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Going against the grain




The Long Forgotten Vitamin K2 (Ep. 10)

Have you ever heard of Vitamin K2? It may be one of the most important vitamins for your development of a healthy body. Unfortunately in the recent past, fat has been demonized. That means everything that comes along with the fat has been rid of in our society. One of those things is Vitamin K2, a fat soluble vitamin. It was first discovered as "Activator X" by Dr. Weston A. Price in the early 20th century. It helps build and maintain proper bone, teeth and heart structure. Without Vitamin...


Tips, Foods and Tools for Keto (Ep. 9)

Having a hard time sticking with the diet? Use these tips, foods, and tools to help you along in your journey. It is so important to follow the diet, but unfortunately, that doesn't make it easy to follow. Having certain tools in your back pocket can help you stick with the diet. Tips: Have a clean, open, and uncluttered kitchen. Make your grocery list throughout the week. Never go shopping when you're hungry Foods: Almond flour for keto bread. Keto fat bombs for satisfying your sweet tooth....


Can’t See the Forest for the Trees (Ep. 8)

It seems like there is always some sort of objection to the ketogenic diet. Whether it's heart disease or kidney failure, there is always some fear making way into the minds of people looking to start the diet. While you may not have heard of these objections before, they are bound to come up at some point or another. You should be prepared to understand why the diet is not dangerous. We go over 3 of them in the show: heart disease, thyroid scares, and kidney concerns. Follow each link to...


Cholesterol’s Court Case (Ep. 7)

Cholesterol - a mere bystander and good Samaritan - has been wrongly accused of a crime. It is our job to prove him innocent because, after all, he is innocent. It is time to bring the true offender to trial and see how the evidence stacks up. Cholesterol is not the root problem anymore than a bad grade is the root problem of a failing student. Rather, it is the result of having a deep issue. It is the effects of that deep issue that we see and love to blame. Unfortunately, we have used that...


Beware of Fructose (Ep. 6)

What is the thing about sugar that makes it so bad? As you can guess from the title, it is fructose. This simple sugar plays a major role in metabolic disease and addiction. We go over what fructose is, why it is so addictive, why it leads to metabolic instability, and what to do moving forward. If I had to sum everything up into a single sentence, it would be this. Stay away from fructose, and especially keep it from your kids. The kids are the only shot we have at rooting this out of our...


Food Addiction & Weight Loss (Ep. 5)

Food is tricky. It's an absolute necessity for our survival, but it can also be the very thing that causes our disease. Unfortunately it also has addictive properties. I know firsthand the kinds of struggles that come about. The refined carbohydrates in our diet cause hormone releasing that resemble neurological pathways fired during drug addiction. Although many people like to pretend this is not a real issue, it is. Food addiction is very real, just like addiction to nicotine is very real....


The Tricks of Polyunsaturated Fat (Ep. 4)

Polyunsaturated fats have become popular in recent times. Why is that? Large company marketing tricking the world into believing they are better for you. They are supposedly "heart healthy" because they lower cholesterol. Ancel Keys played a key role in the country-wide scare of saturated fats. One category of polyunsaturated fats that is especially troubling is "vegetable oils." They are not really vegetable oils. They are seed oils that require a lot of processing to make. They use that...


The Many Faces of Insulin (Ep. 3)

How does insulin play a part in the ketogenic diet? It is actually front and center into allowing your body to go into ketogenesis. Most people think eating fat gets you into ketosis. That is only partially true. The counterpart to that idea is that you need to keep your insulin down. So a high fat diet is not enough - it also needs to be low carb. It is the "low carb" aspect that allows you to generate ketones. Insulin is a hormone in your body used to get glucose into cells. It is also the...


The Story of Ketosis (Ep. 2)

There is a lot of hype over "ketosis." Well, what is it exactly? How do we induce it with diet? Those are the questions we hope to answer today. The story of ketosis is both beautiful and sad at the same time. It has been a part of human existence from the beginning. It has saved us from certain death and extinction. But in recent years it has been given a bad rep because of its close association to "ketoacidosis." Nutritional ketosis is good and entirely different from ketoacidosis. Ketosis...


“What If?” – The promises of a keto diet (Intro)

Have you ever wondered, "what if?" What if diet caused all your problems? Would diet then be the answer to all your problems? Yes. In this episode, we go over our background story of how we came to the diet and all the promises the diet has. Whether you are using the diet for disease management, longer living, mental focus, or weight loss, you are sure to benefit from this lifestyle. Enjoy! **Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions: Facebook Group (The Ketogenic Benefit Group)...