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Whether you like it or not, your world is shaped by data. We explore how it impacts people, society, and llamas perched high on Peruvian mountain peaks—through interviews, inquest, and inference. Buckle up.

Whether you like it or not, your world is shaped by data. We explore how it impacts people, society, and llamas perched high on Peruvian mountain peaks—through interviews, inquest, and inference. Buckle up.
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Whether you like it or not, your world is shaped by data. We explore how it impacts people, society, and llamas perched high on Peruvian mountain peaks—through interviews, inquest, and inference. Buckle up.




How to Predict World Events with Predata

There have been some spectacular fails when it comes to looking at Internet traffic, think Google Flu Trends; however, Predata, a company that helps people understand global events and market moves by interpreting signals in Internet traffic, has honed human-in-the-loop machine learning to get to the bottom of geopolitical risk and price movement. Predata uncovers predictive behavior by applying machine learning techniques to online activity. The company has built the most comprehensive...


Structuring Your Data Science Dream Team

The way you organize your data science team will greatly affect your business’s outcome. This episode discusses different structures for a data science team, as well as top down versus bottom up approaches, how to get data science solutions into production organically, and how to be part of the business while remaining in contact with other data scientists on the team. Mark Lowe: Having lived through small scale, two people working, to large scale, thousands of people in your organization,...


The Hidden World of Data Science in Utilities

David Millar is a man bringing analytical solutions to an industry that historically has had little data. But with the explosion of smart devices, that is all changing, and the way utilities operate is as well. David Millar: The way that electricity markets work is that you have what's called the day ahead market. And so the day before, let's say one o'clock tomorrow, markets run, and this is a big optimization problem. Ginette Methot: I'm Ginette Curtis Seare: And I'm Curtis Ginette: And...


The Good Fight against Shadow IT

Simeon Schwarz has been walking the data management tightrope for years. In this episode, he helps us see the hidden organizational and economic impacts that come from leading a data management initiative, and how to understand and overcome the inertia, fears, and status quo that hold good data management back. Simeon Schwarz: Fighting against shadow IT . . . you have to find a way to adopt it, you have to find a way to incorporate it, and you have to find a way to leverage it. You will...


Using Data to Design Tests People Don’t Hate

David Saben is on a mission to make taking tests less painful, and he’s using data to do it. In this episode, he’ll discuss reviving methods developed in 1979 to shorten tests and make them more effective, as well as how to use psychometrics to aid in the design and crafting of an effective test. David Saben: When I see my son who's 11 years old, spending three days and testing when I know there's absolutely no reason for it that you can do that in an hour. Ginette Methot: I'm Ginette Curtis...


Activating Analytics in Business and Government

Todd Jones: My name is Todd Jones. I'm the chief analytics officer here at WebbMason analytics. We are a professional services firm helping our clients accelerate their analytic evolution. So I think my journey started about 10 years ago. Uh, I graduated from Princeton with a degree in operations research and financial engineering. So I could have basically taken f two paths. One, I could have went into the financial space or the second path I could have taken was going into the analytics...


Last-Mile Logistics Analytics—for Everyone Who Isn't Amazon

Today we speak with Professor Ram Bala, an expert in supply chain management analytics, particularly last-mile delivery. He has very interesting insights into how today’s supply chain is evolving. He talks about various methods and algorithms he uses, the specific challenges inherent in doing last mile logistics and deliver, how pricing factors in, and how everyone is trying to catch up to Amazon. Ram Bala: Then there is this great opportunity to actually use the data effectively. But that...


Running a Successful Machine Learning Startup

Today, our guest, Alain Briancon, will talk to us about how to work with Fortune 500 companies and help them get quick value from their data, how to build a roadmap of incremental value during the data collection and analysis process, how they help predict and incentivize customer purchases, and how to dial in on an idea for successful data science software companies. Alain Briancon: Adding one more question to answer is always easy. The difficult part is what question can I remove and still...


Executive Panel: How Can Data Science, ML, and AI Best Support Executive Goals

Today is a special episode. We welcome three executive guests from different organizations to share their experiences and insights about how data science can best support executive goals. Ginette Methot: I'm Ginette Curtis Seare: And I'm Curtis Ginette: And you are listening to Data Crunch Curtis: A podcast about how applied data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the world. Ginette: Data Crunch is produced by the Data Crunch Corporation, an analytics training...


The Biggest Pitfalls of New Analytical Initiatives

Our guest Andrzej Wolosewicz has had years of experience helping companies define and build machine learning and analytical solutions that have a measurable impact on the business, and he shares with us his experience and expertise. He shares with us the biggest pitfalls he sees companies fall into over an over as they try to implement these initiatives. The problem was there was a lot of activity every month that they were doing, but in terms of progressing, their analytic capabilities were...


Digital Credentials and Machine Learning Aim to Change How You Hire

Today we’re going to see how a clever idea and the skillful use of data is starting to disrupt how people get credentials. The use case here has the potential to remove gender and racial bias in the hiring process, help companies understand specific talent gaps in their workforce, and help learners find lucrative educational pathways they can take.


How to Win Hearts and Minds as a Data Leader

Joe Kleinhenz talks about his journey from starting out in data all the way to becoming a leader in one of the largest insurance organizations in the United States. We'll learn about the importance of staying on top of technology, how to win hearts and minds of nontechnical folks, centralized versus decentralized team, pros and cons, how to hold effective conversations with stakeholders and how to go from individual contributor to leader. Joe Kleinhenz: The critical skills you bring to the...


Building Data Products that Work in the Health and Wellness Industry

Our guest today holds a PhD in organizational psychology and has been working on data products in the health and wellness space for over a decade. We cover a lot of ground in this interview: how to create data products that work, how to avoid the unexpected consequences of poorly designed data interventions, and the importance of ethnographic thinking in data science. We'll also talk about reducing friction in data collection, the coaching data product model, and surprising things we can...


The Road to a Data-Driven Culture in Your Organization

How do you whittle the murky business of creating a data-driven culture down to a proven process? Today we talk to a guest who has done this time and time again, helping companies transform their operations. He points out the small nuances and details about the process, like questions to ask to start on the right foot, critical feedback loops to put in place along the way, and how to overcome some of the most common problems that make people give up. Ginette: I’m Ginette. Curtis: And I’m...


Statistics Done Wrong—A Woeful Podcast Episode

Beginning: Statistics are misused and abused, sometimes even unintentionally, in both scientific and business settings. Alex Reinhart, author of the book "Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide" talks about the most common errors people make when trying to figure things out using statistics, and what happens as a result. He shares practical insights into how both scientists and business analysts can make sure their statistical tests have high enough power, how they can avoid...


Getting into Data Science

What does it take to become a data scientist? We speak with three people who have become data scientists in the last three years and find out what it takes, in their opinions, to land a data science job and to be prepared for a career in the field. Curtis: We’ve talked a lot in our recent episodes about all the interesting things you can do with data science, and we’ve only talked a little bit recently about what it actually takes to get into the field, which is a topic that a lot of you...


Automated Machine Learning with TransmogrifAI

Would you rather take a year to develop a proprietary algorithm for your company that has an accuracy of 95% or use an open source platform that takes a day to develop an algorithm that has nearly the same accuracy? In most business cases, you'd choose the latter. In this episode, we talk to Till Bergmann who works on a team that developed TransmogriAI, an open source project that helps you build models quickly.


The Data Scientist's Journey with Nic Ryan

What does it take to become a data scientist? Nic Ryan has been in the field for over a decade and answered thousands of questions from people looking to get into the field. In this episode, he talks about his journey into data science and his experiencing mentoring aspiring data scientists, giving advice to both beginners and seasoned professionals. Nic Ryan: I think there's sometimes a problem in data science education, and what people find interesting is they tend to focus on the...


Cutting-Edge Computational Chemistry Enabled by Deep Learning

Machine learning is becoming a bigger part of chemistry as of the last two or three years. Industries need to have people trained in both fields, and it's taken time for them to make their way into this sector. Olexandr Isayev is at the forefront of that wave, and he talks to us about what he's done while melding deep learning and chemistry together and his vision of where he sees this field going with this new tech.


Python and the Open Source Community

Python versus R. It's a heated debate. We won't solve this raging controversy today, but we will peek into the history of Python, particularly in the open source community surrounding it, and see how it came to be what it is today—a well used and flexible programming language. Travis Oliphant: Wes McKinney did a great job in creating Pandas . . . not just creating it but organized a community around it, which are two independent steps and both necessary, by the way. A lot of people get...