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Science, opinion, history, music and entertainment...what more could you ask for? It's the Blue Streak Science Podcast!

Science, opinion, history, music and entertainment...what more could you ask for? It's the Blue Streak Science Podcast!


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Science, opinion, history, music and entertainment...what more could you ask for? It's the Blue Streak Science Podcast!




122 Searching for Mars Fossils and Finding Lost Species

Life on Mars! No? Yes? Maybe? Now we’ve learned that the Mars Rover 2020 will be looking for fossils. And JD wants them to bring a hammer and smash some rocks. On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister Mars 2020 Rover is Going to a Place on Mars That’s Perfect for Preserving Fossils Chris MacAlister JPL NASA, Universe Today Stunning Amber Discovery Just Pushed Evidence of Pollination Back 50 Million Years Chris MacAlister Angimordella burmitinaAngimordella PNAS,...


121 Cosmological Crisis

The more you know, the more you don’t know. Ain’t that the truth! The more we know about the universe the more confusing and contradictory it seems to get. Nevena talks about this crisis in cosmology in today’s episode of Blue Streak Science. Oh, there’s so much more than that. Join us. On This Week’s Show Good dogs (there’s no such thing as bad dogs)The Shape of Things...of everythingScientists speak, they scream out at the top of their collective lungs on the climate crisis...


120 Wildfire...again!

In California we’ve noticed that winegrape harvests have shifted to earlier and earlier due to a warmer climate over the past few decades. Along with this shift in agriculture we’ve also experienced extended and more catastrophic fire seasons. Last week the huge Kincade fire swept through Sonoma County, and threatened several towns, including a neighborhood that was incinerated only two years ago. In today’s episode we learn of JD’s experience in this “new normal” of climate...


119 The Blob!

On This Week’s Show we Science News with Nevena Hristozova, and Chris MacAlister Scientific integrity bill advances in U.S. House with bipartisan support Nevena Hristozova Desert ant runs so fast it covers 100 times its body length per second Chris MacAlister Cataglyphis bombycina New Scientist, Nature Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe Nevena Hristozova Paris Zoo Unveils Bizarre, Brainless ‘Blob’ Capable of Learning—and Eating...


118 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Paleo Soup Cans, and Good News from the UK

As science news went this week, it was all over the map. Continuing from last week's Nobel Prizes, we moved to Pleistocene food storage, and a green milestone for the UK. On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister, and JD Goodwin Nobel Prize in Chemistry Chris MacAlister Science, HuffPo Science Bones Filled with Marrow Served as Prehistoric Humans' ‘Cans of Soup' JD Goodwin Live Science, Science Advances Renewables overtook fossil fuels in UK electricity mix for...


117 In Praise of the Negative

On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister, and JD Goodwin Highlight Negative Results to Improve Science Chris MacAlister Nature Trump Administration's War On Science Hits ‘Crisis Point' JD Goodwin The Guardian Lab-made primordial soup yields RNA bases Chris MacAlister Nature In Other Science News this Week Nobel Prize week Two Americans and a British scientist have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discoveries of how cells sense and...


116 A Bad Case of the Vapers

On This Week’s Show Science News with Nevena Hristozova, and Chris MacAlister Giant planet around tiny star ‘should not exist' Nevena Hristozova BBC Science and Environment, New Scientist Vaping-Related Illnesses Hit Nearly Every US State Chris MacAlister Live Science ‘Planet Nine’ may actually be a black hole Nevena Hristozova Science Fossilised microbes from 3.5 billion years ago are oldest yet found Chris MacAlister New Scientist Meme Busters Fact Checking...


115 How Dare You!

On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister, and JD Goodwin Chris MacAlister Mystery of why humans walk upright may be explained by surprise fossil New Scientist Missing Link Between Simple Cells and Complex Life-Forms Possibly Found Chris MacAlister Live Science Greta Thunberg: “How Dare You!” JD Goodwin United Nations Global Climate Action Summit Greta Thunberg's speech: “This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side...


114 Going Bananas!

On This Week’s Show


113 Apollo 11

Fifty years since Apollo 11 first brought humankind to the Moon? No, it doesn't seem like yesterday. It's been way too long since we've left the comfort and safety of Earth orbit. Let's go back to the Moon and beyond! On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister and JD Goodwin Hayabusa-2: Japanese spacecraft makes final touchdown on asteroid Science News, The New York Times, Science A Common Cold Virus Wiped Away Bladder Cancer in One Patient Live Science Moon...


112 We Go to the Dogs

Do we love our pets, or what? Today’s episode is sure to please many of our canine family members. It may also annoy more than a few felines in the audience, though I suspect their reactions will be more toward haughty indifference. On This Week’s Show thing Science News with Nevena Hristozova and Chris MacAlister Why pet people's personalities match those of their pets Nevena Hristozova Sources: New Scientist How Can You Tell if Someone (or Something) Is Conscious? Chris...


111 Limits of Human Endurance

On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister, and JD Goodwin Crazy Star Chris MacAlister Trump administration halts fetal-tissue research by government scientists JD Goodwin electiveuniversity Nature, New York Times, Science Study of marathon runners reveals a ‘hard limit’ on human endurance Chris MacAlister Science In Other Science News this Week A “pumping” heart patch containing millions of living, beating stem cells could help repair the damage...


110 Summer and Science!

Summer is here. The pool is finally warm enough, and the barbecue grill is doing its magic. Time for some grillin’ and chillin’! Plug in your earpods as you flip those shrimp on the barbecue, drink that ice cold beer, and listen to this awesome episode of Blue Streak Science! On This Week’s Show Science News with Dr. Amrita Sule, and Nevena Hristozova A type of African mole rat is immune to the pain of wasabi Amrita Sule New Scientist, New York Times, Scientific American GM...


109 Rocks, Fungi, Fish, Satellites, The Climate Lounge, and Pub Quiz

Dateline: United Kingdom, Belgium, Washington, and California. Chris, Nevena, Tom, and JD bring you the latest science and discussion from around the world. Seriously, how cool is that? On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister, and Nevena Hristozova Organic matter from space preserved in 3.3 billion year old rocks Chris MacAlister New Scientist Oldest fungi fossils may tell story of how life arrived on land Nevena Hristozova onlyarecan Nature, LiveScience, New...


108 New Form Of Water Discovered, Iterative Evolution, and Sea Otters

“How can anybody in his right mind be against science?” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle On This Week’s Show Science News with Amrita Sule, and JD Goodwin A Bizarre New Form Of Water Is Discovered It’s been long known that ice exists in two solid forms – an amorphous one and a more ordered crystalline one. Now scientists have created a new form of water called the supersonic water/ice, which exists in a solid and liquid state. Quotes Wired, Live Science, New York Times Living...


107 From the Challenger Deep to the Moon

Tom and JD once again take the helm of the U.S.S. Blue Streak Science (DD-981). Our voyage takes us down to the Challenger Deep, and all the way up to the Moon. Along the way we make port calls in England and New Zealand. Permission to come aboard? Permission granted! On This Week’s Show Science News with JD Goodwin Deepest dive ever finds plastic bag at the bottom of the Mariana Trench This journey to the Challenger deep spent hours in that extreme environment and not only was there...


106 United Nations Report on Extinction

It’s just Tom and JD today. Can they keep the most awesome science podcast off the rocks? Tune in and find out! Oh, the suspense! On This Week’s Show Humans Are Speeding Extinction at an Unprecedented Pace On the heels of a report earlier this year that shows insect populations worldwide are crashing we have new summary report from United Nations that finds more than a million plants and animals are facing extinction as a result of human activity. A lot of horror movies begin with...


105 The Latest Buzz on DEET, and Measles Cases Spotted Again

And you thought measles had been eradicated in the United States, and that it was a harmless childhood annoyance. Guess what? Not so much. Measles kills, as does science illiteracy. On This Week’s Show Science news of the weekThe Pub Quiz More than 1,000 quarantined amid measles fears at Los Angeles universities Do you remember a few weeks ago when we spoke about flat Earthers? And we agreed that whilst they pay be as potty as a pantry, at least they aren't doing anyone any harm. We'll...


104 Happy Earth Day to You

Happy Earth Day (week), everyone! It was back in 1970 that the first ever Earth Day was celebrated at over two thousand colleges and universities, even more primary and secondary schools, as well as hundreds of cities and towns across the United States. Today more than 190 countries take part in Earth Day activities. Celebrate our beautiful Earth! On This Week’s Show Science News with Chris MacAlister and Dr. Amrita Sule The Significance of Significance Chris MacAlister So, it...


103 HPV Vaccine, Fossil Death Pit, Superbug Fungus, and so much more

We welcome back our very own Amrita Sule. Hey, that’s Doctor Sule to you, buddy! She was out there in the world doing all that science-y stuff like traveling, going to conferences, socializing, networking. Oh, and doing science. It’s our privilege to present Amrita, Nevena Hristozova, and Tom Di Liberto for our 103rd episode. On This Week’s Show Science News with Dr. Amrita Sule and Nevena Hristozova Fossil of ancient four-legged whale found in Peru Amrita Sule Researchers have found...