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Episode 5. Solving Structures with X-Rays

Episode Notes In this episode we cover the history and development of crystallography, the study of the structures that make up the materials around us. The history of this field is filled with accidental discoveries, ingenious inventions, and drama between those who study it. One of the most important discoveries to come out of this field is x-ray diffraction. This important characterization technique allowed scientists to delve deeper into crystal structures than ever before. We discuss...


Episode 4. Turning Heat into Electricity

In this episode we talk about thermoelectrics which, as the name suggests, are materials that can convert heat into electricity or vice versa. Since their inception almost 200 years ago there have been major advances in thermoelectric efficiency and they have found their way into some amazing applications such as NASA’s deep space probes or the Mars rover Curiosity. For the latter half of the 20th century, thermoelectric materials research was relatively stagnant with little improvement in...


Episode 3. Making Materials in a Microwave

Episode Notes In this episode we learn about an unexpected approach to processing materials: the common kitchen microwave. While most people only think about the microwave when it’s time to reheat some leftovers, there has been a surprising scientific interest from materials researchers in the last few decades. In fact, microwave processing can achieve pretty remarkable feats such as extremely rapid sintering and heat treatment of materials as well as providing a means for microstructural...


Episode 2. Materials Commercialization: Batch 21

Episode 2 Notes In this episode we sit down with Dr. Chett Boxley, the co-founder of Glycosurf LLC and Batch 21. Chett is a serial entrepreneur with a PhD in chemistry from the University of Utah and a long history of bringing products out of the laboratory and into the market. For this episode he describes the unique challenge of both developing a new materials-based product and also selling it and running a young startup. You can learn a lot more about Batch 21 and their green skin care...


Episode 1. The History of Steel

Episode Notes Hello and welcome to the inaugural episode of the Materialism Podcast: an exploration of the past, present, and future of materials science and engineering. This episode deals with the most ubiquitous and important engineering material of all time: steel. The story of steel is fascinating and ties into the history of the Industrial Revolution, the birth of capitalism, and so much more. It would be hard to think of another material that did more to change society. If you...


Introduction to Materialism

Episode Notes The ideal audience for this podcast would be students of materials science and engineering or anybody who is interested in learning more about the materials that make up our world. Each episode will include a brief general introduction to the topic so that any listener can understand the subject matter. We hope you’ll enjoy the podcast. Feel free to connect with us on instagram at @Materialism.podcast. You can also send us questions or suggested podcast topics at...