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Being Indigenous in the Modern World II

Being Indigenous in the modern world is a challenge that we face every day on reservations in the United States, and it's something none of us are prepared for when we're children. This is such a huge topic that we decided to revisit this subject from time to time. On todays episode, we explore some of the challenges of being Indigenous in the modern world as we see them, some of the opportunities, and also what our three tips are for being Indigenous in the modern world. Before we talk...


Interview with Brett Stevenson

Brett Stevenson has quite the diverse background. He’s been a world-traveling musician, he’s climbed trees with chainsaws for a living, and he’s now entering the world of science as a graduate student at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. He descends from the Dena’ina Athabaskan and Gros Ventre peoples and has a super diverse family and he’s just a cool guy to be around. On today’s show, we have a conversation about his story. Brett has experienced some amazing things in his life and we only...


Episode 7 - Food Security or Food Sovereignty?

Today we explore the difference between food sovereignty and food security, and why these concepts are so important for Indigenous peoples. We also talk about commodities and rations, food deserts and reservations, re-indigenizing your food pallet, and a whole lot more. We start off by diving into our own experiences with food sovereignty and how we both got involved in this movement in different ways. Annie shares her story about her experiences in New York with strong Indigenous women,...


What the Science?

On today’s show, we explore the word ‘science’… what does it mean? Is there one kind of science? Where did it come from? These are just a few of the questions we touch on and we can get pretty deep at times, but this is a fun episode where we share our thoughts about science, it’s meaning, and how it’s affected Indigenous communities in the past, present, and future. In an age troubled by things like fake news, climate change denial, and a general mistrust of science and government, people...


Episode 5 - Biocultural Restoration

Today’s episode is all about restoration… specifically, Biocultural Restoration and how this field of science brings different disciplines into a synthesized approach. This approach aims to restore and revitalize both ecosystems and the cultures that were originally responsible for them. We discuss everything from our experience with this field of study in our graduate program to definitions and paradigms that surround ecological restoration. We also go over some of the drawbacks to...


Episode 3 - Indigenous Environmental Issues

On today’s show, we took a bit of a different approach to our conversation. Both of us chose a topic within this overarching idea of Indigenous Environmental Issues. This is an important area to explore because our connection to the natural world is inseparable. Unlike the broad topic of being Indigenous in the modern world, this episode is more specific. We discuss oil transportation along the BNSF Railroad and the implications that spills have on the people, landscape, and watershed in...


Being Indigenous in the Modern World

On this episode, we begin exploring this idea of being Indigenous in the modern world and how our experience in graduate school taught us a lot about this concept. It’s a big topic, so we want to be clear that we’re not the experts with all the answers, but we can definitely ask the question: How can you be Indigenous in the modern world? This will be a recurring theme and since it’s such a big question, we’ll be focusing on different aspects of this topic every three episodes or about...