the oddity of touring with Mark St. John, not borrowing money to Vinnie Vncent, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, playing with his brother on the KISS Kruise and the future of the Kulick Borthers. A wide ranging conversation not afraid to go sideways. You are welcome.


Cobras & Fire 2017 Year In Review

A look back at the best interviews, bits and conversations for the year that was 2017. Featuring Danko Jones, Don Jamieson, Bob Kulick, friend of show Rob, Ken Mills, Ian Wadley as well discussions about dick pics, Dana Strum bumming smokes at a waterpark, Paul Stanley's favorite tabloid as well as some of the bit that marked what was the year of 2017 for Cobras and Fire.


Rock, Balls, Guns & Applebees. A Tribute To The Late Great Malcolm Young

In this episode Loose and Bakko pay tribute to the great AC/DC guitarist and songwriter Malcolm Young, discuss $1 Long Island Teas at Applebee's, Loose questions the merits of Rotten Tomatoes, and other topics include Jaret Leto could winning an acting reality contest show, Matt Lauer's NBC sanctioned PPR (Penis Panic Room) and we find out that Loose doesn't understand how "Over/Under" works. All while the guys pick their three favorite AC/DC songs. RIP Malcolm Young.


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