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600 Second Saga is a weekly podcast featuring a single sci-fi or fantasy flash fiction piece.

600 Second Saga is a weekly podcast featuring a single sci-fi or fantasy flash fiction piece.
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600 Second Saga is a weekly podcast featuring a single sci-fi or fantasy flash fiction piece.




S3.20 Fifty

Fifty by Chris Kelso Chris Kelso is an award-winning genre writer, editor, and illustrator from Scotland. His short stories and articles have appeared in magazines and journals across the UK, US, and Canada, including Antipodean-SF, Lovecraft ezine, Daily Science Fiction, SF Signal, Dark Discoveries, Pantheon, Evergreen Review, Sensitive Skin, Shoreline of Infinity, The Airgonaut, New Coin, Verbicide and many more. His work has been translated into French and he is the two-time winner of...


S3.19 Compulsion

Compulsion by Donald Carrick Donald Carrick is a writer and public speaker from Glasgow, Scotland and he is currently based out of the city of Edinburgh. He has previously collaborated with Max Taylor and 600 Second Saga contributor Andrew Milne on the science fiction short fiction collection 'Tales of the Verse' and has delivered several lectures for the charity organisation 'The Ragged University'. You can hear him fortnightly on the film review podcast 'Two Friends Watch'. His writing...


S3.18 Word Magic

Word Magic by Olga Werby Olga Werby, Ed.D., has a Doctorate from U.C. Berkeley with a focus on designing online learning experiences. She has a Master’s degree from U.C. Berkeley in Education of Math, Science, and Technology. She has been creating computer-based projects since 1981 with organizations such as NASA (where she worked on the Pioneer Venus project), Addison-Wesley, and the Princeton Review. Olga has a B.A. degree in Mathematics and Astrophysics from Columbia University. She...


S3.17 Investments

Investments by Simon Kewin Simon Kewin is the author of over 100 published short and flash stories. His works have appeared in Analog, Nature, Daily Science Fiction, Abyss and Apex and many more. He lives in England with his wife and their daughters. He has recently completed the third volume in his Cloven Land fantasy trilogy. Find him at simonkewin.co.uk. 600 Second Saga Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5-star review on iTunes Become a...


S3.16 Jane's Cocktail

Jane's Cocktail by A Katherine Black A. Katherine Black is a writer on some days and an audiologist on others. She lives in Maryland with her family, their cats and her coffee machines. Her stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction, Farther Stars Than These, and others. Her thoughts occasionally land at flywithpigs.com. Find her on twitter @akatherineblack 600 Second Saga Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5-star...


S3.15 New Horizons

New Horizons by Eddie D Moore Eddie D. Moore travels extensively for work, and he spends much of that time listening to audio books. The rest of the time is spent dreaming of stories to write and he spends the weekends writing them. His stories have been published by Jouth Webzine, The Flash Fiction Press, Every Day Fiction, Theme of Absence, Devolution Z, and Fantasia Divinity Magazine. Find more on his blog: https://eddiedmoore.wordpress.com/. 600 Second Saga Music is provided by...


S3.14 Star Board

Star Board by Munib Haroon Munib is a paediatrician, medical editor, writer and runner. He lives in Yorkshire where he is trying to tame a wild imagination. 600 Second Saga Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5-star review on iTunes Become a Patron! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter


S3.13 Objective Contagion

Objective Contagion by Nyla Bright Nyla Bright writes in Seven Hills, Ohio. She is a member of several local writing groups including The Cajun Sushi Hamsters from Hell and The Gentle Ladies Adventure Society & Liquor Adjacent Debate Club. Her Bachelors in English Literature and Masters of Science in Management Information Systems come in handy when wrangling her human son, real dog, live cat, non-robotic turtle, and cyber-enhancement-free husband. She owns two dead Roombas, a dead Furby,...


S3.12 Ligeia is Waiting

Ligeia is Waiting by Russell Hemmell First appeared on Perihelion SF, March 2017. Russell Hemmell is a statistician and social scientist from the U.K, passionate about astrophysics and speculative fiction. Recent stories in Helios Quarterly Magazine, Not One of Us, Third Flatiron, and others. Finalist in The Canopus 100 Year Starship Awards 2016-2017. Website Twitter: @SPBianchini 600 Second Saga Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5-star review...


S3.11 Not Here

Not Here by Russ Bickerstaff Russ Bickerstaff is a professional theatre critic and aspiring author living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his wife and two daughters. His short fictions have appeared in over 30 different publications including Hypertext Magazine, Pulp Metal Magazine, Sein und Werden, and Theme of Absence. https://pulpmetalmagazine.com/2014/06/07/rapid-cycling-by-russ-bickerstaff/ http://www.themeofabsence.com/2014/09/a-journey-of-one-mess-by-russ-bickerstaff/ 600 Second...


S3.10 Resident

Resident by Milos Radovic Since birth he has been, in one way or the other, involved with both writing and reading. Firstly, he drew simple, childish comic-books, with heavy dialog, before dwelling deeper into the matter of putting pen to paper, discovering world of books and writing on a different level. Around 16 he made his first steps into the world of short stories. Gradually, it gripped him to the point where his job choice was based on how much time it could offer to the writing...


S3.9 Me Time

Me Time by Jaslyn Heaphy Jaslyn Heaphy is a queer femme from New Zealand. She is co-host of High Expectations Podcast, which about relationships, pop culture, friendship, films, books, sex positivity, music, and whatever they feel like talking about!. She is also a standup comedian, pun battle champion, zine maker, and a bullet journal enthusiast.When she's not being creative she can be found on a bicycle or enjoying pizza. She has always had a fascination with time travel, space travel,...


S3.8 Augmented Riders

Augmented Riders by Liam Burke Liam Burke is a horror/sci-fi independent author. He is a father of one, and a husband of another. He currently works in the IT industry, studies Bujinkan Budo-Taijitsu, and enjoys several types of LARP. He has several novellas, which are collections of short stories. His most recent release is Tom's Adventure, a faerie tale with illustrations about concepts, and how we shape them.He will be releasing a longer fairy tale with illustrations in the next...


S3.7 Luna Falls

Luna Falls by E M Long Ellen is a pagan with a passion for vampires, folklore and the supernatural. She has a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from Bath Spa University and based her dissertation on vampires as society’s scapegoats throughout the monstrous centuries. By day she writes for websites. By night she blogs about everything from crystals to coffee and works on herself and her novels. http://uncommonwriter.co.uk/ 600 Second Saga Music is provided by MADS. You...


S3.6 Planetary Politics and Pizza

Planetary Politics and Pizza by Jennifer Flath Jennifer Flath lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her family and her cats. The land of rain and mountains and moss and rivers and oceans is constant fodder for her writing. Her first love is a young adult fantasy series called The Black Pearl. She’s self-published the first two books in the series so far (along with their companion short stories) and is working on a third. As a writer, she loves to take serious things lightly and light...


S3.5 The Girl Who Founded Colony 050

The Girl Who Founded Colony 050 by Nick Fink Nick lives at the Jersey Shore and works as an IT Systems Administrator. He spends his few free minutes writing short science fiction and fantasy stories. 600 Second Saga Music is provided by MADS. You can support 600 Second Saga by giving us a 5-star review on iTunes Become a Patron! Follow me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter


S3.4 The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Equanimous Rex Equanimous Rex is a writer, podcaster, and esotericist. He is the creator of The Witch-Doctor serial fiction podcast, which is a part of the Fallen Cycle mythos, a collaborative transmedia universe. Additionally, he currently writes non-fiction articles for the websites Disinformation and Modern Mythology. You can follow Equanimous on Facebook or Twitter (@EquanimousRex). On his personal site/ writer's blog. The Witch-Doctor podcast Fallen Cycle...


S3.3 The Raid's Remains

The Raid's Remains by Cameron Bloomfield Cameron is currently brushing up on his Japanese for an upcoming teaching interview and wrote this to procrastinate when he really should have been hitting the books. In his spare time he jams out on his guitar, reads, enjoys killing his friend's characters as a merciless Dungeon Master, and occasionally volunteers as a grief counsellor. He has written two horrendous novels that will never see the light of day, but is currently seeking...


S3.2 The Sub-Traverse

The Sub-Traverse by Andrew Milne Andrew Milne is a 2012 graduate of the University of Dundee with a degree in English Literature and Politics, currently living and working in Shrewsbury, England. By turns a blogger, a critic and a podcaster in his free time, he is also a lifelong popular-science and science-fiction addict and determined to make his mark on the genre. He has had short stories published in Silver Blade, 600 Second Saga and Massacre Magazine, and is now working on his debut...


S3.1 A Last Dance

A Last Dance by Fanni Sütő Fanni Sütő writes poetry, short stories and a growing number of novels-in-progress. She publishes in English and Hungarian and finds inspiration in reading, paintings and music. She writes about everything which comes in her way or goes bump in the night. She tries to find the magical in the everyday and likes to spy on the secret life of cities and their inhabitants. Previous publications include: The Casket of Fictional Delights, Tincture Journal, Enchanted...