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Having the Talk - Broadcast Media

We’re Having the Talk with Dave Caponetto and his wife Jenny on broadcast media. Exploring how the deep roots radio and TV have in American culture, this talk asks questions about the role these mediums play in modern day society, and what role they will play in the rapidly shifting future of media. Dave, an emerging voice in radio, and Jenny, a business expert in TV and film consumption data, offer both personal and professional insights into a field that continues to play a major role in...


Having the Talk - Central America and the Maya

We’re Having the Talk with Joe and Adam. Season 2 kicks off with just your hosts, catching up themselves after a two month travel hiatus. Joe opens up the listening to our audience as Adam recounts his journey through Central America, reflecting on everything from the environmental message of the ancient Maya to geology, ecology, & volcano climbing in the eastern Pacific Rim of Fire. @HavingTheTalk @TweetingTheTalk @godpersonified


Having the Talk - Mike Bocchetti - A Career in Stand Up Comedy

We’re Having the Talk with Mike Bocchetti to answer the question, what’s behind a comedian? As Mike traces his path to success on comedy programs like Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony, he offers a personalized portrait of a comedians journey. Along the way we ask: what type of person becomes a comedian, what was the NYC scene like in it’s golden era, how does culture change to suddenly celebrate artists that tried and failed for years, and how should artists change in response to the times?...


Having the Talk - Sounds of the Natural World

We’re Having the Talk on music composition and sounds of the natural world with Nick Virzi, a composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. In this talk, Nick reveals the underlying connections between the sound ecosystems we live in and the music we listen to. His claim, that the primal relationships humans share with the sounds in their environments have shaped and continue to shape music composition, opens ones eyes to beautiful soundscapes that surround us and offer a new...


Having the Talk - Wine

We’re Having the Talk with Stu the Wine Guru. Drawing on a tenured career in the wine industry, and a passionate personal connoisseurship, Stu offers a tour de force of wine: Old World vs New World vintages, soil and grape varietals, valuations, shifting market forces, college imbibers and emerging international markets hot accessories, and the future of the industry are all discussed with a fervor characteristic of anyone passionate about what they do. Stu the Wine Guru can be found at...


Having the Talk - Stay Active

We’re Having the Talk on health and the human body with George, a physical therapy practitioner with a simple message: stay active. George talks us through a mechanical view of the body, the psychological aspects of healing, his time working with cadavers as a student and teacher, and how an overall appreciation for the human form inspires the way he works with people. George has recently been published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. Read his article here:...


Having the Talk - Superheroes

We’re Having the Talk on comic books and superhero culture with Frankie Davi, an American history scholar and comic enthusiast. In an exploration of the intersections between superhero comics and American culture/history, this talk examines the foundations of the genre - starting with the Golden Age heroes of Batman and Superman - and reaches to the political activism found in later age comics like Black Panther. Frankie takes on the hype of marvel movies and reconciles that with the...


Having the Talk - Magnetism

We're Having the Talk with Greg Alves, a CNC engineer specializing in the production of critical aviation component parts. Greg welcomes us all into his expansive mind, branching from his pragmatic use of a home 3D printer, to his experimentation with magnets on plant and human life, to his plans for a paradigm shift in energy through the use of "negative electricity." Here is an inspiring call to action for future generations of engineers and every day people to adapt and flourish. FInd...


Having the Talk - 3D Printing

We're Having the Talk with Seth Feingersh about the engineering of today, tomorrow. Seth recounts his years in the 3D printing industry leading up to its crash and his transition into the sound engineering industry. He dispels some misconceptions about the world of 3D printing, offers exciting insight into the potential for audio and voice to structure our reality, and stokes brave new speculation about engineering the cities of the future. Find Seth Feingersh on all social media with...


Having the Talk - What Are We Trying to Say?

Having the Talk with Joe and Adam’s first episode features friend, multi-platform comedian and contributor for The Onion, Kevin Flynn. This episode is centered around the urge to publish thought and share. What motivates people with no audience to amplify beyond that? This stems into a conversation with Kevin regarding his work with The Onion as well as his creation of his popular Boston University centric version, The Bunion. | Find Kevin Flynn on all social media with @Flynncredible. |...