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Ep. 09 Iron Man’s Armor

Iron Man’s Armor Arguably one of the coolest technical marvels in the fictional universe (no pun intended), Tony Stark’s suit is actually a hybrid of several advanced systems: Propulsion, communication, weapons, and protection. While making the whole may be extremely difficult, it turns out that we have created several of the individual pieces. We talk […] The post Ep. 09 Iron Man’s Armor appeared first on .

Ep. 08 Matter Transporter

Beginning with the original The Fly, and popularized through Star Trek, Matter Transporters have been a staple of Sci-Fi since the beginning. Given the current state of travel, who wouldn’t want to be just “beamed” someplace and be done with it? Well Dennin, Bennin and I tackle this issue head on, covering the complexity of […] The post Ep. 08 Matter Transporter appeared first on .


Ep. 07 Mr. Fusion

Who doesn’t want a small, portable nuclear generator? Well Back to the Future may have planted the seed, that is the end of our national energy problem. We discuss fusion VS fission, Brittany explains how bacteria can create an infinite amount of energy, Ben tells us how many lightening strikes are in a half a […] The post Ep. 07 Mr. Fusion appeared first on .


Ep. 06 Hoverboards

Ever since Back to the Future II came out, everyone has wanted a hoverboard. The idea of a floating skateboard inspired a generation of engineers, who have come out with some amazing, and completely viable options. You will actually be amazed at just how close we are to these things! Dennin, Bennin and I sit […] The post Ep. 06 Hoverboards appeared first on .


Ep. 05 Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

Everyone knows Spider-Man. He has been a comic book hero for 55 years, and has several movies based on his exploits. One of the more intriguing aspects to his persona are his web-shooters. All of his abilities were bestowed upon him by happenstance (being bitten by a radioactive spider), but he designed and manufactured his […] The post Ep. 05 Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters appeared first on .

Ep. 04 T1000

The T1000 is the ultimate in robotic evolution: Highly customizable in every way. The liquid metal construction allows this model mimic the outward appearance of anyone, and become the size of anything roughly the same size as a human body. The real advancement comes in the T1000’s ability to be liquid when shot by bullets, […] The post Ep. 04 T1000 appeared first on .


Ep. 03 Everlasting Gobstopper

In the late 70’s, fictional character William “Willy” Wonka, an eccentric confectioner with a heart (and rare ticket) of gold, created a candy that was not only affordable to everyone, but it would last forever. He claimed that “You can suck it, and suck it, and suck it, and it won’t get any smaller”. It […] The post Ep. 03 Everlasting Gobstopper appeared first on .


Ep. 02 Proton Packs

The 1984 film Ghostbusters was quintessential for instilling in us the notion that ghosts are real, and can be captured using unlicensed nuclear accelerators strapped to one’s back. While incredibly useful and cutting edge for their time, they were also dangerous, holding the power to destroy life as we know it (cross the streams = […] The post Ep. 02 Proton Packs appeared first on .


Ep. 01 Frankenstein’s Monster

In our first episode, just in time for Halloween, Physicist Dr. Michael Dennin, Rocket Scientist Ben Siepser, Microbiologist Dr. Brittany Needham, and The Analytical Mastermind Daniel J. Glenn discuss how to create your very own reanimated corpse. Okay, so reanimating dead tissue is out of our grasp right now, but there are several alternatives for […] The post Ep. 01 Frankenstein’s Monster appeared first on .