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Ep. 330 Eric Troyer, Working With Gene Simmons, John Lennon, Billy Joel, ELO Part II & The Orchestra

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Considered Forming Another Band After Wicked Lester and It Wasn’t KISS. Episode 330, April 23, 2019. This week we are joined by Eric Troyer. Eric has known Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley since the Wicked Lester days. In our discussion Eric recalls how they mentioned maybe forming a band with […]


Ep. 329 Motley Crue Special – The Dirt, The Albums, The Tours, It’s All Motley This Week

Is Theatre of Pain Motley Crue’s Destroyer? Episode 329, April 16, 2019. We have wanted to do a Motley Crue show for a long time and with the recent release of The Dirt it felt like this was the perfect time. So, this week it is all Motley Crue! We talk about our loves and […]


Ep. 328 Paul Stanley, I Didn’t Fire Peter Criss, I Fired His Wife

Paul Stanley’s Comment On Firing Peter Criss. Episode 328, April 9, 2019. This week Mark and Michael are joined by old friend Russell. Russell shares a number of stories from over the years as he has traveled the world seeing KISS live and hanging out with the band. Russell shares stories about encountering Peter Criss’ […]


Ep. 327 Is KISS a Heavy Metal Band and KISS Fans Are Stupid.

Bob Nalbandian, “KISS Fans Are Stupid.” Episode 327, April 2, 2019. This week we tackle the topic of Band Vs. Brand with heavy metal scholar Bob Nalbandian. Bob is very vocal about his opinion of KISS and KISS fans. This was an amazing discussion on not just KISS, but heavy metal. Bob published the seminal […]


Ep. 326 How Does the KISS End of the Road Ticket Sales Stack Up Against Previous Tours?

Will the End of the Road Tour Land in the Top 10 KISS Tours of All Time? Episode 326, March 26, 2019. Izzy is back with us this week! We get Mark’s thoughts on finally seeing the KISS End of the Road tour. We also take a look at 12 shows that have had ticket […]


Ep. 325 AEW Superstar and Fozzy Lead Vocalist Chris Jericho Returns to Three Sides of the Coin

Chris Jericho Discusses Accusations of Paul Stanley Lip Syncing. Episode 325, March 19, 2019. This week we are joined by AEW superstar and Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho. We discuss the new KISS End of the Road tour, lip syncing and all things KISS. Chris also shares a very funny story about Vinnie Vincent. Forget the […]


Ep. 324 Tommy Reports Back from KISS End of the Road Shows in Milwaukee and Minneapolis

The KISS End of the Road Tour is a Great Time for Everyone! Episode 323, March 5, 2019. Tommy Sommers is back from KISS End of the Road shows in Milwaukee, WI and Minneapolis, MN and shares his first hand report from both shows. The KISS End of the Road tour is everything promised… the […]


Ep. 323 Sam T. Serpent is Back! David from KISS Replicas Talks About His Return

The Entire Timeline to Create Gene Simmons New Costume and Sam T. Serpent Episode 323, March 5, 2019. Sam T. Serpent is back on the KISS End of the Road tour. David Pea from KISS Replicas joins us to share the stories of how he brought Sam back to life. In addition, David also shares […]


Ep. 322 Ultimate Classic Rock Joins Us to Discuss the Tour, Lip Syncing, Nikki Sixx and More!

How Does the Media Report on Lip Synching and Feuds. Episode 322, February 26, 2019. Matthew Wilkening, Editor and Chief at joins us this week. Matthew attended the opening night of the KISS End of the Road tour and shared his thoughts. We also discussed how he covers the lip synching claims and the […]


Ep. 321 Remove One Add One to the Setlist and the Show Goes Off the Rails

Don’t Be the Creepy Fan Who Contacts Us at Work. Episode 321, February 19, 2019. This week we were supposed to have David from KISS Replicas join us to discuss Sam T. Serpent, but unfortunately David was experiencing significant issues with the internet (he recently bought Mark’s KISS router) so we weren’t able to speak […]


Ep. 320 Forget The Haters, We Won! This Week Our Favorite KISS Experiences

We Celebrate KISS! Episode 320, February 12, 2019. Enough of the complaining. Enough of the conspiracy theories. Enough of the hate. Three Sides of the Coin celebrates KISS and this week we share our favorite KISS experiences. Memories, stories, laughs, tears. Join us this week and celebrate KISS. Listen to Three Sides of the Coin […]


Ep. 319 SPOILER ALERT! Full Discussion About the Kickoff of the KISS End of the Road Tour

Full Details on the KISS End of the Road Tour! Episode 319, February 5, 2019. Spoiler Alert! We discuss the brand new KISS End of the Road tour, stage show and set list in this week’s episode. In addition we address the recent news of Vinnie Vincent cancelling his two upcoming shows and the recent […]


Ep. 318 Joey Cassata Discusses His Autobiography Start With A Dream

Joey Cassata from ZO2 Shares His Stories of Being a KISS Fan. Episode 318, January 29, 2019. Start With a Dream A Drummer’s Journey from Rock & Roll to T.V. to BroadwayIs a story about making your dreams come true no matter what obstacles stand in your way. Follow Joey from his early childhood when […]


Ep. 317 Billy Rowe from Jetboy Shares His Love for KISS

Billy Rowe from Jetboy Talks About Growing Up a KISS Fan in the 70s. Episode 317, January 22, 2019. We are joined by Billy Rowe from the band Jetboy. Billy is a old school KISS fan and shares his stories from being a fan. He also talks about Jetboy in the 80s on the Sunset […]


Ep. 316 Eddie Trunk Talks KISS The End of The Road Tour

Eddie Trunk Discusses His Comments About KISS and Paul Stanley. Episode 316, January 15, 2019. This week we are joined by Eddie Trunk. We discuss all of Eddie’s feelings about KISS, The End of the Road Tour, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, pre-recorded vocals and so much more… Eddie was very open and candid and respectful. […]


Ep. 315 Tommy, Kyle and Marty on KISS Kruise 2018, Go Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes on the KISS Kruise Episode 315, January 1, 2019. A special treat, while we are off for the holidays Kyle Hansen put together this awesome behind the scenes video from KISS Kruise 2018. Join Tommy, Kyle and Marty from the airport in Minneapolis to the Kruise to their flight home from Miami. […]


Ep. 314 Peter Arquette Talks About Promoting the Huge NJ KISS Expo

Behind the Scenes Report from the NJ KISS Expo Promoter Episode 314, December 25, 2018. This week we stick with the topic of the 2018 NJ KISS Expo. Promoter Peter Arquette returns to share with us his excitement about the great success and some behind the scenes stories. Peter also fills us in first about […]


Ep. 313 Tommy Sommers Reports Back From the 2018 NJ KISS Expo

Ace Frehley Performs His 1978 in its Entirety and We Have the Details Episode 312, December 4, 2018. This week Tommy Sommers shares his report from the 2018 NJ KISS Expo, where among other things he witnessed Ace Frehley performing his 1978 solo album in its entirety. Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at […]


Ep. 312 Comedian Dennis Miller this Week on Three Sides of the Coin

Dennis Miller Joins Us to Talk About KISS and Podcasting Episode 312, December 4, 2018. This week we are honored to be joined by a very special guest, comedian Dennis Miller. We also have some discussion on ticket prices. Dennis has a new brand stand-up special out called Dennis Miller: Fake News – Real Jokes […]


Ep. 311 Three Sides of the Coin Radio Show, Eddie Trunk and Alive III

The Launch of Three Sides of the Coin Radio, Two Hours of KISS Music EVERY Week! Episode 311, December 4, 2018. This week we start off by announcing the debut of Three Sides of the Coin Radio on the Monsters of Rock channel on Dash Radio. Every Sunday at 8pmPT you can listen to two […]