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Pick Up The Telephone

Pick Up The Telephone (words & music-Joey Green-2017) Sure as rivers flow—to the deep blue sea. One thing you should know, before you leave. When the night is long and lonely And you out there on your own. All you gotta do—is pick up the telephone. From the day we met-I knew right from the start. I never would forget-the lovin’ in your heart. And I will do whatever I have to-to keep you safe and strong. All you gotta do little girl--is pick up the telephone. Pick up the telephone and call...


Trumpty Dumpty

Featuring Justin "JJ" Jordan on Guitar. Produced by Joey Green Engineered By Joey Green & "Mad" Mike Cullens Trumpty-Dumpty Words/Music-Joey Green copyright-2018 Trumpty Dumpty Trumpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall Trumpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall All the Kings Horse---All the King’s Men. Couldn’t put Trumpty Back together again! No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No! Whatever happened to Honesty? Respect for everyone? Yellow, red--black or white We all from---the same Sun. -Cold eyes, cold soul, heart...


Livin' On Borrowed Time

Brand New Release! I wrote it 4 weeks ago in the mountains of Austria. It is based on a dream I had one evening. Livin’ On Borrowed Time- Words & Music-Joey Green-2018 Cool, Spring mornin’---month of May. Turquoise sky---beautiful day. Desert flowered valley—down New Mexcio way. Flute is playing--- tune on the spur. His heartbeats a drummin’---standin’ next to her. Walking together, with something to say. The snow is fallin’ and it’s cold outside. Above us the Sun is shinin’. A child...


Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love (Words & Music: Joey Green-2017) The perfect antidote to Trump's " Symphony Of Hate". ___________________________________________________________________ Love, Love, Love, Love is really what we're livin' for. I woke up this morning---just before the dawn. The Moon was on the other side---of the horizon--yeah. I got this feeling---- time is moving on. Where is it goin' Where did it come from? And then I turn on my pillow. She is lying there next to me. A dreamy smile on...


I'm Comin' On To You

I’m Comin’ On To You (words & music: Joey Green-2017) This is a song about desire-------not love. You caught my eye last Friday night. The dress you was wearin’--sure was tight. And when I gazed into your eyes--- I saw a ragin’ sea. I won’t tell you no big fat lies. I won’t promise you paradise. I just wanna get lost—in your eyes. I’m comin’ on to you. I’m comin’ on to you. It’s in the way you move. It’s in the way you groove. I’m...


In The Doghouse Again

In The Doghouse (Again) Word & Music-Joey Green This tune was written for those folks who "drop the ball" and have no way to get around it and so they have to own up to it and ride it out. ______________________________________________________________ Now it happened last Saturday night. The boys and I were doin’ alright Drinkin beers and playin’ pool. Feelin’ so Hollywood cool. The time sure did fly. And so did I when I took one look at the clock. I raced home----of that you can be sure....


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