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A biweekly Phish podcast dedicated to playing Phish shows as a whole. Hosted by Twenty8, Fee's Cavern will bring you deep into the catalog of audience recordings you may have passed by or simply not yet explored.

A biweekly Phish podcast dedicated to playing Phish shows as a whole. Hosted by Twenty8, Fee's Cavern will bring you deep into the catalog of audience recordings you may have passed by or simply not yet explored.


New Orleans, LA


A biweekly Phish podcast dedicated to playing Phish shows as a whole. Hosted by Twenty8, Fee's Cavern will bring you deep into the catalog of audience recordings you may have passed by or simply not yet explored.






Episode 48: Bruins vs. Penguins

This show stands apart from the shows that surround it. Set one has a number of fantastic passages including a raging Foam, Chalk Dust with an extended into and a very nice Divided. While that set holds true to its era, the second set is unusual in that it is nearly entirely segued (with a Harpua taboot). Full of great jams, banter and narration, an early show that is underrated.


Episode 47: The Kuhl One

Diamond in the rough. Set one packs a lot of punch with a very high energy level and pace to go with narration, a Jam Chart Runaway Jim, haunting questions and a stellar Golgi Apparatus. The second set does not let up either, highlighted by a very eerie and strong Mike's Groove. This is one of those shows nobody talks about that will surprise your ears and dancing shoes.


Episode 46: Broome Ball

It's baaa-ck! Season Two begins with a balanced show with a ton of flavor. Set one features a song that only opened a show once, two Jam Charters, and maybe the best first set since the tour opener. The second set is fantastic with a debut, more heat, and two other Jam Chart tracks to keep you moving. Back in the high life again!


Episode 45: At The Knick

Today's featured show comes from a venue that closed this particular Fall Tour and starts the Fall Tour 2018. A crisp day in the state capital, this concert is rife with sharp playing. The night opens with two fan favorites and eventually moves into a spacey, twenty-three minute Ghost. Set two contains a fantastic first forty-five minutes (underrated as being some of the best the back stretch of this tour has to offer) and an encore rumored to be for a fallen fan.


Episode 44: Night At The Opera

Inside this small venue in the Northwest, Phish put together the best show thus far on this young tour. Set one features a fantastic song selection with Gumbo, Mound, Possum and Antelope getting strong treatment. The second set follows suit with no let-downs and a gotta hear Harry Hood. Crisp as the air outside, settle in for an unheralded, four-star gem.


Episode 43: Sharp and Ready

The podcast steps back in time to a tour just getting underway. Some new songs make appearances as well as soon to be shelved classics. The first set smokes with a Llama opener, a great Divided Sky, and a nod to a famous author. Set two continues the trend with Brother, Destiny, and a Mike's Groove. Background music by Rolemusic with the track "The Black Kitty" off the album The Black Dot.


Episode 42: Big City Nights

This episode explores a concert at a venue Phish will be playing this Fall Tour 2018. While the arena itself has housed numerous minor pro sports teams, its fame comes from a rich history of concerts. This particular show is underrated and home to a bevy of riches. Set one is home to a debut opener and two Jam Chart tracks... all the while clocking in at only six songs long. Set two is a sum of its parts and home to one of the best Pipers before the first hiatus. Also, this recording is a...


Episode 41: Start of Fall

The podcast's exploration of Fall Tours begins on a cool night in the Northeast. The first set features a great balance of songs with tight play that culminates in a fantastic set-closing combo. Set two is only five songs long, three jam chart tracks deep, featuring a wonderful middle stretch to lead into a YEM closer.


Episode 40: Dicks

Our journey of this tour's venues comes to a close. Last stop of the Summer is a fan favorite: Dicks, just outside Denver. Fee's Cavern steps back in time, delivering you to a special night, fond among the fan's in attendance for it's simplicity and spectacular show of surprising symbolism.


Episode 39: Watkins and The Hidden Tracks

This episode is a radio-style replay of many of the hidden tracks that have populated the first eight months of Fee's Cavern. Enjoy from the couch, enjoy on your way to the festival, enjoy as the hours of work tick away until the celebration begins, enjoy at the campsite. You won't be disappointed. All track dates are mentioned within the episode for further exploration. Drive on the right, pass on the left, dance in the middle.


Episode 38: Camden and MPP

The Summer Tour 18 Series rolls on with a long drive up the eastern seaboard. The first featured set rages with long, groove based jams at the heart of Piper, Weekapaug and Hood. The featured second set is one of the strongest ever featured on the podcast: fully segued, exploration in songs not usually taken for rides and head-on flow not to be missed. Drive safe everyone!


Episode 37: Austin and Atlanta

In the third installment of the Summer Tour 18 series, the focus shifts to the cities of the tour rather than the venues themselves. We also hone in on two remarkable first sets built-to-the-hilt in listenability. The first featured set is from a hot show in Austin revolving around nasty versions of classics, unique song choices and great flow. The choice for the Atlanta area is rocking from go, involves three Jam Chart tracks and a U.S. debut. Drive safe out there!


Episode 36: BGCA and The Forum

Down the California coast we go! This episode's first set is one of the most underrated second sets from BGCA with jam after jam to blow you away. A two song combo opener, a trifecta in the middle with some serious flow, and a 2001 dance party extraordinaire. The second featured set drops us off at a venue famed for rock-and-roll style nights. No Man's Land and Roggae are aspects of the celebration at the Forum.


Episode 35: Tahoe and The Gorge

Summer Tour 2018 Series: Part 1. The first set featured is a strong example of the powerful second sets from the year it was performed. It features an opening number not usually found in that slot, a great series of jams that follow it, and a muscular version of Walls of the Cave. The second set featured has four Jam Chart tracks and the combination of musical factors we all hope to hear when a tour lands at the Gorge.


Episode 34: Shoreline

Three winning features: opens with a classic, all segues are wonderful, contains one of the best Bathtub Gins of the era. Combine all of these with a funk tonality and consistent twisting of jams... and you have an underrated gem. Here's a toast to cool nights, great lights, and surprises in a show you may have never heard.


Episode 33: On The Border

You don't need a passport to get to this fine Thursday show. Wasting no time, Phish drops a sparkling Reba opener and plays one of the longest first sets of the year with great versions of Taste, The Moma Dance, and You Enjoy Myself. Set two features Limb by Limb, Also Sprach, and Piper in all their glory.


Episode 32: Bring It On

Often over looked as one of the best places to see the band, this week we check in on the Nashville area. Phish brings on guest artists to lay down some very impressive first set tracks... then Mother Nature brings on the weather and drives the band into an intense three song second set. Roggae and Back On The Train are not-to-be-missed tracks. Set two might be slightly shorter than usual, but packs a punch with thunder all around.


Episode 31: Tone and Theme

Relaxed in Southern climates, Phish lays down a tonally refreshing show on this night. Both sets display a theme of laid back appreciation for interplay. Right off the bat, the band is playing Jam Chart tracks. Surprise song positions are performed masterfully, the appropriate emphasis is placed on strong jams, and the theme of cool improvisation is carried throughout the night.


Episode 30: The Deep State

When show anniversaries pop-up, one of the coolest is The OJ Show. But what about the shows that precede it? Often overlooked is the run of shows that started the tour leading up to that night. Today's podcast is a great example of the phenomenon of looking past greatness to get to the juice. Some real treats hide in set one, but its just a prelude for the second set which really starts off one of the best weeks in Phish history to that point.


Episode 29: On The Summitt

The podcast tosses it's listeners a rare one: an indoor show in June from a college venue during the 3.0 era. The first set starts strong, features a nice Mike's Groove... and check out the back-end of Undermind! Set two contains a gorgeous three-song combo to compliment one of the top Reba's of the last decade.