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SoS10: Speaking Of Race Recast

In this episode, we talk about the recent Human Biology Association meeting and share of our favorite episodes of the “Speaking of Race” podcast. “Speaking of Race” is a project by HBA member Jim Bindon, along with historian Erik Peterson and cultural anthropologist Jo Weaver. In this episode from Black History month, they interview molecular biologist Malcolm Byrnes about the legacy of E.E. Just and evolutionary biologist Joseph Graves and his own experiences as an African-American...


SoS9: Doomed to Mad Maxian World? Evolution of inequality with Mary Shenk & Siobhan Mattison

In our 9th episode we talk with Drs. Mary Shenk and Siobhán Mattison about the evolution of persistent institutional inequality. Dr. Shenk is an associate professor of anthropology at Penn State University and Dr. Mattison is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of New Mexico. The paper we discussed is “The Evolution of Inequality” published by Evolutionary Anthropology in 2016.,Smith,Shenk&Cochrane2016-EvAnth.pdf You can...


SoS8: Infant Growth & Baby Fat: A Chat with Morgan Hoke

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Morgan Hoke, a biocultural anthropologist and Assistant Professor in Anthropology and the Population Studies Center at UPenn. We talk about her work on infant growth and maternal health at the long-term human biology field site in Nuñoa, Peru relative to her article “Economic activity and patterns of infant growth in a high altitude district of Peru” in the November/December 2017 issues of AJHB and about her January 2018 Sapiens piece on baby fat and brains....


SoS7: Of Goldilocks & Baby Fat in Birth Weight: Chat with Liz Holdsworth & Larry Schell

This episode is the third of our show format interviews of people with recent publications in the American Journal of Human Biology, the official journal of the Human Biology Association. It is in a way the special connections episode where we interview University at Albany PhD candidate, Elizabeth Holdsworth, and her advisor, Dr. Larry Schell. Liz and Larry are both office neighbors to Cara at UAlbany, and “back in the day” Larry was Chris’ PhD advisor. We are discussing their recent...


SoS6: Stress, Sex, and Plague - A Chat with Sharon DeWitte

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Sharon DeWitte, a bioarchaeologist and Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina. We talk about health improvements after Black Death in London, feminist bioarchaeology, and secular trends in age a menarche in mortuary remains. She has a new article in early view in AJHB called “Stress, sex, and plague: Patterns of developmental stress and survival in pre- and post-Black Death London” (early view 26 Oct 2017). For more information about Sharon...


SoS5: Don't Fight that Cellulite - Cara Ocobock

This episode is the premier of our short format interviews of people with recent publications in the American Journal of Human Biology, the official journal of the Human Biology Association. Dr. Cara Ocobock is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University at Albany (SUNY) and co-host of this show. Chris suggested this idea to Cara, who liked it, so we turned on the recorder and did an impromptu interview on the spot. Cara’s piece that we discuss is “Body fat attenuates muscle mass...


SoS4: How Skin Color is an Evolutionary Adaptation - Nina Jablonski Part B

Dr. Nina Jablonski is Evan Pugh Professor of Anthropology at Penn State University. She is a primatologist and paleoanthropologist but has also become among the foremost experts in the world on the biology and evolution of human skin pigmentation. She is author of Living Color: The Biological and Social Meaning of Skin Color (2012) and Skin: A Natural History (2006). Dr. Jablonski was interviewed by Chris, along with Jo Weaver and Erik Peterson, while in Tuscaloosa, AL to give a lecture...


SoS2: Science on Tap: Sean Rafferty and Scientific Skepticism (Part B)

Dr. Sean Rafferty is an archaeologist at the University at Albany. His office is right next door to Cara’s. He was one of Chris’ professors in grad school. Sean’s focus has moved from strictly cognitive and Northeastern U.S. archaeology to the philosophy of skepticism. While Chris fondly remembers Sean as skeptical by nature, he has delved deeper into the discipline, theory, and literature of skepticism and teaches several courses and sections on it to UAlbany students. Cara hosts Science...


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