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101 Dimensions - February 2019

This week I take the helm again at 101 Dimensions! As usual I have tried to find some interesting things for you from my electronic and ambient music vault. Here's what's in store: 1. Gary Numan – Berserker (5:52); This Is New Love (6:18); The Secret (5:55); My Dying Machine (5:36); and Cold Warning (6:00) (from the album Berserker, 1998) 2. Jean-Michel Jarre – Pleasure Principle (6:12); Geometry Of Love, Part 1 (3:49); Soul Intrusion (4:43); and Electric Flesh (5:59) (from the album Geometr...


Episode 608 - Variety, a T Feature + a Guest DJ

This week's Prog-Watch is a variety program with a few special features! There will be a little feature on Thomas Thielen and a sneak peek at the next "t" album called Solipsystemology! (Thomas loves those titles that just roll off the tongue, doesn't he?) I also have a Guest DJ, Bill Dunaway of High Ridge, Missouri, USA! Bill checks in with some of his Prog Rock favorites, and I mix in a few newer tracks, as well. So in addition to the "t" music, you can expect a boatload of great stuff,...


Episode 607 - Interrogative Prog

This week on Prog-Watch I've got a fun little themed special called "Interrogative Prog"! Every song asks a question. What will I be playing? That's a good question, but you will have to tune in to find out! I will tell you this...there will be music from The Moody Blues, Zebra, Uriah Heep, The Strawbs, Blackfield, Gentle Giant, Asia, Billy Sherwood, Ken Hensley, Steve Hackett, Golden Earring, Pete Townshend, Guy Manning, Saga, and The Eloy!


Episode 606 - Variety + Pymlico on Progressive Discoveries

On this week's Prog-Watch I've got great music from Deep Energy Orchestra, Voices From The Fuselage, The Tangent, RPWL, Simon Godfrey, Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta, Residuos Mentales, and Hedfuzy! Plus Pymlico on Progressive Discoveries with Dr. Rob Fisher!


101 Dimensions - January 2019-2

It's my turn again on 101 Dimensions and this time I've dug a little deeper into the archives, in an effort to find some stuff that I think is cool and maybe you may not have heard. Here's what I dug up: 1. Nattefrost - In Natura (4:21); Draconian (5:43); Music For The Man (5:25); and Die Kinder Der Erde (4:58) (from the album Dying Sun – Scarlet Moon, 2010) 2. Ian Tescee – The New World (5:28); Passport (6:02); Earthrise (4:01); and The Lost City Of Mars (4:16) (from the album A Traveler's...


Episode 605 - Shaking the Family Tree of 10 CC

On this week's program I'm shaking the family tree of the band 10cc! We'll hear music from the pre-10cc days, from the classic period of the band in the 1970s, and from the individual members Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley & Lol Creme, post-10cc!


Episode 604 - Variety

This week's Prog-Watch is a straight up variety program with lots of great stuff from around the progressive rock world! I'm spinning mostly newer tunes from Kenny McCormick, Regal Worm, OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative), The D Project, Nikki Squire & Dweezil Zappa, Karibow, Pinn Dropp, Heather Findlay, Be Bop Deluxe, and Glass Hammer!


Episode 603 - Variety + A Guest DJ Feature

This week's Prog-Watch is a Variety program with a new feature...The Guest DJ! My first Guest DJ is a long time friend and supporter of the show, Mr. Thaddeus Wert of Nashville, Tennessee, USA! We'll be playing a number of Thaddeus's favorite Prog tunes and enjoying some of his personal commentary on those selections. With music from Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta, Somewhere Out, Drifting Sun, Manuel Schmid and Marek Arnold, Luke the Lone, UK, Big Big Train, Sanguine Hum, and...


Episode 602 - In Conversation with Daniele Giovannoni of Karmamoi

This week on Prog-Watch my esteemed guest is Daniele Giovannoni, drummer, keyboardist, and main musical composer of the band Karmamoi! Daniele and I chat about the history of the band and their new concept album The Day Is Done. And of course I play plenty of great Karmamoi music along the way!


101 Dimensions - January 2019-1

For this edition of 101 Dimensions I've assembled a variety of interesting electronic/ambient sounds spanning five decades! Here's what's on tap: 1. Edgar Froese – Icarus (9:13); Metropolis (11:11); and Era Of The Slaves (8:10) (from the album Ages, 1978) 2. The Orb – O.O.B.E. (12:51); U.F.Orb (6:09); and Blue Room (17:34) (from the album U.F.Orb, 1992) 3. Richard Barbieri – The Experience Of Swimming (6:58); Slink – Orphan 5 (11:17); and Variants.4 Teaser (7:10) (from the album Variants.4,...


Episode 601 - Epix, Vol. 4

Start the New Year with some Prog Rock EPIX from the likes of Änglagård, The D Project, Rush, Dream Theater, and Pink Floyd! One mini rock symphony from each decade of our favorite musical genre!


Prog-Watch 551 - Prog-Watch & TPA Present Some of the Best of 2018

Well, it's that time of year again...when Prog-Watch teams with The Progressive Aspect to bring you our end of year round-up of some of the best albums released in the Progressive genre this year! Seven of the fine reviewers from TPA provided short lists of their favorites, and brief reviews. Your humble host has also selected one of his own. With contributions from Mel Allen, Shawn Dudley, Rob Fisher, Magnus Moar, Jez Rowden, Roger Trenwith, and Leo Trimming, and music from 3.2, Dukes of...


Prog-Watch Special - 101 Dimensions - December 2018

This time on 101 Dimensions I've got a lot of great electronic and ambient music from some fantastic newer artists and some older, classic ones! Here's what you can expect: 1. Kraftwerk – Techno Pop (7:42); Sex Object (6:50); and Electric Cafe (4:17) (from the album Electric Cafe, 1986) 2. North Atlantic Oscillation – Low Earth Orbit (5:22); Downriver (6:46); and Fernweh (7:50) (from the album Grind Show, 2018) 3. Quarkspace – All These Suns (12:13); The Prodigal Spaceman (6:05); and Solar...


Prog-Watch 550 - Variety + Mystery on Progressive Discoveries

On this week's Prog-Watch I'll be playing fantastic prog rock music from Astral Bazaar, Anathema, Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative (O.A.K.), Jussi Petäjä, Spriggan Mist, Daniel Eliseev Project, Roxy Music, All Traps on Earth, and The Tangent! Plus, a great feature on the new album by Canadian proggers mystery on Progressive Discoveries with Dr. Rob Fisher!


Prog-Watch 549 - In Conversation with Oliver Rusing of Karibow

On Prog-Watch this week my special guest is Oliver Rüsing of Karibow! Oliver and I have an interesting (and at times fun) conversation about the making of the spectacular new Karibow album, Monumento! Along the way I also play lots of great Karibow music, including a couple from the new one!


Prog-Watch 548 - Variety + Southern Empire on Progressive Discoveries

This week on Prog-Watch I have another awesome variety program! With music from El Tubo Elastico, Riverside, Sunchild, Nosound, D'AccorD, & Gosta Berlings Saga! Plus, Dr. Rob Fisher dishes on the great new album by Aussie proggers Southern Empire!


Prog-Watch Special - 101 Dimensions - November 2018

For this month's 101 Dimensions I've lined up another eclectic blend of fine electronic and ambient sounds for your listening pleasure! Here's what's in store: 1. Silicon Psychosis – Beautiful Angelic Fairy Princess (5:10); Brave New Worlds (6:50); Civilisation Reset Button (5:54); and Floating On An Alien Ocean (6:40) 2. Richard Barbieri – Hypnotek (8:16); Byzantium (7:37); and Decay (5:02) (from the album Stranger Inside, 2008) 3. Johannes Schmoelling – Blueprint (5:55); A Thousand Times...


Prog-Watch 547 - Shaking the Family Tree of Traffic

This week on Prog-Watch I'm shaking the family tree of Traffic! Hear lots of great music from the band proper and the four original members, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, Steve Winwood, and Chris Wood! Everything you hear will not be progressive rock in the strictest sense, but rest assured it will be fabulous classic rock from an influential and storied band, and the wildly talented individual members.


Prog-Watch 546 - Viva Variety!

Viva variety! That's the spirit of this week's Prog-Watch which features a boatload of fabulous prog rock sounds! With music from IQ, We Could Build an Empire, The Pineapple Thief, Saul Blease, Oak, Tiger Moth Tales, Sunchild, Overhead, Pymlico, Psychoyogi, Vola, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, and Pinn Dropp!!


Prog-Watch 545 - In Conversation with Guy Manning of Manning and Damanek

This week on Prog-Watch my esteemed guest is Guy Manning of Manning, United Progressive Fraternity and Damanek! Guy and I chat about his various projects and the upcoming Damanek tour with Southern Empire! And of course there is plenty of great music to be heard along the way! Also: hear Tony clarify how Guy likes to pronounce "Damanek" and then revert to his own pronunciation for the rest of the program! I guess you really can't teach an old prog rock show host new tricks.