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Episode 13: Is Star Wars Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

This episode, we talk Hard Science-Fiction (or Sci-fi), Soft Sci-fi, and Fantasy. Comparing and contrasting those different genres allows us to classify where Star Wars fits in. Before that, however, a clarifying question deriving from Episode 10, and a comment made about robots and androids. Listen on the Radiopublic App in order to help support the show at no cost to you! Robot… Android… Cyborg. He scienced the heck out of this…with real science! That is some Hard Sci-Fi. Here’s a...


Episode 12: Wakandan Econ

In order to answer a listener's question about the economics of Wakanda, home of the Black Panther, Kurt talks to economics professor Dr. Matt Dobra about how the economics of Wakanda would (or would not) work in the real world. Learn about Dutch Disease, the Resource Curse, and more, through the lens of pop culture! Long live the King! Pretty close to where I said in the episode, just a little farther east. In the movies, this shield is made of pure vibranium. In the comics...that's a...

Episode 11: How to Bring the X-Men into the MCU

With the Fox/Disney deal pretty much complete, we contemplate how mutants can be seamlessly integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, I don't remember that happening in Avengers: Age of Ultron... This had a few ideas that inspired the movie, but it's still far from an "adaptation." Turns out, there's more of Hawkeye on this cover then there was in the movie. Almost everyone on this cover has actually appeared in a movie or Netflix show in the last 10 years. 10 points for the...


Episode 10: The Future is Now!

Starting from near the beginning of the science-fiction genre, here are just a few times that sci-fi predicted technology before its arrival in our world. Verne overestimated the flight time by about a day, but they got knocked off course by an asteroid. If you're expecting the book "I, Robot" to bear any resemblance to the Will Smith movie...don't. Not actually a robot, but an android (robots are purely mechanical, androids have some organic bits to them). "Little known" fact. "Beam...


Episode 9: Cloak & Dagger and Cloak & Dagger

Listener Joshua C. just watched the pilot of Cloak and Dagger, and is curious to find out how close the characters and other aspects of the show hew to their original comic book counterparts. If you want to support the creator of Cloak and Dagger (and Rocket Raccoon!), please visit BillMantlo.com and click on the Donate link there. Looks like a typical teenage drama until you notice Tandy's right hand... We're going to get a lot of titles that are "Noun and Other Noun," aren't we? They...

Episode 8: I'm talking to you Through the Fourth Wall

We go over a few comic book stories and characters that have fourth-wall breaking as an important part of their dynamic. And if you're not familiar with what "breaking the fourth wall is," I explain that up front. Time out! No, seriously, time out! What is this doing here? Deadpool does it right on the box! (That is probably the least family-friendly comment I'll make on this site or the podcast) Classic? Thanks for making me feel old, Marvel! She really means it folks... This book is...


Episode 7: The Replacements - Captain America

Thanks to the question from listener Justin B. (No, it's not Bieber), this is the first in a recurring feature we'll come back to every now and then, each time focusing on a different heroic identity. We'll look at the people who have taken the place of the original, and what happened to them once the primogenitor returns. Who wants to help Cap punch ole' Hitler in the jaw? This is a better question than "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?" "No capes!" Steve should have listened to Edna, as...


Episode 6: Marvel vs. DC - A History

The listener question this time is about the rivalry of Marvel vs. DC; the differences between the two companies, the history of their feuds and collaborations, and other causes for the rift in the fan community. One of these fights is fairly even. The other two, not so much... In true 90s fashion, votes for this were either mailed in, or you could vote on an America Online page. Some of these mash-ups made more sense than others, but they were all fun. That cover alone made this worth...


Episode 5: Legacy Games and Crossed Arms?

Two listeners get their questions answered this time. One wants to know what makes Legacy games special and if they're worth the price. The other wants to know why everyone in movies is crossing their arms. The beginning of the Legacy Legacy. You can get the red box, or the blue box. They are identical. If you want to have a game you can keep playing after the campaign is done, this is my recommendation. This is functional... and this is just because Ryan Reynolds was having...


Episode 4: Why Are Mutants Hated?

Mutants are "hated and feared" by many humans in the Marvel Universe, but listener Aaron L. wants to know why they're treated so differently from the other super-powered beings. Kurt tackles this question, as well as announcing a contest! (See below for more details) How exactly does Iceman see? Perhaps that's why he missed. No, of course I wasn't the first to make that joke. 16 million dead, and that's the opening chapter. The story's called "E for Extinction" for a reason. What's...


Episode 3: A Thanos Primer

In anticipation of Avengers: Infinity War, listener Joel L. asks about its villain, Thanos, and why he's so scary. The Blood Brothers would be completely forgotten were it not for their being in this issue. I see five characters here you'll actually see in the movie. Maybe six. A lot of characters die in this book. Most are back now. The defining Thanos story to date, and the major inspiration for the film. Infinity Crusade: Yes, religion gets brought up. No, not well. We've...


Episode 2 - Where to Start: The Marvel Edition

Where should one begin reading when they take their first foray into the Marvel Universe? That's the question asked today by listener Justin B., and Kurt offers a few different options with pros and cons for each. She's already caught. How will turning invisible help? The DIY option for the budding young colorist. Power and Responsibility. Prepare to read those words a lot. No more what now?


Episode I - The Starts and Restarts of the DC Universe

Learn the history of the various reboots of the DC Universe, both hard and soft. From Action Comics #1 in 1938 all the way to 2016's Rebirth, find out about the big continuity shake-ups that have changed the history of some of your favorite characters. Don't forget to Subscribe in iTunes! In the beginning... The Silver Age starts in a Flash Flash meets Flash It's called Crisis for a reason These things never go well for The Flash A major crossover with no Superman, Batman, or Wonder...


Preview episode

This introductory episode introduces the idea of the show, and informs you of all the ways you can submit questions to be answered on future shows. The quickest and easiest of those is to email them to welcometogeektown@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from all of you as you are each Welcomed to Geektown!