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10 Animal Relationships Compared to Human Relationships

Did you know male elephants mature much later in life than female elephants? Maybe humans aren't that much different than animals. Learn more on this episode about how ten different animal species interact and mate. My Aunt Julie and I talk about how some of those animal interactions are very similar to how human's interact in the modern dating world.


9 Tips To Improve Your First Date Skills

Want to make sure your next first date goes better than the other first dates you've been on? Are you just getting back in the dating game and you don't know what to expect or what to do? Listen as my co-host, Emily, and I talk about 9 things to definitely not do on your first date. We also give you some guidance on things that will help improve your first date! We wish you luck on your dating journeys!


5 Struggles & 5 Benefits of an Open Relationship

Listen to first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be in an open relationship. Is it as bad as society makes you think? Are there really any benefits to being in an open relationship? Find out in this episode as I interview my brother and give my input with my sister.


7 Responses to Relationship Questions During Family Thanksgiving

My co-host, Jeev, and I talk about 7 ways you can respond to relationship questions at Thanksgiving dinner. These ways are not full proof, but they're solid distractions. If anything, they'll allow you to get in touch with your creative side. Make your Thanksgiving a little more enjoyable this year by listening to this episode!


8 Unrealistic Expectations People Have When Dating

Sometimes our expectations may seem unrealistic to some, but not all of us can help it. We want to find someone with a specific characteristic and we're not willing to settle for less. Are your expectations when dating too unrealistic or just enough unrealistic to successfully make your way through the dating pool? Find out on this episode as my co-host, Katie, and I talk through interviews I got from people about their unrealistic expectations in the modern dating world.


Election Day & Dating Politicians

My co-host Ellie and I talk about why you should vote and why we vote on the first Tuesday of November. Also, listen to an interview with my mom about what it's like to date a politician. I also give my personal experience and explain why my relationship with a guy ended because of his work on a political campaign. Oh, and go vote!


Best & Worst Couples' Halloween Costumes

Charlie and I talk about the best and worst couples Halloween costumes on this episode with live interviews from people who have had some success with their home-made couples' costumes. Are you in the right stage of the relationship to ask your significant other to join you in a couples' costume? Find out in this episode! Also, find out what not to wear!


Domestic Violence Awareness: Survivor Story #2

My co-host this week is another survivor of domestic violence. She was in three abusive relationships, one of them was abuse from her mother when she was just a child. The most recent abusive relationship almost left her dead. She talks about all of her struggles and provides advice to others on how to survive the abuse and how to help those who are being abused. The Domestic Violence National Hotline is 1 (800) 799 SAFE.


Shout Out To Our Exes

This episode is dedicated to all the men and women who ended our relationships and may have broken our hearts. Listen as my co-host, Bret, and I talk through six different shout outs we want (and my interviewees want) to give to our exes. It may suck when it happens, but there's always something to learn from it.


Domestic Violence Awareness: Survivor Story #1

This week's episode I talk with my friend Lindsay about her previous abusive relationships. We talk about her story and red flags you should look for to stay out of a potentially abusive relationship. For professional help, please contact 1 (800) 799 SAFE.


Advice From My Grandparents After 66 Years of Marriage

This week I interviewed my grandparents (but mostly my grandma) about their 66 years of marriage. I asked them about dating, their proposal, their wedding, and married life. It's a lot different than it is in the modern dating world. Find out what advice my grandma had for those looking to get married and stay married.


6 Types of Sports Fans to Date

Corin joins me on this episode about the 6 different types of sports fans and what its like to date them. It's football season and the start of a long run of sporting events. Find out what type of sports fan you are in the dating world.


Best & Worst Ways to Breakup

My co-host (and old roommate), Emily, and I talk about the best and worst ways to breakup with someone. Some of the breakup ways, we’ve had happen to us. Others were new ways people I interviewed told me about. Find out if you’re ending relationships the right or wrong way in this week’s episode.


After The Breakup

My Aunt & Uncle join me on this episode to talk about ways to get over your ex after a breakup. I interviewed several people and talk about some of the ways I deal with breakups. Hopefully, these ways will help you get over your next ex or teach you ways for you to help your friends get over their breakups.


Worst Dates

Listen as my co-host, Veronica (name changed), and I talk about people's worst dates. Maybe they'll make you feel better about the dates you've been on. Hopefully you can learn from them and not make the same dating mistakes. These dates might also make you appreciate the people you're currently dating a little more.


11 Qualities Women Look For In Men

My co-host, Justin, and I talk about the qualities women are looking for in men they want to date. The first half of the qualities are similar to what men were looking for in women, but some of the qualities are very different. Fellas, find out if you have what women are looking for in men. Also, find out more about Justin's podcast.


11 Qualities Men Look For in Women

My co-host, Kacy, and I discuss whether we believe what the men I interviewed told me about which qualities they look for in women. The men told me 11 different qualities they like in women. Do you have the qaulities men are looking for in women? Do you think they were being honest with me? Listen to this episode to find out!


Who Should Pay For The First Date?

Listen as my cohost, Charlie, and I talk about who should pay on the first date. We also discuss the interviews I had with different people. Although most people believe the guy should pay, not all of them did. Find out what they had to say!


Answered By Kids: When Should People Get Married?

Listen as my soon-to-be 10 year old nephew, Brennan, cohosts with me about when people should get married. I also interviewed several other kids to find out their answers. All of the kids had some opinion. You have to wonder where they get their opinions from. Find out what they had to say on this episode!


Ask Ashley: "How Can I Meet New Single People?"

Listen as my cohost, Diane (my aunt), and I discuss a question I received from one of my friends about where they can meet new single people. We discuss 10 locations to meet new single people in the US and abroad. Before you give up on dating altogether, find out if you've tried all these different places to meet new single people.