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Spamology [Episode 8]

Simon Majumdar and I have known each other for a few years. We both love food. Simon is the food historian, and has a podcast called Eat My Globe. My specialty, Culinary Medicine, brings me to the science of food. Put us together and give us a drink- and all sorts of fun happens. Full details: ----- Produced and distributed by Simpler Media Follow Dr. Terry Simpson on Twitter New episodes every Sunday morning!


The Beer and Sausage Diet: The Secrets To Losing Weight and Keeping It Off [Episode 7]

Every October for four years Evo went on a beer and sausage diet. Every year he lost weight, and kept most of that weight off. Every week he was on the diet his bloodwork was tested. What we learned, besides having some fun, was that calories count, that there are some things you can learn about how to lose weight and keep it off- that everyone has known, but few follow. Beer and sausage - and the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off. Buy the book: The Beer Diet: A Brew...


Food Fables: Veganism [Episode 6]

The China Study has been noted as the “science” behind why people turn to veganism as a lifestyle In the book you are led to believe that getting rid of meat will prevent heart disease and cancer. They even have large studies from China to prove it. But even their data does not support that conclusion. In fact, just the opposite . Full details: ----- Produced and distributed by Simpler Media Follow Dr. Terry Simpson on...


Alcohol: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [Episode 5]

Alcohol, like any other drug, has both a toxic level and a level that is ineffective. The question is, can you safely find an amount to drink without getting into trouble? Today, we’ll dig deeper into a study that cast doubt on the safety of even moderate drinking, asking the paper’s lead author if he drinks. We will hear from our resident historian and food network star, Simon Majumdar, getting his take on alcohol. And as a bonus, we’ll play you a bit of of Simon’s forthcoming podcast,...


The Mediterranean Diet [Episode 4]

The Mediterranean Diet is the diet recommended by most physicians in the Culinary Medicine movement, most nutritionist. It has the most data of any diet - with decreases in heart disease, cancer, and overall mortality. Http:// Produced by Simpler Media and recorded in the studios of ProducerGirl productions. Follow on Twitter @drterrysimpson New episodes release on Sunday


Farm to Fable [Episode 3]

When a famous restaurant in Tampa tries to convince a food critic that the carrots were grown locally, in July, it sets off an investigative series into the Tampa food scene where reporter Laura Riley finds over 50 restaurants who make claims. ----- Key Links Laura’s expose that started it all ----- Local food is a buzzword, but it is too tempting for some restaurants to use the local provenance to upcharge for the food. More episode details at...


The Dirt in Wine: Tall Tales of Terroir [Episode 2]

Key Links Purchase Vineyards, Rocks, and Soils: The Wine Lover's Guide to Geology by Alex Maltman ----- Look at wine labels and it might say that the wine was grown in Volcanic rock, or granite soil, or chalky fields. Sommeliers at any restaurant will describe the “earthy” tastes of wines, sometimes even describing the geology of the ground in which the wine is grown. Terroir is the entire environment in which wine is grown, not just soil. But the question, do we taste the soil - we...


Free The Weed [Episode 1]

Culinary Medicine this week deals with Medical Marijuana and the studies that show other potential drugs which can come from this plant. We also discuss the two FDA approved drugs that came from it. Hemp seeds, which are really a nut- are nutritious also, and we import 90% from China. Even though we could easily grow this crop here. We need to reclassify marijuana out of the DEA scheduling one and make it easier for research scientists to study this drug. More details at...


Introduction to Culinary Medicine

This is the Culinary Medicine podcast, where we discuss food as medicine and expose food cons who would seek to practice medicine without a license. Host Terry Simpson is not only a MD and surgeon, but is certified in Culinary Medicine. Culinary Medicine is one most growing fields of medicine where physicians are required to know a whole heck of a lot about the real literature about food and nutrition, but we must be able to cook. Guests include scientists, physicians, nutritionists,...