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Ep. 304 Johnny Gioeli from Hardline Talks About Being Managed by Bill Aucoin

Bill Aucoin Managed Brunette, We Get the Details Episode 304, October 16, 2018. This week we are joined by Johnny Gioeli from the band Hardline. Johnny talks with us about his first band Brunette being discover and managed by Bill Aucoin. He shares stories of working with Bill and what Bill was focused on and […]


Ep. 303 Ace Frehley’s New Album Spaceman a Track By Track Review

Ace Frehley Spaceman Reviewed Track By Track Episode 303, October 9, 2018. This week we take you track by track through the brand new Ace Frehley album Spaceman. All three of us have heard the album and we share with you our reviews. Some people might actually be shocked by what they hear! Press requests […]


Ep. 302 KISS Officially Announce the End of the Tour on America’s Got Talent

This is the End of the Road for KISS, it is Official! Episode 302, October 2, 2018. This week talk about the official announcement of the end of KISS. The End of the Road tour. It was announced on America’s Got Talent with a lip synced performance. So much to discuss… was this the best […]


Ep. 301 Spooky Empire Promoter Discusses Booking & Working with Vinnie Vincent

What is it Like Booking and Working with Vinnie Vincent? Episode 301, September 25, 2018. Petey Mongelli the Spooky Empire promoter joins us to talk about booking and working with Vinnie Vincent at Spooky Empire last April. First thing Petey does is clear the air if Three Sides of the Coin strong armed our way […]


300th Episode of Three Sides of the Coin

We Never Thought We Would Record 300 Shows! Episode 300, September 18, 2018. This week we look back at recording 300 episodes of Three Sides of the Coin… how this all got started and why each of us do this every week. Plus, we share MANY videos from listeners and past guests with their 300th […]


Ep. 299 Jay Gilbert Joins to Talk About Photographing Ace Frehley for the Spaceman Album

Everything You Want to Know about the Ace Frehley Spaceman Album Cover Episode 299, September 11, 2018. Jay Gilbert joins us to talk about photographing Ace Frehley for his new album Spaceman. Jay discusses getting the phone call to be the photographer, planning the photo session, in the studio with Ace, how the photos are […]


Ep. 298 How is KISS Going to Hype the Next Tour?

If the Next KISS Tour is Going to be HUGE What Does the Band Have to do to Create the Hype? Episode 298, September 4, 2018. It is has been reported that the next KISS tour will begin in January 2019 and last for three years. We ask the question… what does KISS need to […]


Ep. 297 Ace Frehley’s Meet & Greet Event and Andre LaBelle Talks Vinnie Vincent

Exclusive Report from the Ace Frehley FAN HQ Meet and Greet Event! Episode 297, August 28, 2018. Two topics this week, we start off with Tommy talking about the FAN HQ Ace Frehley event. We are then joined by a very special guest drummer Andre LaBelle. Andre is currently playing drums for Robert Fleischman (formerly […]


Ep. 296 Ace Frehley Announces His Brand New Album Spaceman

Ace Frehley Returns with a Brand New Album Spaceman, Releasing on October 19th. Episode 296, August 21, 2018. This week all that matters is Lisa is back! Ace Frehley announced his new album Spaceman and revealed the album cover… we share the official press release and discuss the cover image which our good friend Jay […]


Ep. 295 What Happens When a Hater Goes to See Ace Frehley Live in Concert

Episode 295, August 14, 2018. Ace Frehley finally returned to the San Francisco Bay Area for a show, first time since 2009. Michael finally gets the chance to see the guy he hates so much, the last time he saw Ace in concert was the Trouble Walkin’ tour in Chicago. We talk about his experience… […]


Ep. 294 The Three Wisenheimers Are Back This Week!

Episode 294, August 7, 2018. This week the three wisenheimers are back, seems like it has been a couple months since the three of us sat down to talk about KISS. We catch up on the last few weeks, recap Mark’s vacation, discuss the 4th annual MN KISS fan meetup and Mark stands up to […]


Ep. 293 Why Do You Get So Upset About Paul Stanley?

Episode 293, July 24, 2018. No Mike, No Mark this week, we have no idea what sort of train wreck this show is going to be with only Tommy and Lisa… oh and Izzy. Every time we leave Tommy in charge he brings on this guy, ugh! Homework question one… what did they talk about? […]


Ep. 292 What Did Radio Think of KISS? We Dig In and Find Out!

Episode 292, July 17, 2018. What does radio think of KISS? This week we are joined by radio industry veteran Michael Cross. For decades Michael has been a DJ as well as a Program Director… the person responsible for the sound of a station, responsible for what gets played. Michael is also a KISS fan, […]


Ep. 291 Benny Doro, Managed By Paul Stanley for 7 Years

Episode 291, July 10, 2018. This week we are joined by Benny Doro who was in a band that was managed by Paul Stanley from 1987 to 1994. Benny goes into great depths to share this amazing story… how they were discovered by Paul, signing a contract with Paul, going into the studio with Paul, […]


Ep. 290 The Songs Remain The Same

Episode 290, July 3, 2018. In addition to discussing the new KISS poster magazine and the latest issue of Rock Candy Magazine we play a little game called, The Songs Remain The Same. Keeping the songs, the recordings exactly as they are what would you change to make a KISS album more succes Press requests […]


Ep 289 The Goddess of Thunder Joins Us This Week

What a Beautiful Show this Week… The Goddess of Thunder and the Weather Girl! Episode 289, June 26, 2018. This week we are joined by the Goddess of Thunder… Leigh Westee! Leigh has been seen in the VH1 Fan Club special about KISS. She shares her stories growing up a KISS fan, but the discussion […]


Ep. 288 Eric Carr’s Sister Loretta Caravello Shares Her Memories & Who Called Eric a Freeloader

Eric Carr was a Free Loader! Episode 288, June 19, 2018. We haven’t done many episodes about Eric Carr, but this week we have an incredible show dedicated to Eric Carr. Loretta Caravello, Eric Carr’s sister, joins us and she shares some amazing personal memories and stories. Visit Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold […]


Ep. 287 Our Biggest KISS Regrets

We All Have Our Regrets, Here Are Our KISS Regrets Episode 287, June 12, 2018. Our biggest KISS regrets… a roundtable discussion, that include the lovely Lisa! Mike starts things off with a his really “stupid” regret. Tommy drops the mic with his regret that should hopefully end any future thoughts of a Three Sides […]


Ep. 286 None of This Would Have Happened if You Had a Contract

We Are Still the Most Hated KISS Podcast and the Most Honest Episode 286, June 6, 2018. Vinnie Vincent’s appearance at a upcoming expo in Nashville, TN this August is not happening. We try and cut through all of the drama about what Vinnie said, what the promoters said and focus on the real issue… […]


Ep. 285 The Reunion Show! This is the Only Reunion that is Going to Happen!

The Three Sides of the Coin Reunion Happens! Episode 285, June 5, 2018. This week is a Three Sides of the Coin reunion! This is going to be the ONLY reunion that will ever happen! The topic of this reunion is what we want to see happen on The End of the Road. Press requests […]