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#87 Guests: JT Cooper & Chris White - Rooms Charge by the Hour

In This Episode Our Guests Chris White, Storm Chaser and Organizer of the Mid-Atlantic ChaserCon JT Cooper, Storm Chaser and Organizer of the Indiana Storm Chasers Convention Chris White began chasing storms in May 2002. After retiring as a civilian in the Defense Department, Chris joined the Virginia Tech Severe Weather Field Course (aka the “Hokie Stormchasers”) as a volunteer from 2011 to 2018 and founded the Mid-Atlantic ChaserCon in 2018. Joseph (JT) Cooper is a meteorologist &...


#86 Guest: James Spann - Poop and Brut

In This Episode James Spann, Chief Meteorologist, ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, AL James is the Chief Meteorologist for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, AL. In all, James has been a television weather anchor for over 37 years. A multiple Emmy winner, James has received the two highest awards in the nation for a broadcast meteorologist. One is "Broadcaster of the Year" by the NWA, the other was the AMS “Award for Broadcast Meteorology". A panelist on the Weather Brains podcast, James has recently...


#85 Guest: Reed Timmer - Ask Dr. Reed

In This Episode Our Guest Reed Timmer, Extereme Meteorologist-Accuweather Reed Timmer has chased more than 1000 tornadoes and hurricanes, becoming one of the world’s leading experts on severe weather forecasting, research, and safety. He completed a PhD in Meteorology at The University of Oklahoma in 2015 after starring on Discovery Channel’s hit TV series, Storm Chasers. Presently, Reed provides live coverage from severe weather across the world as the lead storm chaser for Accuweather...


#84 Guest: Janice Dean - I Love Those Haboobs

In This Episode Our Guest Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist-FOX and Friends (FOX News) and Author Janice is a native of Ontario, Canada. She began her career journey working as morning show host and reporter at am Ottawa-based radio station. She joined Fox Network in January 2004. Janice now holds the title of Senior Meteorologist for Fox News and can be seen weekday mornings on Fox & Friends. Inducted into the Meteorologist Hall of Fame on January 1, 2017 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania,...


#83 Guests: Crystal Egger, Kathryn Prociv, Maria LaRosa - Side Hustle

In This Episode Our Guests Crystal Egger, Kathryn Prociv and Maria LaRosa, Monarch Weather Consulting Leadership Team Crystal Egger is an Emmy Award-winning host and meteorologist. She has anchored, interviewed and reported on major national weather events through The Weather Channel, NBC Los Angeles and NBC News. Kathryn Prociv is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) and producer for NBC News in New York where she works closely with Al Roker. Prior to working at NBC News, Kathryn...


#82 Guest: Nick Drieschman - A Catheter With Every Tour

In This Episode Our Guest Nick Drieschman, Owner of Extreme Tornado Tours Nick Drieschman decided to pursue storm chasing as a full time passion in 2012 but honed his skills chasing monsoon season thunderstorms near his home town of San Diego since 2001. He is a former chase partner of Reed Timmer. Currently Nick is based in Norman Oklahoma as a veteran guide and owner of Extreme Tornado Tours. Follow Extreme Tornado Tours:


#81 Guest: Eddie Sheerr - Bergy Bits

In This Episode Our Guest Eddie Sheerr, Chief Meteorologist, NTV Newfoundland, Canada Eddie Sheerr is NTV’s Chief Meteorologist in Newfoundland, Canada. Eddie’s career as a meteorologist brought him to TV stations in Macon, Georgia, and Grand Junction, Colorado, before he joined the NTV News team in 2013. He has a Bachelor of Science in meteorology from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. Follow Eddie Sheerr: @eddiesheerrMeteorologist Eddie Sheerr@eddiesheerrAtmosphere Weather...


#80 Guest: Gary England - Take Your Bitchin' Somewhere Else

In This Episode Our Guest Gary England, Oklahoma TV Weather Legend A former guest on Episode 32, Oklahoma weather icon, Gary England has been with KWTV News 9 for over 40 years. A recipient of numerous awards and honors including three Emmys, Gary is Oklahoma's top rated television meteorologist. He is an internationally recognized authority in severe weather and holds the distinction of being the person who implemented with Enterprise Electronics, the world's first commercial Doppler...


#79 Guests: Greg Johnson & Aaron Rigsby - 10 Inch Rain Gauge

In This Episode Brought to you by Extreme Tornado Tours at Our Guests Aaron Rigsby, Storm Chaser Aaron has been chasing storms for 8 years, including category 5 hurricane Michael, Cat 4 Harvey, the historic buffalo blizzard, and over 100 tornadoes including the Pilger Nebraska twin EF4 tornadoes. Aaron is a professional photographer and when he's not chasing storms, he's chasing landscapes to photograph. Greg Johnson, Storm Chaser Greg Johnson, is a former...


#78 Guests: John Moss & Jon Haverfield - He Ate the Sausage

In This Episode Brought to you by Extreme Tornado Tours at Our Guests John Moss, Executive VP of Business Relations for Weather Battle a fantasy forecasting game John is a former TV sportscaster and most recently, Sports Director at the ABC affiliate in Tulsa, OK and currently freelances in communications and video production. Jon Haverfield, VP of Sales and Meteorologist at Weather Battle Jon has been chasing storms across Oklahoma since he was 16,...


#77 Guest: Jessica Lebel - Pimped Out Weather Beast

In This Episode Brought to you by Extreme Tornado Tours at Our Guest Jessica Lebel, Meteorologist KDVR-31 and KWGN-2 Denver, CO Jessica Lebel is a Meteorologist for KDVR-31 and KWGN-2 in her native Denver, CO. After TV stints in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs, she returned to Denver in 2017. Lebel earned her bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science from the University of Kansas, with an emphasis in news media forecasting. Follow Jessica on social...


#76 Guest: Mace Michaels - As Always, Always

In This Episode Brought to you by Extreme Tornado Tours at Our Guest Mace Michaels, Meteorologist Minnesota Twins Baseball, WeatherNation, SevereStudios Mace Michaels is a Meteorologist for the Minnesota Twins, WeatherNation and Severe Studios. His 30 years in broadcasting have taken him all across the Midwest and in the South. His first TV Meteorology job was in Wausau, WI, followed by stops in Grand Rapids, MI, Fort Myers, FL, Tampa, FL, Cedar Rapids, IA,...


#75 Guest: Ada Monzon - That's What I Said

In This Episode Brought to you by Extreme Tornado Tours at Our Guest Ada Monzón, Chief Meteorologist WIPR-TV, Puerto Rico Ada Monzón is the first female meteorologist in Puerto Rico and an expert in hurricanes and tropical weather. She is an American Meteorological Society (AMS) Fellow Awardee and Broadcaster of the Year. Ada is also the Founder of the EcoExploratorio: Puerto Rico Science Museum and her messaging before, during and after Hurricane Maria...


#74 Guest: Brad Sowder

In This Episode Brought to you by Extreme Tornado Tours at Our Guest Brad Sowder, Morning Meteorologist and Storm Chaser at FOX29 San Antonio As an Emmy award-winning severe weather expert, Brad Sowder recently spent several years forecasting morning weather in Oklahoma City and was a featured storm chaser during severe weather. He is one of the only meteorologists that has chased tornadoes from a helicopter. Before Oklahoma, Brad forecasted for a number of...


#73 Guest: Skip Talbot - Oh Crud!

In This Episode Skip Talbot, Storm Chaser, Springfield, IL Skip Talbot is a software and graphics developer who started roaming the Great Plains and Midwest in search of supercells and tornadoes in 2003. He’s logged over 100,000 storm chasing miles and has documented over 90 tornadoes. Skip has applied his skills to his passion for storm chasing, developing radar visualizations with video and data overlays to study different events like the 2013 El Reno tornado. He also helps run a...


#72 Guest: Matt Zaffino - Viva La Juicy

In This Episode Matt Zaffino, Chief Meteorologist at KGW-TV in Portland, OR Since 1996, Matt Zaffino has been the Chief Meteorologist at the NBC affiliate KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon. A winner of 3 Emmy Awards for outstanding achievement in weathercasting, Matt was inducted, in 2016, into the prestigious National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Silver Circle, for 25+ years of outstanding service in broadcasting in the Northwest. @MattZaffinoPortland on FacebookTo learn more...


#71 Guests: Marc Remillard & Bobby Nicholls - Gin and Gin

In This Episode Our Guests Marc Remillard, Head of Development and Bobby Nicholls, Marketing Specialist for upcoming OUTBRK storm chasing video game OUTBRK is a multiplayer storm chasing video game, designed to emulate all of the fun of storm chasing, with none of the boring bits. Driven by real data from historical sever weather events, this game allows you to get the full experience of chasing each time you play, while adding a fun, competitive component Marc Remillard, from Montreal,...


#70 Guests: Nathan Moore & Cary Meltzer - Pregnant for 2 years

In This Episode Our Guests Nathan Moore, Owner and Cary Meltzer, VP of Production for SVL Media Nathan Moore is owner of StormViewLIVE and SVL Media. He also chases for KETV ABC out of Omaha and NTV out of Central Nebraska. Nathan has been chasing for nearly 20 years and is currently a double major student at the University of Nebraska in Meteorology and GIS. Cary Meltzer is VP of Production for SVL Media, an Advanced Skywarn Storm Spotter, and FAA licensed private pilot flying a plane...


#69 Guest: Joe Moravsky - Bringing Joy to People's Lives

In This Episode Our Guest Joe Moravsky, Freelance TV Meteorologist and finalist on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior Famous for competing in season five through ten of NBC's American Ninja Warrior and being the last standing twice, this obstacle course expert is also notable for his work as a weather forecaster. Joe studied meteorology at Western Connecticut State University http://www.JoeMoravsky.comVisit for our Storm Front Freaks lineup of merchandise. Use code: SFF...


#68 Guest: Jaclyn Whittal - Leather Pants

In This Episode Our Guest Women In Chasing Series with Jaclyn Whittal, Digital Meteorologist with The Weather Network and host of Stormhunters Born to be in front of the camera and performing, Jaclyn is the “severe weather junkie” on The Weather Network team. Jaclyn joined The Weather Network in 2012 with an already impressive background. She started at Rogers TV hosting Daytime, worked at two radio stations in Barrie, interned in weather centre at City TV, worked for Global Regina and...