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Ep. 35 Zack Rago: Diving In with Chasing Coral Co-Star

Produced by www.EcoArtsFoundation.org visit www.LetsTalkAboutTheWeather.org to comment. ZACKERY RAGO is the Youth Outreach Manager for Exposure Labs' Chasing Coral Impact Campaign and is thrilled to engage youth around the globe through science, art, and passion. Zack’s passion for coral reefs began in the Hawaiian Islands where he spent his childhood summers under the waves of the Pacific. His infatuation with coral led to a position in the marine aquarium industry for 4 years before...


Ep. 34 Beverly Naidus: Superwoman Remediating Superfund Sites

Beverly Naidus is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and educator. While developing an innovative studio arts curriculum, she has been creating interactive installations, digital projects, artist books and narrative and conceptual drawings for over three decades. Much of her work is audience-participatory, inviting people to tell their own stories in response to the theme being explored. Inspired by the lived experience, topics in her art focus on environmental and social issues,...


Ep. 33 Photographic Story Teller Noam Bedein Advocates Dead Sea Revival

Visit www.EcoArtsFoundation.org to comment. Beginning in April 2016, environmental visual arts activist Noam Bedein began documenting the treasures of the Dead Sea, gathering evidence of new dramatic geological phenomena and measuring the constant and rapid receding water level. Scientists are warning that if something is not done immediately, all that will remain of the Dead Sea will be a small pool of salt water. His mission is to share the incredible beauty of this World Heritage...


Ellison and Borden Amplify Ecological Culture with Design and Landscape Architecture Ep. 32

Contact the show! Aaron M. Ellison is the Senior Research Fellow in Ecology in Harvard’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Senior Ecologist & Deputy Director at the Harvard Forest, and a semi-professional photographer and writer. He studies the disintegration and reassembly of ecosystems following natural and anthropogenic disturbances; thinks about the relationship between the Dao and the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis; reflects on the critical and reactionary...


Ep. 31 Mario Benassi: A Walk on the Wild Side of Environmental Film

Mario Benassi is a producer, director and cinematographer dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity. National Geographic, PBS and Discovery Channel are just a few of the many organizations Benassi has worked with. Acclaimed for filming in rugged and remote jungles, Benassi has put himself in extreme situations to capture intimate moments with truly amazing wildlife. He now resides in Haines, Alaska where he continues to document the wonders of nature exposing how pollution and other...


Ep. 30 Jill Kubit: DearTomorrow Personalizes Climate Change

Sent on April 25, 2018 by Anonymous. “to the future generation, Hello to whoever reads this letter in the future. Today is a beautiful sunny day without a single cloud in sight. The sun is warm with a slight breeze tingling down my face as I walk on the sidewalks. Over the next ten, twenty or even thirty years, these clear, sunny skies may not even exist. At the current rate of pollution and climate change that we are currently experiencing, cities may begin to fill up with smog and...


Ep. 29 Daniel Hudon: Eco Fiction and Poetry for Species Lost

Daniel Hudon, originally from Canada, is an adjunct lecturer in math, astronomy and physics. He is the author of two books of nonfiction: a humorous intro to the universe, called The Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmos and a lyrical prose compendium designed to raise awareness about the biodiversity crisis, called Brief Eulogies for Lost Animals: An Extinction Reader. He likes to go hiking and kayaking and to dance Argentine tango. He can be found online at DanielHudon.com, @daniel_hudon, and...


Ep. 28 Doron Gazit: Olympics Fly Guy inventor takes Inflatable Art to Devastated Environments

Designer and environmental artist Doron Gazit‘s use of the natural elements - in particular wind - has provoked and fascinated onlookers from the Fly Guy of the Olympics to visual feasts across castles and deserts. Since 2014, he has sounded a creative alarm of sorts through his Red Line Project, a series of red balloon tunnels highlighting humans’ misuse of the environment. Gazit’s temporary installations can be found documented across the globe from the Dead Sea sinkholes to Alaskan...


Ep. 27 Miss Violette: Making an Impact through Melody and Rhyme

Miss Violette is a budding duo that marries the unique style of singer/songwriter and activist Violette Larsen with the musical direction and insight of acclaimed producer and writer Angus Wilson. On and off stage they commit their lives to the musical embodiment of love and truth through lyrics and melody, on a mission together to bring heart centered, impact driven music back to the mainstream. Their first EP Black Snake, inspired by the Dakota Access oil pipeline, will be released July...


Ep. 26 Lara Segura: Bee Conscious and National Water Dance Choreography

Lara Segura has extensive experience as a professional dancer, teacher, producer and choreographer. In 2005 Lara graduated with a BFA Degree from San Diego State University and was later named the 2012 Dance Alumni of the Year for SDSU. She has had the pleasure of performing with Malashock Dance, Mojalet Dance Collective, Jacksonville Dance Theater, Sound Dance Company, Wallpaper Performance Company and San Diego Dance Theater’s Trolley Dances. She has served as a faculty member at...


Ep. 25 Ruth Wallen: Confronting Development and Climate Change

Ruth Wallen is a multimedia artist and writer whose work is dedicated to encouraging dialogue about ecology and social justice. She creates web sites and outdoor installations and has participated in innumerable exhibitions. Solo exhibitions range from Franklin Furnace, CEPA, New Langton Arts, to many San Diego venues. Web site hosts include the California Museum of Photography and the Exploratorium, where her work is currently on view. She was part of Weather Report: Art and Climate...


Ep. 24 Regan Rosburg: Breaching Grief, Melancholia and Mania with Biophilia

Regan Rosburg is an artist and naturalist. Recently, her work has been an investigation into society's collective grief, melancholia and mania which manifests as consumption and distraction. She has conducted biology-based research trips to the Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, The Pacific Northwest Coast, and the Smokey Mountains of Northeast Tennessee. Rosburg works in a variety of materials. Her resin work contains precious artifacts: plant and animal relics, bones,...


Ep. 23 Katharine Wilkinson: Drawdown and the Middle Ground on Climate

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson is Senior Writer at Project Drawdown, where she collaborated with Paul Hawken on the New York Times best-seller Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. Katharine’s interdisciplinary background cuts across research, strategy, and thought leadership, with a focus on exploring, amplifying, and invigorating action to address climate change. She is a Guest Lecturer in environmental leadership at Agnes Scott College. Previously, she...


Ep. 22 Marina Zurkow & Una Chaudhuri: The Nature - Culture Intersection

www.LetsTalkAboutTheWeather.org Marina Zurkow is a media artist focused on near-impossible nature and culture intersections, researching “wicked problems” like invasive species, superfund sites, and petroleum interdependence. She has used life science, bio materials, animation, dinners and software technologies to foster intimate connections between people and non-human agents. Her work spans gallery installations and unconventional public participatory projects. Currently, she is working...


Ep. 21 Andy Myers: Picturing a Just Transition

CALL TO ACTION by March 9th, 2018 Text OCEAN to 52886 to leave a comment with the Federal Government regarding offshore drilling and/or visit Regulations.gov. Andy Myers is the Senior Campaign Coordinator for Working Films, he holds a B.A in film studies and a B.A in environmental studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. A longtime proponent of connecting film with activism, he has coordinated various national campaigns which leverage the narrative in social issue...


Ep. 20 Mario Escobar: The Story of Stuff

www.LetsTalkAboutTheWeather.org Mario Escobar is the Digital Media Producer for the Story of Stuff Project, a non-profit which utilizes the power of animated video and picture to raise awareness of the impact our take-make-waste economy has on the environment. As he manages the creation of short, educational videos - his position entails him to identify, create and share impactful stories that highlight problems and solutions relating to various environmental issues. Mario has spent more...


Ep. 19 Kyle Calian: Regenerating the Planet through Print

www.LetsTalkAboutTheWeather.org Kyle Calian is the founder the Regeneration Magazine, a biannual print and digital publication, that seeks to address the lack of informative and inspiring content on the environment by highlighting the people who have chosen to make addressing these problems their life’s work. By showcasing the personal stories of these creatives, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs, the hope is that by changing the conversation on climate change, their social enterprises...


Ep. 18 Justin Hofman: Polar Bears, Q-Tips, and Expeditions

www.LetsTalkAboutTheWeather.org You probably know Justin Hofman as the mastermind behind the viral photo of an innocent seahorse carrying a Q-tip through the ocean. This captivating photo alerted millions of viewers to the toxic impact we have on other creatures and environments. As a distinguished photographer, videographer and scientific illustrator, Justin is a member of the SeaLegacy Collective, a group of prominent photographers and videographers who use the power of media and art to...


Ep. 17 Marina Qutab: Living the Eco Goddess Lifestyle through film, photo, recipes, and music

www.LetsTalkAboutTheWeather.org Marina Qutab, better known as the Eco Goddess, is a zero waste vegan influencer. As an activist since the age of 10, she latched on to art and music in particular to spread her message. Apart from being an eco-musician herself, she founded Ecostrings, an organization which uses music to educate people worldwide about pressing social issues and encourages them to take action. Among her many talents, Marina is about to release her first ever E-book called...


Ep. 16 Kirsi Jansa: Pioneering Sustainability with Documentary Film

www.LetsTalkAboutTheWeather.org Kirsi Jansa is a documentary filmmaker and journalist, she uses the power of authentic human stories to educate the people, especially on issues relating to environment, health and sustainability. She is best known for her two short documentary series, Gas Rush Stories and Sustainability Pioneers. Kirsi is currently an organizer for Creatives 4 Climate, an organization that brings together artists, architects, climate communicators and scientists to inspire...