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EP27 - The Future of Radio with James Cridland

Welcome to episode 27 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast ft radio futurologist James Cridland. James is a radio futurologist - a writer, consultant and public speaker on radio’s future. He is Managing Editor of podnews.net, a daily podcast newsletter, and runs media.info, the media information website. He is a Director of the Canadian local radio broadcaster VISTA Radio. James has worked in radio since 1989 as an award-winning copywriter, presenter, and internet strategist. In 2001 he joined...


EP26 - Hunter & The Bear (Will Irvine)

Welcome to episode 26 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast ft Will Irvine from Hunter & The Bear. If you haven't heard of Hunter & The Bear before, they're inspired by artists such as The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen. Will & Jimmy started to write and perform as a duo. Jimmy took responsibility for lead guitar, mandolin and vocal whilst beside him Will not only played rhythm guitar but also kick drum and joint lead vocals. That's a very short summary, but hopefully, you get the idea....


EP25 - Genius (Albert Einstein)

Hello and welcome to episode 25 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast ft the musical composers of the new tv series, Genius, Will Henshall & neuroscientist Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Genius is the new tv series presented by National Geographic with the first-ever scripted series, based on the Walter Isaacson book ‘Einstein: His Life and Universe’ The cast includes Geoffrey Rush as professor Einstein, Johnny Flynn as Albert in his youth and Emily Watson as the scientist’s second wife — and first cousin...


EP24 - Documentary - Imperial War Museum (People Power: Fighting For Peace with Matt Brosnan)

Welcome to episode 24 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast, featuring historian Matt Brosnan and curator at the Imperial War Museum and the new exhibition, People Power: Fighting For Peace. People Power: Fighting for Peace, is the UK’s first major exhibition to explore the evolution of the anti-war movement from the First World War to the present day. The exhibition tells the stories of individual and collective acts of anti-war protest, and the varied forms of creative expression used to...


EP23 - Gary Cool (DJ, Blogger & Podcaster)

Welcome to episode 23 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring DJ, Blogger and Podcaster; Gary Cool. Was really great to catch up with Gary, he's just launched an awesome new website (The Republic of Rock) which you should absolutely check out - http://therepublicofrock.com We managed to chat about a whole load of different things, from the South African rock scene to Gary's ascent of the radio airwaves in South Africa, moving to the U.K and that time he was responsible for getting Bruce...


EP22 - The Founder ft Touker Suleyman (BBC Dragons Den)

Welcome to episode 22 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Touker Suleyman of BBC's Dragons Den talking all about the new drama "The Founder" starring Michael Keaton. The Founder is the true story of how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a struggling salesman from Illinois, met Mac (John Carroll Lynch) and Dick McDonald (Nick Offerman), who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California. Kroc was impressed by the brothers' speedy system of making the food and saw franchise...


EP21 - Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria, We Are Harlot)

Welcome to episode 21 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Danny Worsnop. The last time I spoke to Danny was around 2013 and of course so much has happened since then so it was great to catch up about Asking Alexandria, We Are Harlot and his new solo album "The Long Road To Home" which he's just released via Earache Records. We also touched upon his recent path to sobriety, moving to Nashville and rebuilding the bridges with the guys in Asking Alexandria. http://petebailey.net/podcast


EP20 - Pig & Porter Brewery (Sean Ayling)

Hello and welcome to episode 20 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Sean Ayling from the Pig & Porter Brewery...mmmm beer. Great to speak to Sean at his brewery in Tunbridge Wells, if you haven't heard of Pig & Porter before, it's a tale of fate and serendipity, ability and determination. And a love of beer that keeps leading them to new places. Like many good things, Pig and Porter was conceived around a kitchen table. On one side, Sean, positively evangelic about great modern beers...


EP19 - Attitude Is Everything Charity (Paul Hawkins)

Welcome to episode 19 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast ft Paul Hawkins from the charity Attitude Is Everything. Delighted to have Paul on the podcast, he is the festival project manager for Attitude Is Everything and as a disabled person himself gave some really great insights into the issues around disability and access. If you haven't heard of Attitude Is Everything before, they improve Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists, and...


EP18 - Frank Carter

Welcome to episode 18 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Frank Carter. Delighted to have Frank on the podcast, he’s someone I’ve bumped into over the years and done the odd festival interview with here n there but never had a chance to speak properly until now. From his new album Modern Ruin to Gallows, Pure Love, living in New York, coming back to London and tattooing, this is Frank being very open and honest. http://petebailey.net/podcast


EP17 - Sue Ann Pien (Mars One)

Welcome to episode 17 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Mars One candidate Sue Ann Pien. Sue is 1 of the 100 candidates for the Mars One Mission, she is also an accomplished actor having appeared in films such as Hellraiser Revelations, Everlasting and is also in the running to become National Geographic‘s Digital Correspondent, you can go help her on that journey by liking her video, which you can find here - http://assignmentexplorer.com/video/794 So Mars One is an organization...


EP16 - Netflix Recommendations with Ted Bennett

Welcome to episode 16 of The Wonder Junkie Podcast, in this episode, we're doing Netflix recommendations with regular film / TV guest Ted Bennett and feature our interview with Mandy Patinkin. http://petebailey.net/podcast


EP15 - Kyle Gass (Tenacious D)

Welcome to episode 15 of The Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Kyle Gass and his band! So I somehow managed to corner Kyle just after their European tour and "Grill him like a cheese sandwich" about music, films, comedy and Tenacious D but thankfully his band mates John Konesky and Mike Bray came in to save Kyle from the grilling. http://petebailey.net/podcast


EP14 - The Blowfish (Marine Biologist)

Welcome to episode 14 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring heavy metal marine biologist, The Blowfish. It's safe to say there isn't a huge supply of heavy metal scientists, so I was delighted when I was introduced to The Blowfish and get him on the podcast. His passion for marine biology, environmental issues, and heavy metal shines through so much in this podcast. From apocalypse by Jellyfish to why Sharks are so intrinsically important to "Planet Wet" and his favourite metal bands, we...


EP13 - Johnny Doom (Kerrang! Radio)

Welcome to episode 13 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Johnny Doom from Kerrang! Radio. It’s safe to say that if I hadn’t have met Johnny, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. Back in 2009, I hosted my own radio show “Metalheadz” on Calon FM and was lucky enough to attend Download Festival with a media pass where I got to interview bands and bug as many people in the music industry as possible for a job. Luckily, Johnny didn’t get too annoyed by my bugging and gave me...


EP12 - Chuck Billy (Testament)

Welcome to episode 12 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Chuck Billy of Testament. Anyone that knows me or has heard me on the radio over the years will know how much I love Testament, so, of course, I had to speak to Chuck when he was in town promoting the new album Brotherhood of the Snake. We talked about the new album and Chuck was very honest in that it was a difficult album to make and wouldn’t want to do it that way again but very happy with the outcome. I’ve listened to it...


EP11 - History of Egypt (Dominic Perry)

Welcome to episode 11 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring the host of the History of Egypt Podcast, Dominic Perry. The history of Egypt is something that continues to fascinate me. From their early beginnings to the construction of the pyramids and their eventual decline, it’s a subject matter I never seem to be able to step away from. Whilst I spend a lot of time working on Wonder Junkie, I also love to listen to other podcasts… Notable mentions to StarTalk Radio, Distraction Pieces...


EP10 - James Monteith (TesseracT)

Welcome to episode 10 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring James Monteith of TesseracT. I managed to catch up with James just before he set off to the US for the Gojira tour he’s now on with Tesseract and we had the unusual fortune of good weather! So you’ll hear the lovely ambiance of London in the summertime. The first time I met James was around 2010 and at that time I was just a massive Tesseract fan, but as the years have passed by I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to James quite...


EP09 - Grant Nicholas (Feeder)

Welcome to episode 09 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring Grant Nicholas from Feeder. When I spoke to Grant he had already done 15 interviews with other radio stations and was running late so we were a bit pushed for time but managed to make it happen and come out with a really great chat. The last time I met Grant I was a 19-year-old student at Glyndwr University in Wrexham just getting to grips with how the music industry worked. I was lucky enough that Feeder had been booked to...


EP08 - Crofty (Formula 1)

Welcome to episode 08 of the Wonder Junkie Podcast featuring F1 Sky Sports commentator David Croft aka… Crofty! What a pleasure it was to speak to Crofty and a thank you as well to Dewsbury for helping to set it up. So it turns out that commentating on the F1 is a very busy and demanding job. The day after me and Crofty spoke he had to fly to Monaco (just for the day), then a few days later fly off to Singapore for the Grand Prix, so a thank you again to Crofty for taking an hour of his...