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Ep. 21 The Multiverse

What if world just like ours existed slightly out of phase with this one? How great would it be if we could travel between the worlds, and even meet our alternative selves? That is exactly what The Brain Trust tackles this week as they discuss the Multiverse Theory. They get into all sorts of stuff, […] The post Ep. 21 The Multiverse appeared first on .


Ep. 20 Venom Symbiotes

Symbiosis, organisms living with each other, is the foundation of nature. However, some of those relationships are amazing, while others are toxic. Some can be both! That pretty much describes the dichotomy that is the Venom symbiote. What would it be like to live with two consciousnesses in your head? Who is in control, when […] The post Ep. 20 Venom Symbiotes appeared first on .


Ep. 19 Carbonite Freezing

One of the most devastating moments in the Star Wars series is when Han Solo is frozen in carbonite. He is unfrozen pretty easily in Return of the Jedi, but how would that work with our current technology? We freeze human cells all the time, but is it possible to safely freeze and unfreeze an […] The post Ep. 19 Carbonite Freezing appeared first on .


Ep. 18 Inception’s P.A.S.I.V. Device

Nothing is more limitless than the potential of a person’s dreams. Nothing is more uncertain either. Since man first fell asleep he has been trying to tame this wild frontier. We have perfected techniques to control your own dreams in the form of lucid dreaming, but how can we enter the dreams of others? That […] The post Ep. 18 Inception’s P.A.S.I.V. Device appeared first on .


Ep. 17 Luke Cage’s Skin

Luke Cage’s Skin To be bulletproof, that would be a man without fear. “The Hero of Harlem” Luke Cage is more than bulletproof, his skin is impervious to all forms of traditional weapons. Bullets, knives, bottles, and even a rocket seem to have no effect. So how could one achieve this effect without going through […] The post Ep. 17 Luke Cage’s Skin appeared first on .


Ep. 16 Harry Potter’s Broomstick

Harry Potter’s Broomstick Who doesn’t want to live in a world where Hogwarts exists? The world of Harry Potter is full of amazing devices, with flying broomsticks being one of the most incredible. Listen as The Brain Trust discusses the pros and cons of Quidditch, Wile E. Coyote’s trouble with rockets, anti-gravity cell towers, giant […] The post Ep. 16 Harry Potter’s Broomstick appeared first on .


Ep. 15 Doc Ock’s Arms

Doc Ock’s Arms Otto Octavius AKA Dr. Octopus, is one of the most fearsome member of Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery. He is a Genius with powerful cybernetic arms, that are capable of incredible feats of strength. We get into all of the incredible advancements of modern day prosthetics, but we also discuss the deadly Irukandji jellyfish, […] The post Ep. 15 Doc Ock’s Arms appeared first on .


Ep. 14 Black Panther’s Sneakers

Black Panther’s Sneakers T’Challa’s ability to walk around silently is kind of taken for granted in Black Panther. In reality creating a 100% silent shoe is incredibly difficult, although not impossible. Listen as The Brain Trust explains the silent spectrum from noise cancelling headphones, to sound emitting polymers. We even get into silent walking technique, […] The post Ep. 14 Black Panther’s Sneakers appeared first on .


Ep. 13 Death Star Technology

Death Star Technology The greatest shadow cast over the Star Wars Universe is that of the Death Star. Whether being constructed in the sky, used as a battering ram, or maximized in the fully evolved Star Killer Base, Death Star Technology is the ultimate in absolute destruction. Listen as we learn the dangers of harnessing […] The post Ep. 13 Death Star Technology appeared first on .


Ep. 12 Battle Mechs

Battle Mechs Whether it’s Battletech, Aliens, Star Wars, or Pacific Rim, sci-fi is obsessed with mechanized suits of armor. One would think that with the advancements in AI, robots and drones, the push would be for automated robots to fight our battles for us. Surprisingly, this is not the case. It turns out Russia, Japan, […] The post Ep. 12 Battle Mechs appeared first on .


Ep. 11 They Live’s Hoffman Lenses

THEY LIVE’s Hoffman Lenses In John Carpenter’s classic THEY LIVE, The main character puts on a pair of sunglasses and is shown a whole hidden world of subtle alien invasion and mental manipulation. Solving this problem requires an encoder, and a decoder, and The Brain Trust and I break down all the possible scenarios from […] The post Ep. 11 They Live’s Hoffman Lenses appeared first on .


Ep. 10 Acme’s Portable Holes

Portable Holes Portable Holes have been an Acme brand staple for years. Who wouldn’t want the ability to walk through a wall, or instantly travel sort distances? Well I get the Brain Trust back together to see just how close we can get to making these a reality. We explore the history with a deep […] The post Ep. 10 Acme’s Portable Holes appeared first on .


Ep. 09 Iron Man’s Armor

Iron Man’s Armor Arguably one of the coolest technical marvels in the fictional universe (no pun intended), Tony Stark’s suit is actually a hybrid of several advanced systems: Propulsion, communication, weapons, and protection. While making the whole may be extremely difficult, it turns out that we have created several of the individual pieces. We talk […] The post Ep. 09 Iron Man’s Armor appeared first on .

Ep. 08 Matter Transporter

Beginning with the original The Fly, and popularized through Star Trek, Matter Transporters have been a staple of Sci-Fi since the beginning. Given the current state of travel, who wouldn’t want to be just “beamed” someplace and be done with it? Well Dennin, Bennin and I tackle this issue head on, covering the complexity of […] The post Ep. 08 Matter Transporter appeared first on .


Ep. 07 Mr. Fusion

Who doesn’t want a small, portable nuclear generator? Well Back to the Future may have planted the seed, that is the end of our national energy problem. We discuss fusion VS fission, Brittany explains how bacteria can create an infinite amount of energy, Ben tells us how many lightening strikes are in a half a […] The post Ep. 07 Mr. Fusion appeared first on .


Ep. 06 Hoverboards

Ever since Back to the Future II came out, everyone has wanted a hoverboard. The idea of a floating skateboard inspired a generation of engineers, who have come out with some amazing, and completely viable options. You will actually be amazed at just how close we are to these things! Dennin, Bennin and I sit […] The post Ep. 06 Hoverboards appeared first on .


Ep. 05 Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

Everyone knows Spider-Man. He has been a comic book hero for 55 years, and has several movies based on his exploits. One of the more intriguing aspects to his persona are his web-shooters. All of his abilities were bestowed upon him by happenstance (being bitten by a radioactive spider), but he designed and manufactured his […] The post Ep. 05 Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters appeared first on .

Ep. 04 T1000

The T1000 is the ultimate in robotic evolution: Highly customizable in every way. The liquid metal construction allows this model mimic the outward appearance of anyone, and become the size of anything roughly the same size as a human body. The real advancement comes in the T1000’s ability to be liquid when shot by bullets, […] The post Ep. 04 T1000 appeared first on .


Ep. 03 Everlasting Gobstopper

In the late 70’s, fictional character William “Willy” Wonka, an eccentric confectioner with a heart (and rare ticket) of gold, created a candy that was not only affordable to everyone, but it would last forever. He claimed that “You can suck it, and suck it, and suck it, and it won’t get any smaller”. It […] The post Ep. 03 Everlasting Gobstopper appeared first on .


Ep. 02 Proton Packs

The 1984 film Ghostbusters was quintessential for instilling in us the notion that ghosts are real, and can be captured using unlicensed nuclear accelerators strapped to one’s back. While incredibly useful and cutting edge for their time, they were also dangerous, holding the power to destroy life as we know it (cross the streams = […] The post Ep. 02 Proton Packs appeared first on .