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Doctor Who – Ep208: It’s Definitely a Conundrum

Welcome to Episode 208... The News Arachnids in the UK consolidated and The Tsuranga Conundrum overnight figures; episodes 7 and 8 get their official titles and some blurb; lost story The Wheel in Space is getting a 10 minute animated short at the BFI and The Paternoster Gang is coming to Big Finish. Merch Corner No merch this week. "The Tsuranga Conundrum" Review We weren't impressed last week so has this week provided some more oomf or is this a mid-series dip for sure? Thank you as...


Doctor Who – Ep207: It’s the Double Whammy Review Show!

Welcome to Episode 207... No news or merch this week. "Rosa" Review A proper historical for what seems like ages in Who. Important subject matter and some emotional stuff to behold but does The Chibbers handle this well and with respect? And... "Arachnids in the UK" Review After the previous emotional bomb from the last episode, we need a good old "creature feature". Did this deliver a decent scare show in time for Halloween or is this a case of Arach-miss in the UK? Thank you so much...


Doctor Who – Ep206: It’s the TARDIS but not as we know it

Welcome to Episode 206... The News The Woman Who Fell to Earth tops the viewing figures for a series opener, the William Hartnell plaque is unveiled and there's a new fan project book awaiting your submissions about Torchwood. Merch Corner Lovarzi release their new short version of the Fourth Doctors burgundy scarf, the upcoming TARDIS Type 40 Manual is on the way and Titan announce a new Thirteenth Doctor Kawaii 6.5" figure along with the new TARDIS 6.5". "The Ghost Monument"...


Doctor Who – Ep205: Unlucky for some but not here

Welcome to Episode 205... The News A quick update on the Hartnell Heritage Plaque and the Series 11 opener overnight viewing figures. Merch Corner Volume 3 of the Tenth Doctor Adventures is coming in May 2019 featuring Wilf and there's an exclusive (and very expensive!) limited edition 13th Doctor Barbie if you can find one. "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" Review It's finally here! It's great to watch our new Doctor doing her thing as we kick off our Series 11 reviews. Was it all worth the...


Doctor Who – Ep204: Goodbye One Before Hello Thirteen

Welcome to Episode 204... The News Series 13 gets its Sunday evening time slot confirmed and our friends in Canada also get their broadcast time confirmed. Merch Corner A new 4th Doctor audio adventure is on the way from the BBC and the 13th Doctor is making an appearance in the Eaglemoss figurine magazine. "The Tenth Planet" Review We thought it would be fitting to do a Hartnell story for two reasons; one, we haven't done a Hartnell story in ages and two, it seems fitting to go back and...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep203: The Attic Crew Vs Potato Head

Welcome to Episode 203... The News We get another, meatier trailer which takes the show in a very different vibe and some news on the Episode 1 press screening in Sheffield. Merch Corner New vinyl exclusives from the 4th and 10th Doctor's are heading to Sainsbury's and HMV respectively and three new 13th Doctor books (with their audiobook counterparts) are on the way. "SJA - The Last Sontaran" Review We've loved reviewing SJA so far and Series 1 was awesome. Are we just as happy with...


Doctor Who – Ep202: Journey to the Centre of… Oh, Corridors

Welcome to Episode 202... The News A quick update on the DWAS fundraising for the Hartnell Heritage plaque (check their eBay auction items here), talking of the DWAS they're holding a cool Series 11 launch party if you can get to South End, Earthshock is being shown (the upcoming remastered high-def version) at the BFI London and we chat through a bunch of Series 11 info released by the Beeb. Merch Corner Rubbertoe Props release "Sonic docking ports" for the 11th and 12th Doctor Sonic...


Torchwood – Ep201: It’s a Small World After All

Welcome to Episode 201... The News We finally have an airdate for series 11 with a move to Sunday nights, our Australian friends will get the series 11 opener in cinemas, sadly actor Peter Benson (Bor in Terminus) has passed away and we've got some info on that K-9 movie that disappeared. Merch Corner The 4K UHD release of Twice Upon a Time can now be ordered in the UK, the 13th Doctor is coming to the Mr Men/Little Miss universe with a new story and on the subject of the Hargreaves...


Doctor Who – Ep200: We’re Shocked At Reaching 200!

Welcome to Episode 200... We made it to 200! Wow, where has the time gone?! Back in 2014, we had no idea that our show would last this long and how it would progress in an already growing area of Who podcasts. I'm thrilled with the community we've built and able to share the good times with you all. Over the last 200 hundred shows, we've reviewed a ton of Who (and there's lots of classic Who left to do!), put together an awesome writing team who put out great articles each week, travelled...


Doctor Who – Ep199: Bad Mr Smith

Welcome to Episode 199... The News The DWAS kick-off the fundraising for the Hartnell Heritage Plaque and a bunch of new writers and directors announced for Series 11. Merch Corner Moody Dalek Tat this week brings us... Big Finish announce their 20th Anniversary celebrations with upcoming special releases across 2019 and 2010, Series 19 is getting the restoration and blu ray set treatment, last year's The Sarah Jane Adventures convention The Attic is coming to dvd and blu ray and...


Torchwood – Ep198: Sexy Cyber Fail

Welcome to Episode 198... The News The DWAS to honour William Hartnell, series 11 wraps filming and a quick update on the BBC court case to sniff out the mole who leaked a series 11 clip a few weeks back. Merch Corner New Doctor Who Magazine Special - The World of Doctor Who, we're getting Fourth Doctor stories at Big Finish until at least 2021 and the full soundtrack to The Five Doctors is up for pre-order. "Cyberwoman" Review Often viewed as a poor story in series 1 of Torchwood, how...


Doctor Who – Ep197: Doctor vs. Snake

Welcome to Episode 197... The News We give you the rundown on London Film and Comic Con plus the sad news of a classic Who actor leaving us. Merch Corner The Class soundtrack gets a special vinyl release. "Snakedance" Review A bit creepy this one with possessed people and, er, very camp spoilt sons. We haven't reviewed a Davison story for a while so good to spend some time with this Tardis crew. What are we thinking though? Hit or missssss? Thank you for joining us for 197. It's...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep196: Beware Hooded Aliens

Welcome to Episode 196... The News The BBC and have teamed up to offer a Who-themed Escape Room starting later this year and get into all the Who details from last weekend's San Diego Comic Con. Merch Corner DWM subscribers are going to get text-less covers from now on, the first 13th Doctor book to accompany the new series is out in Sep, the War Master is back at Big Finish and there's a new Sonic Screwdriver in town. "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" Review A little bit...


Doctor Who – Ep195: The Beast Below

Welcome to Episode 195... The News Plenty to cover from the last two weeks including... a confirmed Christmas Special(?), New Zealand channel nabs the broadcast rights for series 11 and we discuss the recently released teaser. Merch Corner A new 50th Anniversary book for Lethbridge-Stewart, plenty of 13th Doctor figures inbound from SDCC and those re-released DVD boxsets from the US. "The Satan Pit" Review Possessed Ood, big caverns and Alien-esque air vents make up this story for our...


Doctor Who – Ep194: Xenomorphs and Slush Puppies

Welcome to Episode 194... The News The BBC isn't messing around with the recent leak and is off to court to track down and punish the naughty individual. Merch Corner The upcoming primer/volume 0 issue of the Thirteenth Doctor's comic run starting this September has had some details released. "Dragonfire" Review Series 24 is an odd beast to contend with. McCoy's first run around the block certainly divides opinion but how does this series finale hold up? Voted as McCoy's most popular...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep193: Don’t Trust Your Computers

Welcome to Episode 193... The News We have a new composer! Murray Gold has been turfed out via the back door and new guy Segun Akinola has been drafted in to not only compose the incidental score but also put a new theme together. Best of luck! Merch Corner More new Torchwood is on the way as Big Finish announce Series 6: God Among Us, a new audiobook from the BBC, The Caves of Androzani, read by Peter Davison is due for release this November and also coming this November, a new...


Doctor Who – Ep192: Is it Sutekh or not?

Welcome to Episode 192... The News This year's San Diego Comic Con will see the first panel featuring the new cast and producers from the new series of Who. Can we expect a trailer? Merch Corner The fan fiction book The Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys is out now with all proceeds going to charity; Robert Harrop preview the Second Doctor and K9 and the Series 11 dvd and blu rays are already up for pre-order! "The Impossible Planet" Review Often viewed as a cool story within a...


Torchwood – Ep191: Who You Gonna Call?

Welcome to Episode 191... The News Australian comedian Rob Lloyd is taking is Who-themed comedy show Who, Me. tour across the UK. Merch Corner A collection of the Lethbridge-Stewart novels from Candy Jar Books are available for free this weekend on Kindle, there's new Who Talk commentaries for The Massacre and Revenge of the Cybermen and Eaglemoss are offering 17% off for Fathers Day with code FATHER17. "Torchwood - Ghost Machine" Review We're loving the excuse to watch Torchwood as we...


Doctor Who – Ep190: It’s Man-Dragg-Ara

Welcome to Episode 190... The News All of Who since 2005 is on iPlayer, Big Finish makes their first steps towards digital-only releases and the BBC close the legendary Maida Vale Studios. Merch Corner Jenny - The Doctor's Daughter out now from Big Finish, the 10th Doctor story Infamy of the Zaross is coming on vinyl as an HMV exclusive and we bring you the details regarding Class coming from Big Finish this August. "The Masque of Mandragora" Review We put this story off last month but...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep189: Sarah Jane’s Nun Too Happy

Welcome to Episode 189... Hey, Who fans! I'm joined by a special guest co-host this week... Phil from the Who's He Podcast chats all things Who and Sarah Jane so a big thank you for stepping in. Go and check out Phil's show now (site, iTunes and YouTube), a fabulous Who podcast that's we've listened to for many-a-year. The News 500 episodes from Classic Who, starting with An Unearthly Child, kicked off on Twitch this week and Class is returning this August via Big Finish featuring Ace!...