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Podcast sometimes features explicit content

Podcast sometimes features explicit content
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Podcast sometimes features explicit content






Into The Weird Ep. 13: Doom Blooms & Puffy Sleeves

Welcome back to INTO THE WEIRD, the podcast that revels in the good, the bad and the weird. This week Herman and Billy tackle more Doctor Strange goodness with Marvel Premiere #7 and 8, where Stephen wades through yet another host of Lovecraftian foes. Our regular segments all make an appearance. So join us as we fall head over heels for Clea and a girl named Blondine... and then tumble madly... into the weird. INTRO MUSIC by the great band SEVEN KINGDOMS. OUTRO SONG "Starman" by David...


Into The Weird Ep. 12: Radio Free Hyboria

By Crom, Mitra, and the slimy scales of Set! It's another episode of INTO THE WEIRD, the show chronicling the mighty-thewed madness of Bronze Age Marvel Comics. This week Billy and Herman sharpen their broadswords and quaff their ale while simultaneously discussing Marvel's CONAN THE BARBARIAN #45 and KULL THE CONQUEROR #8. We follow these titanic feats with our SHOPTALK and RECOMMENDATIONS OF RAGGADOR segments, as well as ascribing a new Bronze Age Alter Ego to listener and podcaster...


Into The Weird Ep. 11: The Wicked and the Weird

This week Billy and Herman offer up a List-O-Mania episode, where we count down our Top 5 most bizarre Bronze Age Villains. The rest of our regular segments are on hold this week because of time constraints during August, when vacations lured us away from our mics. But never fear! We're back and ready to launch into September. So join us for another madcap journey...into the WEIRD. The Podcast addendum for this show can be found at...


Into The Weird Ep.10: Evil Priestess Obsession

It's a Doctor Strange DOUBLE FEATURE as Billy and Herman discuss Marvel Premiere issues 5 and 6 from 1972, when the Bronze Age of Comics was still a nice shiny sheen of, well...bronze. Join us as we delve deep into Lovecraftian territory with Stephen and his cohorts Wong & Clea as they haphazardly plunge ever deeper...INTO THE WEIRD. Podcast Addendum can be found at Feedback can be sent to...


Into The Weird Ep. 9: "We'll grieve together...LATER."

In this episode Billy and Herman discuss Marvel Comics' GHOST RIDER #1 from September '72. Our regular segments all make a return, and in case you've forgotten them, here they are: 1.Main Segment (Ghost Rider) 2. Bronze Age Brilliance and Mighty Marvel Missteps 3. Shoptalk! (Jason Aaron's Thor, War of The Realms and Doc Strange: The Flight of Bones) 4. Get off my lawn! 5. Nexus of All Reviews (MarylandBear - our 5-star iTunes reviewer gets a monicker) 6. End. So hop on your stunt...


Into The Weird Ep. 8: The Snappening

Billy and Herman are back with a full-fledged SPOILER-filled discussion of Avengers:ENDGAME. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, what's stopping you? We gleefully present 2 hours of witty banter and nitpicking nitpicking nitpicking. If this sounds appealing, give this episode a try! We'll love you X 3000 for it. Feedback can be sent to, or check out the blog at Alternatively you can follow us on twitter @IntoWeird. Intro music 'In The...


Into The Weird Ep. 7: Miscegenation and Monster Mags

This ep is all about Doctor Strange in MARVEL FEATURE #4 (Sept. '72). This time around Herman is joined by Billy D from the blog Magazines & Monsters to discuss Marvel Comics' blatant rip-off of H.P. Lovecraft's Shadow Over Innsmouth with a version they decided to call "The Spawn of Sligguth!" Catchy, no? In this episode we also bid farewell to Into The Weird founder and podcasting legend Grant Richter, a friend who we will miss dearly. Feedback can be sent to or...


Into The Weird Ep. 6: Satanic Cheesecake

Grant and Herman are back! And as expected they've prepared a delectable feast for your ravenous Marvel-starved ears, weird listeners. This week the discussions center once again around our favorite living vampire, Doctor Michael "Mad Bat" Morbius, as he hits L.A! We also talk about Doctor Strange #400, Marvel-Two-In-One (2018), and (drum roll) the Savage Avengers. Blood will spill, dear listeners, so hold on to your stomachs as we dive headlong...INTO THE WEIRD. IF you are so inclined,...


Into the Weird Ep. 5: Dream Logic and Defenestration

Grant and Herman are back with a brand new episode of INTO THE WEIRD, a podcast dedicated to exploring the weirdest corners of the Bronze Age Marvel Comics Universe. This time around we discuss Doctor Strange's Marvel Premiere debut in MARVEL PREMIERE #3. Weird shenanigans ensue! Follow us on twitter @IntoWeird or check out the blog at Intro Music supplied by our patrons, the band Seven Kingdoms. Outro music "I Can't Stand The Rain" by Ann Peebles.


Into The Weird Ep. 4: Hey Kids...Enzymes!

After a month-long hiatus, INTO THE WEIRD Episode 4 has finally been unearthed. Join Grant and Herman as they delve once again into the Bronze Age vaults of Marvel Weirdness. This episode features Amazing Spider-Man #101 and 102, the very first appearance of MORBIUS, The Living Vampire! You're probably saying to yourself at this point: "Hell! It doesn't get much weirder than a 'living' vampire!" You would be WRONG! There's also... ENZYMES! The hosts would love to hear from you. Please send...


Into The Weird Ep. 3: Weird Double Whammy

In Into The Weird Episode 3 Grant and Herman proudly present THE REDEMPTION OF ROY THOMAS as we look at Marvel Feature #1 from Dec. 1971, as well as the introduction of [insert phallic joke here] in Savage Tales #1 from May 1971. It's a merry marvel mash-up of weirdness as things get...well, weird. Listen to us. You won't be disappointed. Feedback can be sent to, and check out the blog a Intro Music by Seven Kingdoms, best metal band in...


Into The Weird Ep. 2: A Thing That Definitely Happened

In this episode Grant and Herman wrap up the silver age adventures of Doctor Stephen Strange, heralding the BRONZE AGE OF WEIRD. Highlights include the introduction of The Sons of Satannish and The Nameless One, which lead us unwittingly into some decidedly Lovecraftian territory. We also (briefly) look at Marvel's new Doctor Strange #1 from Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz. Follow us on twitter @IAmGrantRichter and @darklongbox, send us an email to, or check out the blog:...


Into The Weird Ep. 1: Silver Age Strange

This is it! The inaugural episode of INTO THE WEIRD, a podcast exploring the merry madness of BRONZE AGE MARVEL. Join hosts Grant and Herman as they cast their cognitive nets back to the very beginning of the weirdness, to the genesis of crazy - the late LATE silver age, where a certain Sorceror Supreme reigned, well...SUPREME. Feedback can be sent to Also, if time and Dormammu permits it, check out our blog at Intro Song IN THE WALLS...