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Doctor Who – Ep195: The Beast Below

Welcome to Episode 195... The News Plenty to cover from the last two weeks including... a confirmed Christmas Special(?), New Zealand channel nabs the broadcast rights for series 11 and we discuss the recently released teaser. Merch Corner A new 50th Anniversary book for Lethbridge-Stewart, plenty of 13th Doctor figures inbound from SDCC and those re-released DVD boxsets from the US. "The Satan Pit" Review Possessed Ood, big caverns and Alien-esque air vents make up this story for our...


Doctor Who – Ep194: Xenomorphs and Slush Puppies

Welcome to Episode 194... The News The BBC isn't messing around with the recent leak and is off to court to track down and punish the naughty individual. Merch Corner The upcoming primer/volume 0 issue of the Thirteenth Doctor's comic run starting this September has had some details released. "Dragonfire" Review Series 24 is an odd beast to contend with. McCoy's first run around the block certainly divides opinion but how does this series finale hold up? Voted as McCoy's most popular...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep193: Don’t Trust Your Computers

Welcome to Episode 193... The News We have a new composer! Murray Gold has been turfed out via the back door and new guy Segun Akinola has been drafted in to not only compose the incidental score but also put a new theme together. Best of luck! Merch Corner More new Torchwood is on the way as Big Finish announce Series 6: God Among Us, a new audiobook from the BBC, The Caves of Androzani, read by Peter Davison is due for release this November and also coming this November, a new...


Doctor Who – Ep192: Is it Sutekh or not?

Welcome to Episode 192... The News This year's San Diego Comic Con will see the first panel featuring the new cast and producers from the new series of Who. Can we expect a trailer? Merch Corner The fan fiction book The Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys is out now with all proceeds going to charity; Robert Harrop preview the Second Doctor and K9 and the Series 11 dvd and blu rays are already up for pre-order! "The Impossible Planet" Review Often viewed as a cool story within a...


Torchwood – Ep191: Who You Gonna Call?

Welcome to Episode 191... The News Australian comedian Rob Lloyd is taking is Who-themed comedy show Who, Me. tour across the UK. Merch Corner A collection of the Lethbridge-Stewart novels from Candy Jar Books are available for free this weekend on Kindle, there's new Who Talk commentaries for The Massacre and Revenge of the Cybermen and Eaglemoss are offering 17% off for Fathers Day with code FATHER17. "Torchwood - Ghost Machine" Review We're loving the excuse to watch Torchwood as we...


Doctor Who – Ep190: It’s Man-Dragg-Ara

Welcome to Episode 190... The News All of Who since 2005 is on iPlayer, Big Finish makes their first steps towards digital-only releases and the BBC close the legendary Maida Vale Studios. Merch Corner Jenny - The Doctor's Daughter out now from Big Finish, the 10th Doctor story Infamy of the Zaross is coming on vinyl as an HMV exclusive and we bring you the details regarding Class coming from Big Finish this August. "The Masque of Mandragora" Review We put this story off last month but...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep189: Sarah Jane’s Nun Too Happy

Welcome to Episode 189... Hey, Who fans! I'm joined by a special guest co-host this week... Phil from the Who's He Podcast chats all things Who and Sarah Jane so a big thank you for stepping in. Go and check out Phil's show now (site, iTunes and YouTube), a fabulous Who podcast that's we've listened to for many-a-year. The News 500 episodes from Classic Who, starting with An Unearthly Child, kicked off on Twitch this week and Class is returning this August via Big Finish featuring Ace!...


Doctor Who – Ep188: We killing Hitler or not?

Welcome to Episode 188... The News Sadly, Graham Strong, custodian of a large collection of high-quality classic Who audio recordings has passed away aged 69. Merch Corner The upcoming Series 12 Blu Ray boxset is being delayed by a week to Monday 18th June and there's a new image released showing the awesome inside, booklet and disc artwork. "Let's Kill Hitler" Review More series 6 shenanigans this week as we continue the 11th Doctor's story. This one isn't so much about Hitler but...


Torchwood – Ep187: First Day on the Job

Welcome to Episode 187... The News Our Candian friends are getting the Genesis of the Daleks in cinemas and an update on that Hartnell An Unearthly Child script that went up for auction. Merch Corner Some new novels are on the way to coincide with series 11/Jodie's Doctor later this year and a cool signing event in June for the 7th Doctor Titan comics. "Day one" Review It's Gwen's first day on the job and after a bit of a #fail, Cardiff is now in the midst of an orgasm energy seeking...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep186: Raxacori… meh, farting aliens

Welcome to Episode 186... The News Who fans in the US will get to see Genesis of the Daleks at the cinema. Merch Corner Eagleamoss announce new TARDIS Console figures, the Time Shadows books are available for a limited time in e-book format with all proceeds going to charity and a cool new book, TARDIS Type Forty Instruction Manual, is heading our way this October. "Revenge of the Slitheen" Review We're back with the SJA stories and those green farty aliens are back. We were fans of...


Doctor Who – Ep185: Fool Me Once, Shame On You…

Welcome to Episode 185... The News Still no news, bigger sad face Merch Corner Two vinyl releases were out for Record Store Day and some upcoming novels to celebrate 50 years of Lethbridge-Stewart. "A Good Man Goes to War" Review Ah, series 6. We're not shy in our views of this series as a whole so can this Moffat story restore some faith? Plenty of the Doctor's friends are onboard for this resuce mission story but does it feel like a good team effort or are there too many cooks in the...


Torchwood – Ep184: Everything’s a’ changin’

Welcome to Episode 184... The News Nothing. Sad face. Merch Corner Titan Comics announce a three part series starting in July labelled as "The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor" and Forbidden Planet(.com) have a great sale on Who t-shirts. "Torchwood - Everything Changes" Review We kicking off our first ever Torchwood review this week and starting in chronological order it's the first ep. Lots to talk about and does it signal a welcome change for a Who spin-off or are we left out in the...


Doctor Who – Ep183: Mythical Story and the, er, TOMTIT

Welcome to Episode 183... The News Fancy owning William Hartnell's original script from An Unearthly Child? Well, you can if you have the monies as it's going up for auction. Merch Corner Robert Harrop shows off their upcoming Mandrel figure. Nice. "The Time Monster" Review Back to classic Who for a 3rd Doctor story of time travel, mythical lands, characters and the infamous TOMTIT machine. Does this one deliver on its epic setting or does it flap around aimlessly like some kind of...


Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep182: Free Bubble Shock!

Welcome to Episode 182... The News Some serious talk on Chris Eccleston appearing at London Film and Comic Con and cons in general. Merch Corner Finally(!) the Series 9 soundtrack is nearly upon us and up for pre-order at Silva Screen and another new t-shirt from Forbidden Planet. "Invasion of the Bane" Review It's finally here! Many of you wanted it so here we go, our first of the Sarah Jane Adventures review. Invasion of the Bane was the "pilot" story released on January 1st 2007 and...


Doctor Who – Ep181: Sky Fire

Welcome to Episode 181... The News Nothing, nada, zip! No Who news this week. Merch Corner More awesome from the folks at Candy Jar Books with the upcoming book - Lethbridge-Stewart - Short Stories Collection. "The Poison Sky" Review Bit of a change up in review schedule this week and we're going straight to the conclusion of this 10th Doctor story. More Sontar-ha, more clone deviousness, more shouty Doctor and more Donna! Thank you for joining us for 181. Next week we're kicking off a...


Doctor Who – Ep180: Potato Heads and Clones

Welcome to Episode 180... The News Original audio recordings dating back to the early years are transferred to Mark Ayres at the Restoration Team, we bid farewell to old Doddy and Chris Eccleston has given us more details around the circumstances of his departure. Merch Corner New Who Talk commentaries are on the way plus that pesky Series 3 Steelbook artwork was fixed and will be with us on May 7th. "The Sontaran Stratagem" Review New Who meets Classic Monster in this conspiracy story...


Doctor Who – Ep179: The Candy Man Caaaaaan

Welcome to Episode 179... The News The charity focused Bedford Charity Con is now offering 10% off tickets for their 4th event on Sat 7th April (via Doctor Who News) and Matt Smith does Desert Island Discs. Merch Corner The upcoming The Enemy of the World Special Edition DVD will be released a week late, the Lethbridge-Stewart range of books from Candy Jar will come to a close with the final book in the series The Man from Yesterday and that Tom Baker Series 12 Collectors Edition Blu...


Doctor Who – Ep178: This Episode is a Kindness

Welcome to Episode 178... The News We start with the sad news that Peter Miles, most famous for playing Nyder in Genesis of the Daleks, has passed away aged 89 and Cardiff Council get grumpy with Who regarding the leftover bill from the Doctor Who Experience. Merch Corner BBC Worldwide retract the upcoming Series 3 blu ray steelbook to have the artwork corrected due to fan backlash and we finish off by chatting about the upcoming new Target novelisations. "The Girl Who Waited"...


Doctor Who – Ep177: Image of the Painted Eyelids

Welcome to Episode 177... The News The only news, and it's a big one, is the new logo and branding for the show that was announced by BBC Worldwide a few days ago. Merch Corner The Seventh Doctor and Ace are getting their own Titan Comic run and there's finally some news on that Bill Potts figure. "Image of the Fendahl" Review Who does scary in this Fourth Doctor and Leela story. A story that's not often talked about but can we bring it up to hidden gem status or does it slunk away...


Doctor Who – Ep176: Wherefore Art Thou Witches

Welcome to Episode 176... The News A new book for charity is on the way - A Second Target for Tommy. Who author Tommy Donbavand recovered from cancer but has unfortunately developed a further tumour so some short stories have been put together PLUS the Moff has donated the unused script from The Day of the Doctor featuring what was meant to be scenes for Chris Eccleston. Pick up the book here. Merch Corner With February being the month of love what better to surprise your loved one than...