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Making your favorite fictional technology a reality

Making your favorite fictional technology a reality


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Making your favorite fictional technology a reality




Ep. 82 Phineas & Ferb

Phineas & Ferb are two kids who, along with their brilliant friends, are able to build some incredible technology. They are only rivaled by Dr. Doofenschmirtz and his “inators”. While discussing their latest movie “Candace Against The Universe”, we get into some really fascinating science, including a mind-controlling plant, a gigantic juggling robot, fungus-filled alien […]


Ep. 81 The WonderCon WandaVision Wandendum

In our WonderCon WandaVision panel, we covered a lot of the science behind the hit marvel show, including a brief history of television shows, the power of magic runes, and the ability to rewrite reality. That was MOST of what went on inside the Westview Anomoly, but we thought it deserved a little more. This […]


Ep. 80 Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo and his crew are part of a company called Mystery, Inc., and they go around solving capers, crimes, and other oddities of high strangeness. Typically the villain is a real estate developer who is masquerading as some sort of supernatural being. Given the skeptical nature of Fred and Wilma, how are the Scooby […]


Ep. 79 The Flintstones

The Flintstones have been dubbed “The Modern Stone Age Family”, and it is absolutely true. Despite the fact that they appear to be living in a prehistoric civilization, they have all the conveniences of the modern world, albeit slightly altered to match their resources. Specialized animals make up the bulk of the work force, including […]


Ep. 78 The Jetsons

The Jetsons was a show about living in the space age, and all the atomic-powered technology you can fit into one futuristic apartment. George Jetson had everything: robot dogs fueled by nuclear energy, a sentient robot maid named Rosie, and a 3D food printer that was operated with punch cards. He even had a three […]


Ep. 77 Tom & Jerry

This is our first episode taking a close look at the physics of the cartoon world of Hanna-Barbera. Tom & Jerry have had a tumultuous relationship for as long as they have known each other and their uneasy truces quickly dissolve into all out combat. The physics of that combat is what is really intriguing. […]


Ep. 76 Wonder Woman 84

In the latest Wonder Woman movie, a new and reality bending item is introduced: The Dreamstone. All someone has to do is touch it, and it will grant one wish. This is a powerful promise, one that even Wonder Woman falls victim to. In this episode, we take a look at the way reality is […]


Ep. 75 Tenet

Tenet is a movie about the idea that you can reverse the flow of time by reversing the entropy of an object. This is a fascinating way to look at time travel, although it happens in “Real Time” so you have to live the events in their entirety (forwards of backwards) instead of jumping over […]


Ep. 74 Love Potion No. 9

The mystery of human attraction remain unsolved, but Love Potion No. 9 attempts to solve it through the the voice. This is a movie about a substance that when sprayed onto your vocal cords, it affects your voice in such a way that the opposite sex will find you undeniably fascinating, while the same sex […]


Ep. 73 Groundhog Day

Could you imagine being stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over? Where you remember everything, and everyone around you remembers nothing? This is exactly what happens to Phil Connors in the classic movie Groundhog Day. While living without any consequences is fun at first, once Phil realizes he is stuck […]


Ep. 72 Pinky & The Brain

When one thinks of world domination, two people should immediately spring to mind: Pinky & The Brain. These two genetically enhanced mice attempt to take over the world on a nightly basis, and have come devastatingly close on several occasions. In this episode, we examine some of those plans from the latest season, and offer […]


Ep. 71 Santa Claus: The Delivery

As they say in the cinematic classic “A Christmas Story”, every Christmas-celebrating child’s year revolves around December 25th. It is on this day that Santa Claus travel across the entire world on a flying reindeer-powered sleigh to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls. The real question is “How does he do […]


Ep. 70 Santa Claus: The Preparation

Every Year on Dec. 25, Santa Claus takes to the skies to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys in the world, but that one day takes 364 days of preparation to pull off. A naughty/nice list must be compiled, millions of toys must be assembled, and the entire delivery route must […]


Ep. 69 Prep & Landing

When it comes to Christmas, Santa typically gets all the credit, but it turns out he has a crack team of elves that work behind the scenes. One such team is called Prep & Landing, and their job is to prepare each house for Santa’s arrival. Listen as we discuss the exploits of Wayne and […]


Ep. 68 Project Power

If there was a pill that could give you a random superpower for only five mins, but there was no guarantee you would survive, would you take it? That is the question asked by the movie Project Power. The superpowers granted by the pharmaceutical are random, and are typically some form of augmented biology, such […]


Ep. 67 I Am Mother

What would it be like for a human to be raised exclusively by a robot in an underground bunker? This question is explored in the movie I Am Mother. An automated bunker houses an AI powered robot named “Mother” and this robot is responsible for the last remnants of humanity, which are stored as embryos […]


Ep. 66 The Strange Case of Dr. Banner & Mr. Hulk

We are all familiar with The Hulk and his ever increasing strength, but where does this power ultimately come from? Is it somehow tied to his psyche? Is there an altered biological reason for this transformation? In this episode we take a look into mind of Dr. Banner to see if it holds the key […]


Ep. 65 Vivarium

In nature, some bird species will try to get another bird species to raise their young by secretly laying eggs in their nest. This is called brood parasitism. The movie Vivarium takes this concept and applies it to humans. Tom and Emma get trapped in a weird subdivision called Yonder, and are given a baby […]


Ep. 64 Blade

Blade is a BA vampire hunter, who also happens to be half-vampire himself. His mom was bitten while pregnant, which bestowed upon Blade all of the vampire strengths, but none of the weaknesses…sort of. He still has to drink blood which while not a physical weakness per se, is definitely a social weakness. At his […]


Ep. 63 Tremors

Tremors is about a group of people in the tiny Nevada town of Perfection who encounter large, subterranean worm-like creatures called Graboids, which are attracted to sound. In this episode, we attempt to explain the biology of these creatures, including their incredible locomotive abilities, bulletproof head, and mouth tentacles. We also take a look at […]