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Cobras & Fire is a rock podcast with a silly name dedicated to sharing music from lesser known bands. Rock is not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. Well done. Starring Loose Cannon and Bakko of

Cobras & Fire is a rock podcast with a silly name dedicated to sharing music from lesser known bands. Rock is not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. Well done. Starring Loose Cannon and Bakko of
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Palm Beach, FL


Cobras & Fire is a rock podcast with a silly name dedicated to sharing music from lesser known bands. Rock is not dead. It's hiding. And you found it. Well done. Starring Loose Cannon and Bakko of




EP 142 Asshole Radio Featuring Chris Czynszak of Decibel Geek

Asshole Radio is back with special guest Asshole Chris Czynszak of Decibel Geek. He joins the program to shoot the shit and play some tunes in an EP with heavy KISS overtones. Featuring the songs: Loudness - Crazy Nights Eclipse - Bleed & Scream KISS - Hard Times Jetboy - Feel The Shake Helix - Does A Fool Every Learn Aldo Nova - Monkey On Your Back KISS - What Makes The World Go Round Hardline - Rhythm In A Red Car 3 OH 3! - First Kiss Two - I Am A Pig The Darkness - Open Fire AC/DC -...


EP 141: Doing Our Job, Beatles Jerk Off, Ozzy Not Retired

This week Loose and Bakko wouldn't be doing their job if they didn't talk about the recent revelation of the Beatles circle jerk, Ozzy letting us know that just because it's his final tour, that doesn't mean he's never going to tour again. Bakko and Loose offer their own 'Man on the street' reviews of Grand Rocktember and a Collective Soul concert. And they play music they randomly picked via five knuckle shuffle from their own CD collections from the letters A-C.


Interview EP: K.K. Downing, formerly of Judas Priest

Cobras & Fire is proud to bring you legendary former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing. Talking with Bakko, K.K. talks about his soon to be released auto-biography Heavy Duty, Spinal Tap, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, the Nostradamus record, leaving Judas Priest, the recent comments from former bandmates and so much more in this wide ranging interview. K.K. has some laughs with Bakko while also telling it straight from his point of view.


Ep 140: The LaFonz, Dio's Garage Sale, Space Ace

Aaaaeeeeee!!!! It’s Ep 139! The LaFonz, Dio's Garage Sale, Space Ace - Loose and Bakko discuss Dio's Garage Sale, Ace's new Spaceman album, respected rock journalist The LaFonz, David La Roth's Baagels, and more. Just doing our job! Featuring music from: BlackBerry Smoke - Let me help you (Intro Music) Alice In Chains - Never Fade Tenacious D - Dio Nashville Pussy - Come On Clutch - Book of Bad Decisions Mustasch- Barrage


Cobras & Fire At Rock N Pod Expo 2: The Podcaster Interviews

In the last of our onsite coverage Bakko is joined by fellow podcasters Sonny Pooni of Growin' Up Rock, Joey Haynie of Rock Strikes Ten, Jon Lamoreaux of the Hustle Podcast and the always over the top Ian Wadley of the Rock And Metal Combat Podcast. We have a lot of fun in these discussions. One for the diehard friends of our shows.


Cobras & Fire At Rock N Pod 2: Artist Interviews

Continuing with our Rock N Pod coverage we give the interviews we did with the featured guests at this years Rock N Pod Expo. Featuring Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta, everybody's keyboard player Gary Corbett, Ron Keel of Keel/Ron Keel Band and Michael Vescara of Obsession, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen and more.


EP 139: Rock N Pod Expo 2 Recap

Back from Nashville, Bakko describes the weekend that was Rock N Pod 2. The Pre-Party concert featuring Ron Keel, Tora Tora and Angel. The Expo. Moderating the Eerie Von panel, catching up with fellow podcasters and interviewing guests. Hanging out at the Decibel Geek studio and putting a bow on the weekend with the Rock N Pod post party comedy show with Courtney Cronin Dold, Earl Skakel and Craig Gass. Bakko shares his insight on the whole weekend through his eyes.


Ep 138: Ripe Rock Hour - Cobra 103FM - DJLC

Ripe Rock Hour - Strap in for an hour of brand new rock hosted by DJLC on Cobra 103FM. Some tracks just days old! Featuring Alice In Chains, Red Dragon Cartel, Monster Truck, Ghost, Danko Jones, Local H, The Bronx, Red Sun Rising, Black Stone Cherry, Love Razer, Radkey


EP 137: Absolutely! ...DRINK! Great White's New Singer, Alice Cooper, Bigfoot Porn

EP 136: Absolutely ...DRINK! In this weeks EP Loose and Bakko discuss Great White replacing their singer with a former frontman of Van Halen, Bakko's latest movie concept "Veganibal", an update on Bakko's previous movie concept "Bro-Dragon", the role of Bigfoot Porn in politics, LC's Alice Cooper Kerfuffle, Cobra Hacks, and a lesbian PSA. Also a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about Cobrafest and the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo all while playing their favorite drinking game and favorite drinking songs....


Interview EP: KIX Singer Steve Whiteman

KIX front man Steve Whiteman joins the show to discuss his career with KIX and Funny Money and how KIX plans to celebrate the 30th Anniversary Of 'Blow My Fuse' With 'Fuse 30 Reblown' out September 21st via Loud N Proud Records.


Ep 136: Def Leppard - Hysteria - Albums Unbuckled

Ep 135: Def Leppard - Hysteria - Albums Unbuckled: Hysteria. Released August, 1987. 12 million sold in the US. 7 singles. 4 years in the making. 1 less arm. Love it or hate it? No matter your opinion on the album it is one of the most fascinating stories in rock history. Bakko and LC break it down in true Cobra style. Plus we have a new CobraFest announcement! Grab your Union Jack shorts and get ready for a freeballing conversation. And F the circus.


Rock N Pod Primer With Courtney Cronin Dold

Nashville Rock N Pod Expo featured guest, comedian Courtney Cronin Dold joins the program. She talks about Bakko giving her the cold shoulder, why the Monkees are legit, why she's not a WWE writer, going on stakeout's with Monice Lewinsky, the comedy show the night after the Expo and so much more. Courtney gives as good as she takes in this episode.


Interview EP: Doro Pesch, Warlock

Doro Pesch of Warlock and solo fame joins the program to discuss her 35 year career in metal, getting a Gene Simmons Vault, her latest record Forever Warriors, Forever United (drops August 17th), the return of Triumph & Agony era guitar player Tommy Bolan and the FACT that she is more talented than *cough* Beyoncé. And of course much more.


Interview EP: Wilson - Chad Nicefield

Lead singer of the band Wilson returns to Cobras & Fire for a fun chat with Bakko. He talks about the bands time off, the change of direction the Detroiters took before coming back with new music that is their latest record Tasty Nasty, how they ended up with producer Scott Stevens and so much more.


EP 135: Tommy Lee’s Father’s Day, Meatloaf Madness, Unplayed Monsters

Things get a bit tipsy in this ep as Loose Cannon and Bakko feature songs from Monsters of Rock that they have never played while discussing how their own typical Father’s Day experiences compare to Tommy Lee’s, Meatloaf replacing himself on his upcoming tour, the importance of wiping your internet history, a practical use for the cover art for the John Lennon album Two Virgins, LC continuing to make new friends all while playing songs from big time Monsters of Rock that had thus far been...


EP 134: ClusterFu*k Fest. Skid Row, Slaughter, KIX, Quiet Riot

ClusterFu*k Fest Recap: Bakko quickly recaps his NY trip and LC recaps his experience at a Skid Row, Slaughter, Quiet Riot, KIX concert in a venue that can only be described as a social experiment run by an evil mustache-twirling promoter. The concert was held in a Denver restaurant parking lot and involved steel cages, the lawn chair army, bikers doing lemondrop shots, raffle tickets as currency and to top it off Decibel Geek TV's Ron Runyon gets escorted out by Sister Christian.


EP 133: Jesus Chrysler: Bakko and Treble Discuss Latest Album

Loose Cannon interviews Bakko and Treble from the band Jesus Chrysler to discuss their new album "Deny It All Later" released on July 6th. They talk about some of the bands history and their experiences in the Minneapolis music scene. Featuring music from the new album "...Deny It All Later" available everywhere now. Download. Stream. LISTEN! SHARE! AMAZON - iTUNES -...


EP 132: Asshole Radio Vol. 4 Talk Toomey Takeover

Josh Toomey of the Talk Toomey Podcast joins Bakko as they play what they want to play. Featuring music from: Pantera Morbid Angel Prong Sepultura KIX Tommy Lee Loudmouth Testament Bad Wolves Type O Negative Richie Sambora Thin Lizzy Peeping Tom Wilson Primer 55


EP 131: Vinnie Paul Tribute - Pantera, HELLYEAH, DamagePlan Overview

Vinnie Paul. 1964-2018. We pay tribute and celebrate the legacy of drummer Vinnie Paul. Loose Cannon and Bakko look back at Vinnie Paul's career and influence in a respectful but lighthearted manner (as always) by discussing his role in Pantera, Damageplan and HELLYEAH while playing songs from all three bands. RIP.


EP 130: O Devil Where Art Thou, The Devil's Role In Rock

This week Loose Cannon and Bakko get back to their roots with an episode of Devil music. Along with an exciting announcement regarding a new attraction added to Cobrafest 18, there sadly has been another cancellation as well. Ken Mills has a new podcast and Cobras & Fire has the exclusive scoop on that, Bakko explains his preference for not streaming has nothing to do with the almost 3 year difference in his and Loose Cannon’s age, and they offer some sympathy for the Devil as they breakdown...